1. Listimage Animation Freshly graduated, Eamonn O'Neil is already at the very top of his game
  2. Main Animation A "coming of age animation about a sexually naive elephant" from Rubber House
  3. Jeanjulien%e2%80%93list Animation The Jullien Brothers return with more animated madness for Niwouinwouin
  4. Borstlap-list Animation Christian Borstlap's latest animation for Louis Vuitton is as good as it gets
  5. List Advertising Dumb Ways To Die promotes public safety with wit and charm
  6. Goodbooks-list Advertising Boobs, books and a tall, dark stranger in McBess and Simon's latest animation
  7. Main Animation Unreal new Tame Impala video from Super-duo Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling!
  8. List Animation Procrastinate AND learn the drums with Google's Jam with Chrome
  9. List Animation Damien Cuypers and Benoît François reveal the charming Stories of Philosophies
  10. Frosty Music Gruesome yuletide claymation for Sufjan Steven's new track Mr. Frosty
  11. Cuckoo-list Animation Alexander Pettersson shows us pure animated perfection in 20 seconds
  12. Ablist Music Monday Morning Music Video stars a knitted octopus thanks to Oh Yeah Wow
  13. List Animation The brilliant Barcelona studio Forma & Co in our first ABSOLUT Network showcase
  14. Main_12-44-57 Animation Amazing! Feast on some fleshy, rococo horror from the one-of-a-kind Ben Wheele
  15. List-jugs Animation These five second animations collated by Animade are pithy and hilarious
  16. Moth-list Animation Moth Collective animate environmental issues with spectacular flair for WWF
  17. Main Animation Johnny Kelly's fantastic new video helps answer NB Studio's question Why Us?
  18. List Advertising Great animation showcasing some of ad legend Rory Sutherland's ideas
  19. Pnylist Animation A lovely animated version of Vahram Muratyan's New York/Paris head-to-head
  20. Mdlist Animation Animade's trailer for the super new Marion Deuchars book is ridiculously charming
  21. List Music Beard wearers unite! Amazing new music video celebrates hairy-faces
  22. Main1 Film 14 animation studios take on Monty Python star's autobiography
  23. Eclipse-list Animation Stop what you're doing and head to the moon with three gifted students from Gobelins
  24. Main1 Animation Fast-flowing creations by master of hand-drawn animation, Jake Fried
  25. List Animation Aardman and Isobel join forces to recreate Birmingham in lovely animation
  26. Ablist Animation Glory be! Layzell Bros and Jim Stoten bring Adam Buxton's mind to life
  27. List Animation Fantastic new sports films as we profile animator Grant Orchard ahead of Here
  28. List Animation Space plus Richard Hogg minus incomprehensible science chat equals killer animation
  29. Taviscoburnlist Animation Muscle cars, superheroes and butch sportsmen kicking ass in Tavis Coburn's portfolio
  30. Ablist Animation Adam Buxton's Counting Song beautifully brought to life by Cyriak Harris and Sarah Brown
  31. Animade-list Animation Animade create a totally joyous set of spots for Ukranian kids' TV
  32. Beakus Animation Genuinely hilarious – and timely – vermin-riddled animation from Amael and Leo
  33. Sicaf_mountain_list Animation Dave Prosser treats us to a beautiful snapshot of South Korean life in Mountain
  34. Si-begg Music Mindblowing analogue visuals for Si Begg's new single, Permission to Explode
  35. Agslist Animation Art & Graft sign up top animation talent for new autism charity project
  36. Timothy-lapointe-cascade-list Animation An excellent, psych-happy animation, Cascade, from Timothy LaPointe
  37. List Film Vibrant Dragon Boat animation from Dutch animator Christian Borstlap
  38. A-thousand-reasons Animation A Thousand Reasons: Daniel Britt's beautiful origami cranes battle the bombs
  39. Domaudilist Animation Andy Gilmore creates eye-catching identity for car giants' launch
  40. List Animation Stunningly simple animation supporting the underdog from Benjamin Renner
  41. The-human-type-list Animation Human type! WE ARE Pi for TEDx present a new Radical Openess Art Experiment
  42. Main Animation Kings of collaboration – the friendly, New York studio of Part & Parcel
  43. Duck Animation Any animators out there? Submit a short to LoopdeLoop
  44. Nasalist Miscellaneous Whoa! NASA scientists transform a gamma ray burst into a musical score
  45. Marriane Animation Super-graphics for your protest poster? Benoît Bodhuin's your man
  46. Hogan Animation Brilliant? Brilliant! Peter Millard's acid-trip homage to Hulk Hogan
  47. Onionskin Animation Thank you ONIONSKIN - never has watching an animated city being built looked so satisfying
  48. Main1 Animation "It is a world larger than Scunthorpe" – We Am The Kestrel's spectacular Dark Market
  49. This-is-not-real Animation Gergely Wootsch's brilliant charm and craft in his animated "chimerical journey"
  50. Andy-baker-society-all-that-we_ve-become Music Andy Baker's awesome black and white animation for new Society single
  51. Animlist Advertising These spectacular, surreal shorts for MTV by Kungen and Hertigen are near-perfect
  52. Lv Animation Ill-Studio's mesmerising answer to Louis Vuitton's 'All Aboard Games' brief
  53. Mmmv Music Massaging penguins anyone? New Moones video is a frosty treat
  54. Vfalist Film The full run-down of brilliant winners from this year's Vimeo Festival Awards
  55. Fishlist Animation Brilliant animation by UHS brings the overfishing problem to life with flair
  56. Speed-of-light Animation Animation innovators The Theory do it again with the tiniest police chase ever
  57. Talist Animation A look at Trunk Animation's widely-praised Buckingham Palace projections
  58. 1 Music Marvel at this painfully cool French animated music video for Odezenne
  59. Es Animation Lovely making-of video for BAFTA winning animation The Eagleman Stag
  60. Smotion Music Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace win stop-motion with the extraordinary Østersøen
  61. Comet Animation Sweet animation from George Shelbourn about a comet that's lost its way
  62. Theraid Film One of the most violent films of the decade – remade with cats and claymation
  63. This Music Fantastic Future Deluxe promo for Thom Yorke and Modeslektor's new single
  64. Sblist Advertising Spaceboy creates al fresco animation in Edinburgh as part of Red Stripe campaign
  65. Blood-orange Music Gif-girls and meta-bedrooms in Blood Oranges' new track thanks to Haley Wollens
  66. Willis_earl_1 Music A beautifully sombre piece of graphite stop-frame from Willis Earl Beal
  67. Smd Music Hans Lo's super sweet new video for Simian Mobile Disco is marvellous
  68. Anilist Animation Instantly improve your animation via these tiny tutorials from Animade
  69. Bs Advertising Extraordinary short promo to promote personal nature of Alzheimer's disease
  70. Wonderful-world Music Beautiful animation by Stefan Nadelman for Lost Lander's Wonderful World
  71. Sean-pecknold Animation Sean Pecknold presents an apocalyptic tale of charming animated simplicity
  72. Grant-orcahrd Animation A very suggestive one minute film Yeah Just There by Grant Orchard
  73. Titanic Film Beautiful short film by After the Flood visualising Titanic with elegance and restraint
  74. Slugabeds Music Super-fun video for Slugabed's new video, fabulous, frothy Friday fun
  75. Me-marrionette-list Exhibition Cool animation for former Peepshow member Graham Carter's new show
  76. Pott_list Animation An interview with award-winning animator Julia Pott
  77. List_r_r Animation New and old collide with Reed and Rader's fashion GIFS
  78. Cerulean Music Jack Featherstone & Will Samuel: Cerulean
  79. Nexus_bookshelf-small Film Bookshelf: Chris O'Reilly
  80. Archlead1 Animation Kadavre Exquis: Childhood of a Circle