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    The terrific team at ManvsMachine have been at it again, turning their prodigious talents to a brilliant animation for Nike. The brand’s Reuse-a-Shoe scheme sees worn-out trainers recycled into Nike Grind, a material used for high-quality, tracks courts and sports fields. It’s a positive story about branding buzzword “sustainability” but in the wrong hands could have become something far too worthy. Fortunately ManvsMachine have nailed it with top-notch visuals used to strike the perfect tone.

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    I fear we are a little slow off the mark on this but no matter because this is definitely worth a look. French studio Patador Prod have created this excellent wire and paper stop-motion animation for Professor Kliq’s Plastic and Flashing Lights and it’s no exaggeration to say it’s one of the best executed and most uplifting pieces of moving image work we’ve seen in a while. Sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy, unless you work in an open-plan office, in which case PLEASE use headphones as a courtesy to your colleagues.

  3. Childline-list

    Creating a piece of animation designed to deal with the horrifying realities of child abuse is a pretty tall order, particularly when it’s for ChildLine and the people you’re attempting to communicate with are all under the age of 19. How does one go about discussing these delicate issues without intimidating your target audience and creating something that’s all-too harrowing for television? Buck and YCN Studio have recently come up with an incredibly effective solution, producing a four-minute film that gently but assertively discusses the issues facing victims of sexual abuse.

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    It’s nice when animation and education come together to produce something that’s really engaging rather than just pure eye-candy. Suddenly you’re struck by the ability of a such a fluid medium to communicate messages quickly and concisely without you even realising you’re learning. So it is in the case of Part and Parcel’s latest work for The Ford Foundation, Time To Succeed, a short animation that proposes a reform to the American education system. It’s a simple, unfussy look at something that many of us will know nothing about, but by the end you’ll find yourself agreeing with the message wholeheartedly.

  5. Bang-list

    You loved him in Ready, Steady, Bang, (actually you laughed as he was repeatedly and brutally murdered, but hey ho, live and let live) and now Cowboy is back for a bigger and better adventure with his dear hobby horse clasped firmly between his legs. This teaser trailer from Animade is only a precursor to the full-length animation but has all their trademark character development and style crammed into just a few seconds of footage. From his childlike galloping to the way he furtively pats his equine friend, Cowboy is probably one of the most loveable geometric characters we’ve ever come across and we can’t wait for his next adventure.

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    What is UP with Becky and Joe being so goddamn great all the time? First it’s a hand-crafted video for Tame Impala, then it’s the naughty puppets and now they’ve gone and triumphed again in this spectacular animation for Delicate Steve. Inspired by the likes of Man Ray, their technique of drawing, scratching and mark-making on actual super 8, 16, and 35mm film strips and acetate sheets is a nod to the animation of yore. Set to the dizzying, uplifting notes of the ever-popular Delicate Steve, this is a match made in heaven. More, Becky & Joe, we want more (in the meantime we’ll settle for the neat making-of below).

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    There are many things about this video that will blow you away, firstly this incredible feat of audio-visual amazing-ness is Daniel Sierra’s thesis animation. All of it was created with computer software which he only learnt to use a few months previously. Daniel wanted to “visualise waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine wave to more complex patterns, creating a mesmerising audio-visual experience in which sign and sound work in unison to capture the viewer’s attention.”

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    The amount of online kudos Brian Anderson enjoys must be nothing less than stratospheric right now. It’s safe to say this kind of dedication to a TV series and the world of gaming deserves some sort of knighthood. He’s created what a LEGO computer game of Breaking Bad could look like if it was made. It’s hard to get your head around just how long Brian took to complete something that’s just a bit of fun considering its astounding detail, but that’s clearly just the way he does things.

  9. Circle-list

    Whether you’re a great lover of animation or don’t really give a toss about he medium at all I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy Adam Wells’ latest offering The Circle Line. It’s a strange linear romp through a bizarre utopian/dystopian future where all of life’s strange twists and turns take place within a single shopping mall-like construction. The pacing is brilliant, the sound design absolutely perfect and we became almost immediately attached to Adam’s strange, spindly protagonist. This is definitely not one to miss.

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    Well this is just wonderfully weird. Geoffrey Lillemon (who you may remember from this enjoyably insane look book we posted last year) has teamed up with Evan Roth for a new project called Images of Edessa. They describe it as an exploration of “the notion of worship, the Internet and identity” and it comprises two manic GIF-based videos and an oddly addictive interactive website. I’m not going to pretend I totally get the point Geoffrey and Evan are making, but hot dang did I enjoy the ride.

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    Jesus H Christ it’s time to hold on to your hats kids because this is one of the finest pieces of animation we’ve ever laid eyes on. Created from the hive mind of Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker (members of the illustrious This Is It collective) this recent promo for Binary’s G.O.D takes a depressing look at life in a fictional factory world of geometric precision – under the scrutinising gaze of a militant foreman – before spectacularly turning the whole scene on its head in an exuberant wash of vibrant colour. SERIOUSLY. BIG. STUFF. Even the tune is an absolute belter!

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    Certain people need to be told how to “say f**k you to the world once in a while” as Sol LeWitt knew, and in his 1965 letter to sculptor Eva Hesse he advised her to say just that. I don’t know if Eva took his advice – this was before the punk revolution so perhaps it was a little bit lost – but MOCAtv have brought this conversation back to life in the form of this animation by Aaron Rose and Thomas McMahon.

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    We shouldn’t need to convince you how enamoured we are by the creative process – in fact if you didn’t know that about us then I think we should see other people. But even by our own insatiable standards, a new lovely book by Laura Heit has ticked all sorts of boxes. Animation Sketchbooks does exactly what it says on the tin (cover), opening up the notebooks and skecthpads of more than 50 top animators working across a host of styles. Featuring the likes of David Shrigley, Isabel Herguera, Jeff Scher and Koji Yamamura, it’s a beautiful and insightful peek into the way these leading lights work on paper. From really minimalist markings to full colour treatments via lists and storyboards, it’s a good reminder of how everyone has their own way of doing things.

  14. Donottouch

    Today’s music video is a little later in the day than usual – so that we can bring you an exclusive first look at a brilliant new video from Moniker. Somewhere between music video and video game, Do Not Touch invites the viewer to use their mouse pointer to complete various tasks, from staying in a certain area of the screen, to avoiding a naked model and being the opponent for a scantily clad boxer. Beautifully simple and super effective as we’ve come to expect from Moniker – and I’m sure Dutch band Light Light are suitably thrilled. Get touching.

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    I don’t know what’s better about this song, the fact that it’s a song about poo sung by a funny Scottish man for the NHS, or the YouTube comments, some of which include: “This is a shite for sore eyes” and “Let’s get it on Top Of The Poops.” In this very simple yet effective video, the NHS is encouraging older men and women to regularly check their poo for signs of bowel cancer, an increasingly big problem in Scotland. Featuring funny paper pictures and lyrics such as: “Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your second uncle Vlad” this is definitely worth watching and, if you’re of a certain age, taking note of.

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    “If I were a dog would you let me bury my boner in your back garden?” is one of the opening lines of the new Layzell Bros animation which, like everything else they’ve ever made, is an example of what all animation should be like: puerile and neon yet still subtly hilarious and clever.

  17. Lupfer-list

    If fashion designer Markus Lupfer is to be believed, trendy men everywhere will be breaking out polkadot kilts and sweaters with marching bugs on them this summer. I’m all for it. Looking ahead to AW2013 Markus predicts a more restrained selection of gentleman’s skirts paired with camouflage shirts, surfing mice and an agile crab. At least that’s what we’re taking away from this promo video from illustrating whizz Rose Blake and animator Andy Baker that features a colourful array of inquisitive animated wildlife interacting with a rather sombre pair of grey models. Look out for the mouse with the hosepipe tail, he’s a real mischief-maker…

  18. Darracott-list

    When Wallpaper produce something slick, you can guarantee it’ll be the slickest thing out there; these folks are consummate professionals. So when they needed to create a promotional video for their 2013 Design Awards they turned to the master of seamless, polished film, Mr Tom Darracott to turn out a one-and-a-half minute sashay through each of their chosen categories. It’s a surprisingly stirring piece of promotional footage that piqued my curiosity for areas of commercial design that I usually consider to be well outside my field of interest. Grooming products? You’ve opened my eyes!

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    It’s hard to find a new take on the centuries-old practice of artists honing their craft through life drawing, but this film by Wriggles & Robins is really nicely done. Commissioned to help promote the life-drawing classes at east London’s Book Club, the duo created this short and sweet stop-motion in which the model is drawn and then dances across various easels. An exquisite reminder of the beauty of both life drawing and filmmaking – sign us up!

  20. Bbcdnalist

    I’d love to say I jump at the chance of being educated, but really anything that would take me longer than five minutes to digest goes in one ear and out the other. If you are like me, then look no further. Brought to you by the BBC, Will Samuel and Territory Studio have created a bite-size chunk of knowledge which outlines the basic structure of DNA and the repercussions of our understanding of genetic engineering. Using simple graphics, Will harks back to school textbooks while keeping it engaging with a consistent flow of insights. Now excuse me while I go genetically modify my cat…

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    Do you ever want to fall down on your knees in the pouring rain and scream to the sky “Is there anything that GIFs can’t do?!” If the answer is yes, and you’re also partial to a little bit of comics every now and again, I think you’ll like this. Stephen Vuillemin is an illustrator based in London whose colourful comics and beautiful editorial illustrations are brought to life via GIF to become something pretty breathtaking indeed. This comic strip of GIFS turns into a kind of endearing short animation the more you scroll — and has brought us all a lot of joy today. Regrettably we can’t show you moving images on _our_site but you can see them in their full glory here.

  22. Wolves-list

    Valentina’s delicate and haunting new single Wolves gets a beautiful visual accompaniment in Richard Forbes-Hamilton’s video. From an eerie, hesitant beginning the track builds momentum to become almost anthemic. Through flickering blue and purple brushstrokes a young boy appears, his towering surroundings disintegrate and lights explode. Half-way through, echoing heartbeats kick in like pounding footsteps and the boy runs and runs, like the truant in the final scene of Truffaut’s 400 Blows.

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    It’s very, very depressing here in England as we crawl on our hands and knees to the end of February, which is why we look to our Californian friends to help us through it. Luckily we’ve just seen that illustrators Andy Rementer and Honet have released two fun, quick animations for LacosteLIVE. Andy’s focuses around a shade-wearing, graffiti-spraying alligator created using what can only be described as a palette more often seen in an ice cream parlour. The second animation, by Honet, The Story Behind The Mask features an array of cleverly-illustrated tribal scenes to celebrate the famed Lacoste alligator logo. Nice!

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    Of all the speakers at our creative symposium Here last summer, BAFTA-winning animator Grant Orchard was one of the most honest. Grant spoke about the challenges of trying to find time to do fun stuff amid the personal and professional whirlwind and was refreshing and funny about the difficulties this poses. Most of the talks from last year’s event are now live as we crank up the expectation ahead of this year’s Here which takes place in London in June. We have already confirmed Adam Buxton, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Erik Kessels and Rafael Rozendaal and we are poised to unveil some new names shortly.

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    Want to see how to promote a design event? Right this way then because for the second year running Alexander Lis and HORT’s Eike König have done the business with their collateral for the After School Club festival. The event – which runs during the lecture-freee downtime at the HfG University of Art and Design Offenbach (March 18 until 23) – takes over the university with workshops, lectures, concerts and exhibitions. This year big names signed-up include Kate Moross, Anthony Burrill and Antoine et Manuel but as befitting such an exciting design-centric celebration, it was crying out for some really great promotional tools. And after last year’s success, this year’s posters and brilliant animation prove the organisers’ skills are second-to-none.

  26. 140-list

    As a kid I spent more than my fair share of time moving pixels around on a screen about half the size of an iPhone. I could kill hours in this fashion, endlessly tapping away at buttons that only made the most incremental differences to the images that appeared in front of me. Back then it never crossed my mind that platform gaming wasn’t the height of interactive excitement and that one day games like Grand Theft Auto would completely blow my mind.

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    Here’s a fun fact to definitely not make you feel old: The Lion King came out 19 years ago. Since then, in my own humble opinion, the quality of Disney’s productions hasn’t quite reached a similar standard. Until, that is, today when we came across this utterly mesmerising short film entitled Paperman straight from Walt Disney Studios themselves. The way they capture you is by no means groundbreaking, but is a surefire way to get you all weepy and slushy on a Wednesday morning.

  28. Watercycle-list

    Ain’t it grand when people collaborate? Yeah it is. Especially when those collaborators have niche skills that unite to produce something bigger than the sum of their parts. Photographer Chris Turner, animator Jess Deacon and paper sculptor extraordinaire Helen Friel have just finished work on a beautiful piece of animation that tells the story of the modern water cycle through the medium of an ingeniously animated pop-up book. Unlike the water cycle of my own childhood, this one travels in reverse, from the kitchen tap right back to stormy dark rainclouds, and illustrates this pre-school geography staple with real flair, gently reminding us of the intricacies of a process we so often take for granted.

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    Another cracker here from the Layzell Bros who are quickly becoming the go-to guys for anything humorous and animated — before we even see one of their videos I know it’s already my new favourite. Chicks with Cheeks is pretty self explanatory; it’s a celebration of girls with natural, fleshy pouches on either their faces or behinds. Silly, short, colourful and hilarious — is there anything else you could possibly want from your animation? More please Layzell Bros, more!

  30. Thework-list

    Ben Campbell has been in the business of design and art direction for over ten years, working under the moniker of There Work. He specialises in motion graphics with a particular focus on indents, tittle sequences and animated logos. While his portfolio of commercial work definitely demonstrates impressive skill, we’re incredibly partial to his personal experiments in motion graphics. His blog is full of looped animations, taking recognisable geometric forms (think Pepsi logo and RCA’s old vinyl centre labels) and turning them into mind-bending gifs. There’s a real charm to seeing these beautiful marks moving with such fluidity and we’d urge you to go and have a look at them all for yourself. Lovely stuff Ben!

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    One of the highlights of next week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair is sure to be Nippa Doshi and Jonathan Levien’s installation for Kravdrat for whom they have created a cavalcade of Bauhaus-inspired upholstered objects. To further whet the appetite for The Wool Parade, Graphic Thought Facility have worked with Studio AKA’s Phillip Hunt to produce this really nice animated short, whereby Doshi Levien’s creations flutter and dance across the screen to a serene classical soundtrack. By animating each of these pieces with a really organic vibrancy – that stays consistent with its actual physical form – the promo presents this set of objects as a vivid, uplifting contemporary tribute to designers past.

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    You may be aware that we enjoy a bit of Adam Buxton in our lives. He’s a real wit, that Buxton chap, and it seems he’s got a pretty good grasp of some of the best creative talent out there, regularly collaborating with some of the finest animators on his BugTV show. So when he tweets about an animation enthusiastically you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be a beauty. Take this beautiful piece of stop motion for Shugo Tokumaru for example; it’s a stunning piece of laboriously layered paper cuts that’s utterly mind-blowing to watch. The attention to detail in the production is flawless and there’s a guy in the middle who vomits a rainbow. Thanks Adam for pointing us to this gem, and congratulations to Kijek/Adamski for producing it in the first place.

  33. Mcbess-list

    Oh Matthieu you’ve done it again, using your illustrative talents and musical nous to produce something totally excellent! The furiously talented McBess has just knocked out this thirty second spot for brand new music-on-demand service Deezer. The ad features his trademark style of wide-eyed beardy gents and busty tattooed chicks cavorting across a rapidly changing musical landscape. If you like McBess, or animation, or music you’ll bloody love it, guaranteed!

  34. Ghost-stories-list

    This tantalising trailer comes from the excellently titled Late Night Work Club, a “loose, rotating collective of indie animators”. They’ve gathered together to reveal their non-commercial, nocturnal creations in an upcoming animation anthology Ghost Stories.

  35. Jmm-list

    When I first started art college I approached a number of the compulsory workshops that defined my first year of study, with the lacklustre attitude of a grumpy teen. Woodwork and ceramics sessions were wasted because it just seemed more exciting to muck about and spend the evening in the pub like a lazy oaf. So I’ve got HUGE respect for Jose Miguel Mendez, a young student from LCC who’s managed to produce this little beauty of an animation as his first foray into stop-motion – and it was part of a compulsory college workshop! I’m not saying this is the most polished piece of film you’ll lay eyes on today, but respect is due to a man who’s clearly channeled a whole lot of energy into learning a new skill, and learning it really, really well.

  36. Main5

    Remember ages ago we posted an animation of a duck pounding on the chest of a goddess to make her lactate? Well, we did. That was just a taster of the portfolio of Jack Cunningham. With his healthy mix of animation and illustration, both equal in their hilarity and friendly aesthetic, Jack’s creations work magnificently as still images or wiggling ones. On that note, Check out his animation of a kettle boiling, have you ever seen and heard something so satisfying and smooth? I doubt it. Check out his Vimeo page over your lunch as well, there’s a showreel from his University days that is almost too impressive.

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    When Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee joined forces to create The Unlimited Dream Company last year we knew that two such prodigious talents were likely to produce some excellent work. But Epoch 4 , the pair’s new computer-generated short to promote Noemi Klein’s new jewellery collection is utterly spellbinding. Separated into three “memory fragments” the film is inspired by the weird netherworld which exists at the bottom of the ocean, where extraordinary organic shapes thrive in the watery gloom and doom. But the duo also see it as “an abstract tale set on the surreal space of the memory, a timeless journey through the imagination.” Either way, such masterful digital work deserves a few minutes of your time.

  38. Tom-rainford-list

    Animator and illustrator Tom Rainford only graduated from Winchester Art School a couple of years ago, but the showreel he sent in whirled us away with its original characters, confident colours and lovely rhythms. After sharpening his craft for a year at London animation studio Art & Graft Tom’s wisely headed to the countryside to make animation magic far from the madding crowd.

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    Before you cast your judgement and think this is probably a stupid attempt at recreating one of the most loved animated films of all time, let me reassure you that this is a project so well thought-out and meticulously put together that when watching it, you kind of forget that it’s not the real thing. To cut a (two year) long story short, film-makers Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta have re-made Toy Story using official merchandise, a lot of craft ,a handful of willing actors and the entire audio of the original film. It is, in short, genius – the car chase at the end may as well be the real film, I’m not kidding.

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    It’s Monday morning, sometimes things can get pretty blue. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this is anything other than one of the most heart-achingly sad videos ever created, but I am going to reassure you that it is also overwhelmingly uplifting. Well-known illustrator Christoph Niemann “stumbled” across an audio interview with legendary Where the Wild Things Are creator Maurice Sendak and was so moved by what he heard that he decided to turn it into an animation. Prepare yourself to hear an old, wise man tell soul-crunching stories of how he cries for his lost loved-ones, and the natural progression of appreciating true beauty in old age. This animation puts almost every internet video to shame.