1. List Animation World Cup 2014: Iconic World Cup moments reimagined as five second films in new series Fives
  2. List Film Animation: Cowgirls and magic 8-balls star in Daniela Sherer's Western-inspired music video
  3. List Jaguar #LiveFearless #LiveFearless: Our final look at creative risk-taking comes from the brilliant Becky & Joe
  4. List Animation Animation: Wayne The Stegosaurus is one of the most charming animated characters we've ever met!
  5. List-2 Animation Animation: Take a train into a seriously trippy fantasy land in this Russian music video
  6. 1 Animation Animation: Luca Tóth's funny new short champions life's frustrating moments
  7. List Animation Illustration: Ville Savimaa creates a fantastical wonderland for a Copenhagen theme park
  8. List Advertising Animation: PES is back with a fantastically violent swan massacre short
  9. Main Animation Animation: Johnny Kelly and Co. are back with Shape, a beautiful animation promoting design to young people
  10. List Music Music Video: The Jullien brothers go all sexy for their new video for The Coward
  11. List Animation Animation: Super fun animation created to teach children about the perils of the internet
  12. Main Animation Animation: Ambitious 4000 frame animation inspired by Heavy Metal patch embroidery
  13. Main1 Animation Animation: Thomas Slater and Andy Baker's guide to succeeding at art school
  14. List Animation Animation: Alice Dunseath's short animation inspired by David Hockney
  15. List Animation Animation: Art&Graft unveil superb new in-flight film for Virgin Atlantic
  16. List Animation Animation: It's Called Moon recreates the effect of trying to sleep after taking melatonin
  17. Main Animation Animation: Stefan Glerum's first foray into moving image is a stunning achievement
  18. List Animation Animation: Celyn's super film celebrates Vitra's Barber Osgerby-designed table
  19. Armain Animation Bookshelf: The guys at Animated Review pick their most inspirational books
  20. List Film Film: 1000 litres of black treacle and nudity means a new website from Carl Burgess
  21. List Animation Animation: Wallpaper* celebrates its awards winners with a beautiful film
  22. Main Animation Animation: Hilarious, gruesome and perfectly made, it's Becky & Joe's Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2
  23. List Music Music: Meet David Kamp, the man who makes animations sound amazing!
  24. List Animation Animation: A group of animators create a paean to terrible nights out we've all endured
  25. List Animation Animation: Top talent provide Christmas GIFs for return of Ryan Todd's project
  26. Main Film Film: Finally! Michel Gondry on the making of Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
  27. List Animation Animation: Here's some charming animation by Johnny Kelly for the NY Times
  28. List Film Animation: Leading creatives pick the work they wish they'd done
  29. Main9 Music Music Video: Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers bring U2's lyrics to life
  30. List Music Animation: Bombay Bicycle Club get the hand-drawn treatment in their latest video
  31. List Animation Animation: Nicolas Ménard surpasses himself with incredible new projects
  32. List Advertising Advertising: Great making of video for the new John Lewis Bear and Hare spot
  33. Fourr-list Animation Animation: Joey Fourr teaches us the trippy basics of animating by hand
  34. List Animation Music Video: War is waged in this breathtaking animation from CRCR!
  35. List Animation Animation: A technically brilliant and super weird short from Murat Sayginer
  36. Main Animation Animation: Hilarious animation about Elton John from Young studio
  37. Main Animation Animation: Best CV ever? Check out the world's first interactive platform résumé from Robby Leonardi
  38. List Animation Animation: 2X4 go all out to confuse your poor eyes in this terrific new animation
  39. List Animation Animation: Andersen M create exceptional Shackleton promo from old maps
  40. List Animation Animation: Guillermo Del Toro guest-directs Simpsons Halloween intro
  41. 1 Animation Illustration: Jack Cunningham's new website of work is a bit of a corker
  42. List-2 Film Animation: William Child's animated film about infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar
  43. Lnwc-list Animation Animation: The best animation compilation ever from Late Night Work Club
  44. List Animation Film: If Desmondo Ray's video dating doesn't melt you, nothing will, you monster
  45. Cn-list Animation Animation: Great work from six studios in Cartoon Network's summer ident
  46. Tg1 Film Animation: Terry Gilliam teaching us all animation tricks? Yes please
  47. Anete-list Animation Animation: Anete Melece's The Kiosk playfully comments on daily routine
  48. Menard-list Animation Animation: Nicolas Ménard, former Student of the Month has awesome updates!
  49. List Animation Animation: Young talent Joe Sparkes' wonderfully poignant boxing tale
  50. List Animation Animation: Weird and wonderful short Wish List is well worth a watch
  51. Janicki-list Animation Animation: Maciek Janicki plays god with a metropolis in breathtaking short
  52. Please-list Animation Animation: Mikey Please returns with (maybe) the greatest stop-motion ever
  53. List Animation Animation: LSD ABC is a beautifully trippy visual exploration of the alphabet
  54. List Animation Animation: Joseph Mann's slightly NSFW sexy celebration of summer
  55. List Animation Animation: Eoin Duffy captures the weird airport other world perfectly
  56. List Animation Animation: Nomoon document the history of the well-loved Vespa design in Vespalogy
  57. List Advertising Animation: Apple's new promo boasts some really nice touches
  58. Main3 Animation Animation: Shishiya Mazaki's dancing is bound to cheer you up on a Tuesday
  59. Holden Music Music Video: Jack Featherstone art directs a smashing new piece for Holden
  60. List Animation Animation: Professor Soap's latest interstellar adventure is positively cosmic
  61. Main Animation Animation: Lovely little advert for onefinestay is an animated delight
  62. List Animation ManvsMachine produce pitch-perfect promo for Nike's recycling scheme
  63. List Animation Patator Prod steps up with an ISNANE stopmotion for Professor Kliq
  64. Childline-list Animation Buck and YCN Studio create an incredibly powerful animated film for Childline
  65. P_p-list Animation Nice piece of educational animation from Part and Parcel
  66. Bang-list Animation Cowboy's back for a new adventure in More Than Just a Hobby
  67. Main Animation Becky & Joe's latest masterpiece, a Man-Ray inspired music video for Delicate Steve
  68. Listimage Animation Daniel Sierra's thesis animation is an audio-visual barnstormer!
  69. Main Animation LEGO Breaking Bad – best imaginary computer game ever?
  70. Circle-list Animation Stunning piece of sci-fi animation from Adam Wells in The Circle Line
  71. List Animation Plunge yourself into the mad, mad world of Images of Edessa
  72. God-list Animation POW! Extraordinary animation from Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker
  73. Main Music Let this animated Sol LeWitt letter teach you to say “F*ck You” once in a while
  74. List Publication Stunning new book opens up the sketchbooks of a host of top animators
  75. Donottouch Music Moniker's latest crowd-sourced music video gets your mouse warmed up...
  76. Main Animation The Poo Song — a funny Scottish ditty promoting bowel cancer awareness
  77. Main Animation The Layzell Bros partner up with the brilliant ADHD for this unmissable video
  78. Lupfer-list Fashion High fashion meets surfing mice thanks to Rose Blake and Andy Baker
  79. Darracott-list Film Slick cinema for Wallpaper's Design Awards from the excellent Tom Darracott
  80. List Film Clever stop-motion film to promote life drawing classes at London's Book Club