1. List Animation Animation: LSD ABC is a beautifully trippy visual exploration of the alphabet
  2. List Animation Animation: Joseph Mann's slightly NSFW sexy celebration of summer
  3. List Animation Animation: Eoin Duffy captures the weird airport other world perfectly
  4. List Animation Animation: Nomoon document the history of the well-loved Vespa design in Vespalogy
  5. List Advertising Animation: Apple's new promo boasts some really nice touches
  6. Main3 Animation Animation: Shishiya Mazaki's dancing is bound to cheer you up on a Tuesday
  7. Holden Music Music Video: Jack Featherstone art directs a smashing new piece for Holden
  8. List Animation Animation: Professor Soap's latest interstellar adventure is positively cosmic
  9. Main Animation Animation: Lovely little advert for onefinestay is an animated delight
  10. List Animation ManvsMachine produce pitch-perfect promo for Nike's recycling scheme
  11. List Animation Patator Prod steps up with an ISNANE stopmotion for Professor Kliq
  12. Childline-list Animation Buck and YCN Studio create an incredibly powerful animated film for Childline
  13. P_p-list Animation Nice piece of educational animation from Part and Parcel
  14. Bang-list Animation Cowboy's back for a new adventure in More Than Just a Hobby
  15. Main Animation Becky & Joe's latest masterpiece, a Man-Ray inspired music video for Delicate Steve
  16. Listimage Animation Daniel Sierra's thesis animation is an audio-visual barnstormer!
  17. Main Animation LEGO Breaking Bad – best imaginary computer game ever?
  18. Circle-list Animation Stunning piece of sci-fi animation from Adam Wells in The Circle Line
  19. List Animation Plunge yourself into the mad, mad world of Images of Edessa
  20. God-list Animation POW! Extraordinary animation from Nicos Livesey and Tom Bunker
  21. Main Music Let this animated Sol LeWitt letter teach you to say “F*ck You” once in a while
  22. List Publication Stunning new book opens up the sketchbooks of a host of top animators
  23. Donottouch Music Moniker's latest crowd-sourced music video gets your mouse warmed up...
  24. Main Animation The Poo Song — a funny Scottish ditty promoting bowel cancer awareness
  25. Main Animation The Layzell Bros partner up with the brilliant ADHD for this unmissable video
  26. Lupfer-list Fashion High fashion meets surfing mice thanks to Rose Blake and Andy Baker
  27. Darracott-list Film Slick cinema for Wallpaper's Design Awards from the excellent Tom Darracott
  28. List Film Clever stop-motion film to promote life drawing classes at London's Book Club
  29. Bbcdnalist Animation Will Samuel and Territory Studio create an excellent animation making DNA simple
  30. Main Animation Stephen Vuillemin's beautiful comics transformed into breathtaking GIFs!
  31. Wolves-list Animation Richard Forbes-Hamilton’s beautiful animation for Valentina’s Wolves
  32. Main Advertising Andy Rementer and Honet make fun, animated shorts for LacosteLIVE
  33. List Animation Relive award-winning animator Grant Orchard's brilliant talk from Here 2012
  34. List Animation Superb visual promos for Eike König and Alexander Lis' second After School Club
  35. 140-list Miscellaneous Platform games return to form thanks to Jeppe Carlsen and 140
  36. Main Animation Disney goes back to it's older (better) ways in the stunning Paperman
  37. Watercycle-list Animation The water cycle explained through some ingenious animated paper sculpture
  38. List Animation Yes! Great new stuff from the Layzell Bros; here's Chicks with Cheeks
  39. Thework-list Animation Ben Campbell's geometric animations are a deeply satisfying watch
  40. List Animation Graphic Thought Facility and Studio AKA bring Doshi Levien's new Kvadrat installation to life
  41. List Animation How about a mind-blowing piece of stop-motion from Kijek/Adamski
  42. Mcbess-list Animation McBess spills his illustrated guts all over a new promotion for Deezer
  43. Ghost-stories-list Animation New animation anthology from Late Night Work Club looks scarily good!
  44. Jmm-list Animation This is Jose Miguel Mendez's first EVER animation, and it's awesome!
  45. Main5 Animation Hilarious animation and illustration from the one and only Jack Cunningham
  46. List Animation Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee's under-water inspired film is exquisite
  47. Tom-rainford-list Animation Introducing...The rhythmic animations and illustrations of Tom Rainford
  48. Main Film Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta remake the entire of Toy Story with the actual toys!
  49. Main Animation Heartbreaking, rare Maurice Sendak interview animated by Christoph Niemann
  50. Fried-list Animation Jake Fried produces a knockout piece of animation with the aid of coffee (literally)
  51. List Animation ManvsMachine's new updates include super work to launch Nike's new Kobe8 shoe
  52. List Animation Momo and Sprits animate great look at the insane life of soul singer Tim Maia
  53. Listimage Film Freitag celebrate F-Mas with four short, nifty and informative animated films
  54. List Animation The office Christmas party captured in 45 seconds by Art & Graft
  55. Energyflow-list Miscellaneous FIELD's Energy Flow is an overwhelming beast of digital design
  56. Listimage Film A short animated history of the GIF courtesy of the ace Sean Pecknold
  57. Santa-list Animation Dead Father Christmas in this hard hitting animation from Beyond
  58. Listimage Animation Freshly graduated, Eamonn O'Neil is already at the very top of his game
  59. Main Animation A "coming of age animation about a sexually naive elephant" from Rubber House
  60. Jeanjulien%e2%80%93list Animation The Jullien Brothers return with more animated madness for Niwouinwouin
  61. Borstlap-list Animation Christian Borstlap's latest animation for Louis Vuitton is as good as it gets
  62. List Advertising Dumb Ways To Die promotes public safety with wit and charm
  63. Goodbooks-list Advertising Boobs, books and a tall, dark stranger in McBess and Simon's latest animation
  64. Main Animation Unreal new Tame Impala video from Super-duo Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling!
  65. List Animation Procrastinate AND learn the drums with Google's Jam with Chrome
  66. List Animation Damien Cuypers and Benoît François reveal the charming Stories of Philosophies
  67. Frosty Music Gruesome yuletide claymation for Sufjan Steven's new track Mr. Frosty
  68. Cuckoo-list Animation Alexander Pettersson shows us pure animated perfection in 20 seconds
  69. Ablist Music Monday Morning Music Video stars a knitted octopus thanks to Oh Yeah Wow
  70. List Animation The brilliant Barcelona studio Forma & Co in our first ABSOLUT Network showcase
  71. Main_12-44-57 Animation Amazing! Feast on some fleshy, rococo horror from the one-of-a-kind Ben Wheele
  72. List-jugs Animation These five second animations collated by Animade are pithy and hilarious
  73. Moth-list Animation Moth Collective animate environmental issues with spectacular flair for WWF
  74. Main Animation Johnny Kelly's fantastic new video helps answer NB Studio's question Why Us?
  75. List Advertising Great animation showcasing some of ad legend Rory Sutherland's ideas
  76. Pnylist Animation A lovely animated version of Vahram Muratyan's New York/Paris head-to-head
  77. Mdlist Animation Animade's trailer for the super new Marion Deuchars book is ridiculously charming
  78. List Music Beard wearers unite! Amazing new music video celebrates hairy-faces
  79. Main1 Film 14 animation studios take on Monty Python star's autobiography
  80. Eclipse-list Animation Stop what you're doing and head to the moon with three gifted students from Gobelins