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    Of all the speakers at our creative symposium Here last summer, BAFTA-winning animator Grant Orchard was one of the most honest. Grant spoke about the challenges of trying to find time to do fun stuff amid the personal and professional whirlwind and was refreshing and funny about the difficulties this poses. Most of the talks from last year’s event are now live as we crank up the expectation ahead of this year’s Here which takes place in London in June. We have already confirmed Adam Buxton, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Erik Kessels and Rafael Rozendaal and we are poised to unveil some new names shortly.

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    Want to see how to promote a design event? Right this way then because for the second year running Alexander Lis and HORT’s Eike König have done the business with their collateral for the After School Club festival. The event – which runs during the lecture-freee downtime at the HfG University of Art and Design Offenbach (March 18 until 23) – takes over the university with workshops, lectures, concerts and exhibitions. This year big names signed-up include Kate Moross, Anthony Burrill and Antoine et Manuel but as befitting such an exciting design-centric celebration, it was crying out for some really great promotional tools. And after last year’s success, this year’s posters and brilliant animation prove the organisers’ skills are second-to-none.

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    As a kid I spent more than my fair share of time moving pixels around on a screen about half the size of an iPhone. I could kill hours in this fashion, endlessly tapping away at buttons that only made the most incremental differences to the images that appeared in front of me. Back then it never crossed my mind that platform gaming wasn’t the height of interactive excitement and that one day games like Grand Theft Auto would completely blow my mind.

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    Here’s a fun fact to definitely not make you feel old: The Lion King came out 19 years ago. Since then, in my own humble opinion, the quality of Disney’s productions hasn’t quite reached a similar standard. Until, that is, today when we came across this utterly mesmerising short film entitled Paperman straight from Walt Disney Studios themselves. The way they capture you is by no means groundbreaking, but is a surefire way to get you all weepy and slushy on a Wednesday morning.

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    Ain’t it grand when people collaborate? Yeah it is. Especially when those collaborators have niche skills that unite to produce something bigger than the sum of their parts. Photographer Chris Turner, animator Jess Deacon and paper sculptor extraordinaire Helen Friel have just finished work on a beautiful piece of animation that tells the story of the modern water cycle through the medium of an ingeniously animated pop-up book. Unlike the water cycle of my own childhood, this one travels in reverse, from the kitchen tap right back to stormy dark rainclouds, and illustrates this pre-school geography staple with real flair, gently reminding us of the intricacies of a process we so often take for granted.

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    Another cracker here from the Layzell Bros who are quickly becoming the go-to guys for anything humorous and animated — before we even see one of their videos I know it’s already my new favourite. Chicks with Cheeks is pretty self explanatory; it’s a celebration of girls with natural, fleshy pouches on either their faces or behinds. Silly, short, colourful and hilarious — is there anything else you could possibly want from your animation? More please Layzell Bros, more!

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    Ben Campbell has been in the business of design and art direction for over ten years, working under the moniker of There Work. He specialises in motion graphics with a particular focus on indents, tittle sequences and animated logos. While his portfolio of commercial work definitely demonstrates impressive skill, we’re incredibly partial to his personal experiments in motion graphics. His blog is full of looped animations, taking recognisable geometric forms (think Pepsi logo and RCA’s old vinyl centre labels) and turning them into mind-bending gifs. There’s a real charm to seeing these beautiful marks moving with such fluidity and we’d urge you to go and have a look at them all for yourself. Lovely stuff Ben!

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    One of the highlights of next week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair is sure to be Nippa Doshi and Jonathan Levien’s installation for Kravdrat for whom they have created a cavalcade of Bauhaus-inspired upholstered objects. To further whet the appetite for The Wool Parade, Graphic Thought Facility have worked with Studio AKA’s Phillip Hunt to produce this really nice animated short, whereby Doshi Levien’s creations flutter and dance across the screen to a serene classical soundtrack. By animating each of these pieces with a really organic vibrancy – that stays consistent with its actual physical form – the promo presents this set of objects as a vivid, uplifting contemporary tribute to designers past.

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    You may be aware that we enjoy a bit of Adam Buxton in our lives. He’s a real wit, that Buxton chap, and it seems he’s got a pretty good grasp of some of the best creative talent out there, regularly collaborating with some of the finest animators on his BugTV show. So when he tweets about an animation enthusiastically you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be a beauty. Take this beautiful piece of stop motion for Shugo Tokumaru for example; it’s a stunning piece of laboriously layered paper cuts that’s utterly mind-blowing to watch. The attention to detail in the production is flawless and there’s a guy in the middle who vomits a rainbow. Thanks Adam for pointing us to this gem, and congratulations to Kijek/Adamski for producing it in the first place.

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    Oh Matthieu you’ve done it again, using your illustrative talents and musical nous to produce something totally excellent! The furiously talented McBess has just knocked out this thirty second spot for brand new music-on-demand service Deezer. The ad features his trademark style of wide-eyed beardy gents and busty tattooed chicks cavorting across a rapidly changing musical landscape. If you like McBess, or animation, or music you’ll bloody love it, guaranteed!

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    This tantalising trailer comes from the excellently titled Late Night Work Club, a “loose, rotating collective of indie animators”. They’ve gathered together to reveal their non-commercial, nocturnal creations in an upcoming animation anthology Ghost Stories.

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    When I first started art college I approached a number of the compulsory workshops that defined my first year of study, with the lacklustre attitude of a grumpy teen. Woodwork and ceramics sessions were wasted because it just seemed more exciting to muck about and spend the evening in the pub like a lazy oaf. So I’ve got HUGE respect for Jose Miguel Mendez, a young student from LCC who’s managed to produce this little beauty of an animation as his first foray into stop-motion – and it was part of a compulsory college workshop! I’m not saying this is the most polished piece of film you’ll lay eyes on today, but respect is due to a man who’s clearly channeled a whole lot of energy into learning a new skill, and learning it really, really well.

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    Remember ages ago we posted an animation of a duck pounding on the chest of a goddess to make her lactate? Well, we did. That was just a taster of the portfolio of Jack Cunningham. With his healthy mix of animation and illustration, both equal in their hilarity and friendly aesthetic, Jack’s creations work magnificently as still images or wiggling ones. On that note, Check out his animation of a kettle boiling, have you ever seen and heard something so satisfying and smooth? I doubt it. Check out his Vimeo page over your lunch as well, there’s a showreel from his University days that is almost too impressive.

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    When Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee joined forces to create The Unlimited Dream Company last year we knew that two such prodigious talents were likely to produce some excellent work. But Epoch 4 , the pair’s new computer-generated short to promote Noemi Klein’s new jewellery collection is utterly spellbinding. Separated into three “memory fragments” the film is inspired by the weird netherworld which exists at the bottom of the ocean, where extraordinary organic shapes thrive in the watery gloom and doom. But the duo also see it as “an abstract tale set on the surreal space of the memory, a timeless journey through the imagination.” Either way, such masterful digital work deserves a few minutes of your time.

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    Animator and illustrator Tom Rainford only graduated from Winchester Art School a couple of years ago, but the showreel he sent in whirled us away with its original characters, confident colours and lovely rhythms. After sharpening his craft for a year at London animation studio Art & Graft Tom’s wisely headed to the countryside to make animation magic far from the madding crowd.

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    Before you cast your judgement and think this is probably a stupid attempt at recreating one of the most loved animated films of all time, let me reassure you that this is a project so well thought-out and meticulously put together that when watching it, you kind of forget that it’s not the real thing. To cut a (two year) long story short, film-makers Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta have re-made Toy Story using official merchandise, a lot of craft ,a handful of willing actors and the entire audio of the original film. It is, in short, genius – the car chase at the end may as well be the real film, I’m not kidding.

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    It’s Monday morning, sometimes things can get pretty blue. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this is anything other than one of the most heart-achingly sad videos ever created, but I am going to reassure you that it is also overwhelmingly uplifting. Well-known illustrator Christoph Niemann “stumbled” across an audio interview with legendary Where the Wild Things Are creator Maurice Sendak and was so moved by what he heard that he decided to turn it into an animation. Prepare yourself to hear an old, wise man tell soul-crunching stories of how he cries for his lost loved-ones, and the natural progression of appreciating true beauty in old age. This animation puts almost every internet video to shame.

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    Boston resident Jake Fried has already impressed us once before with his outlandish talent for mind-bendingly complex animation. But just as we started to think his luxuriously detailed and surreal creations couldn’t get any more elaborate, he’s returned with yet another impressive piece of stop-motion for your pleasure. As is customary with Mr Fried, his materials are limited and simple, although for The Deep End he’s added another medium to his usual ink and white-out partnership; coffee. Here’s to 60 seconds of the most complex caffeinated film-making you’re ever likely to witness!

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    I know I shouldn’t reveal my weaknesses in case my nemesis is reading but I really hate snakes (also cotton wool – it’s to do with the way it creaks). But even I can look past my serpentine aversion to appreciate the skill in ManvsMachine’s really impressive new ident for Nike’s new Kobe8 shoe. We shouldn’t really be surprised by this studio’s excellence any more as they always seem to get it spot on, as evidenced elsewhere in their Christmas twists on their superb More4 identity, filmed on location in Iceland with no CGI. Boom.

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    If you’re not aware of musician Tim Maia then don’t worry, you’re not alone as he’s been dubbed “the greatest soul singer you’ve never heard of.” But stand by to be amazed by the Brazilian’s insane life story which takes in sex, drugs, a UFO cult, snarling dog attacks and of course his music, condensed down into this ace animation from the SuperHeroes Amsterdam and ShopAround. To mark the release of his new album, animators Momo and Sprits have created a superb whizz through his highs and lows and it’s narrated by musician Devendra Banhart for extra authenticity. Viva Tim indeed!

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    We all know Christmas brings out the lighter, more playful side of working environments and we’ve all definitely come across those clever harry type characters who throw out an idea that making a video will be fun with a capital F, showing everyone how “quirky” the company really is. Sometimes the results are painful, but luckily there are folks like those at Freitag who offer awesome insights into the process of their products, while telling you everything you need to know about the personalities behind them. And so it is with the four animated shorts pieced together by Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr which follow The truth about F-Mas. Take a moment to enjoy these little beauts!

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    Whether your work Christmas party has already been and gone (and the recriminations are in full swing) or if you’re gearing up for it this week and trying to gauge which of your colleagues may prove to be a loose canon, it’s a fine festive tradition. And it’s been captured by the talented folk over at Art & Graft who have produced a Christmas video card which shows how the most staid of office shindigs can descend into booze-fuelled mayhem. Just 45 seconds long, it nevertheless does a beautiful job of showing how a night out can take on its own momentum, and may serve either as a painful reminder or a salutary warning…

  23. Energyflow-list

    Digital design studio FIELD have long held a reputation for pushing the boundaries of computer-generated design. With a commitment to the aesthetic qualities of their output that’s uncharacteristic of creatives with such a technical background, they can count themselves almost peerless. Having just released Energy Flow, a monolithic application that offers almost infinite video storytelling subject to the manipulations of its user, they’ve set sail into uncharted waters exploring, for the first time, the potential of generative software and complex programming on narrative storytelling

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    It has been 25 years since the world took breath and wrapped their laughing gear round the Graphics Interchange Format – the very la-di-da name for what we all know and love as simply, the GIF. I think you’ll agree, it’s hard to imaging stumbling through blogs without bumping into a GIF that completely takes you by surprise, offering snippets of unique stupidity, hilarity, creativity and plain awesomeness. Whether it’s a dancing baby, crazed psycho cats or the cutest thing alive, the GIF has been there for us in all its wondrous glory. And now thanks to Sean Pecknold’s film and the exhibition its tied to – Moving the Still – we can all revel in how this phonomena came to be.

  25. Santa-list

    Another bit of festive fun here in the form of an animated infomercial for the big man of Christmas himself. Design studio Beyond have produced this witty piece of video as their client Christmas card but be warned, everything is not quite as lighthearted as it might at first seem. Rather than simply embracing the feelgood spirit, Beyond have decided to dispel its greatest myth with cold, hard science, demonstrating the impossibility of Santa and his super sleigh. It’s a hilarious antidote to the trite sentimentality we’re used to at this time of year, just make sure there’s no kids sat behind you while you watch.

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    It’s always nice to see when a young creative lives up to, nay surpasses, the praise we heap on them and that is certainly the case with Eamonn O’Neil. Back in August 2011, we came across this stunning talent and his trailer for I’m Fine Thanks. Just from the 21 second clip, his technical and creative brilliance was clear for all to see even though he still had a year remaining before graduating from The Royal College of Arts.

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    Melbourne’s Rubber House are one of those animation studios who, much like Kate Winslet (debatably) have not managed to do a single bad film to date. Predominantly making videos for, Gotye, the band responsible for bringing the general public out of a perilous auto-tune coma, Rubber House push music videos out of the club realm, and into the world of fun.

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    You know the feeling, you’re on the way to pick up the latest in smartphone technology only to find yourself overtaken by a host of bizarre-looking Wacky Races-style characters bent on preventing you from your goal. Try as you might there’s just no way to get to the shop in time to make that all-important purchase. COULD ANYTHING BE MORE INFURIATING?! No. Thankfully revenge rears its icy head with expert comic timing and makes everything ok. Actually this probably doesn’t sound all that familiar, but it is the premise to the Jullien Brother’s latest video for their band Niwouinwouin and is (obviously, it’s Jean Jullien) well worth a watch.

  29. Borstlap-list

    If you have a pile of cash sat in a drawer somewhere that you really don’t know what to do with then fret not because Louis Vuitton has just launched a custom monogram service for their small leather goods, allowing you to emblazon your initials, in colours of your choice, over your purse, wallet or document holder. Which is all well and good for the financially endowed, but for those of you with shallower pockets it’s the promotional animation from Christian Borstlap that will excite you the most.

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    It’s fair to say that most of the time public safety information tends to be hectoring, patronising or just plain dull, so it’s great to see a different, and much more interesting approach. Melbourne Metro wanted to point out that mindboggling acts of stupidity on and around their network could have fatal consequences and so McCann turned to musician Ollie McGill and animator Julian Frost for this maddeningly memorable little ditty called Dumb Ways To Die.

  31. Goodbooks-list

    Master of sexy, macabre illustration McBess and his long-time Mill collaborator Simon have just finished work on a piece of animation that fuses literature, erotica and mail-order delivery to wonderfully entertaining effect. Not sure what books and a voluptuous bosom have in common? Neither did we, but watch on and everything will be illuminated. Not strictly a Monday Morning Music Video, but sometimes we like to throw caution to the wind and say “To hell with the rules!”

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    Yippeeeee two very talented people clubbing together to make a very impressive, grin-inducing video for a really fantastic band! Is there much more you can ask for on a Friday? Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling have created a music video for psychedelic Australian band Tame Impala, but have risen to the challenge and have created one of the most appropriate visual explosions possible. Made entirely out of plasticine, this cosmic trip of a video is an inspiration to all animators and, in fact, anyone who’s tackling a tricky brief – things may take a long time and the process may be inconceivably tricky, but the results will be all the more mind-blowing because of it! Becky and Joe deserve a seriously big round of applause.

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    Most of us have been in a band at some stage, whether it was to attract girls or to just basically be as much like Neil Young as possible. The thing is, learning an instrument is hard and expensive. Like most great internet apps, Jam with Chrome is taking an age-old tradition and making it do-able from the comfort of your chair. You may not generally agree with this sort of thing distracting young people from actually picking up an instrument but you know what? This is hilarious.

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    It’s not often that two of our favourite creatives pop up out of the blue with a fully-functioning collaborative piece ready to go, but it’s happened! Damien Cuypers who has been making his way in the art and fashion world with his two-minute portraits and Benoît François of French curators bureau FiZZZ BZZZ! have been very busy making an animation project inspired by their lack of understanding of philosophy during their time at school together.

  35. Frosty

    As the frost sets in, I know we’ve all been thinking what on earth could provide the perfect bridge between ghoulish Halloween and chilly Yuletide? But wonder no more! Sufjan Stevens and animator Lee Hardcastle have presented us with the perfect remedy – a gruesome, bloody claymation horror story accompanied by his latest track Mr Frosty Man. It’s only two minutes long so I won’t tell you the full, sordid plot, but if you’re a Christmas purist I urge you to look away now.

  36. Cuckoo-list

    This little 20 second short from animator Alexander Pettersson is pure visual gold. A disembodied head spins round, getting progressively more wounded while various characters and objects float past to a tuneful vocal soundtrack. We can’t really think of a reason for its creation, nor a message Alexander might be trying to convey, but let us assure you it’s an absolute delight.

  37. Ablist

    No matter how entrenched your Monday morning ennui may be, I’ve got five syllables sure to get your week off to an absolute flyer – crochet octopus. See? Awesome Australian animation studio Oh Yeah Wow have produced this magnificent video for Wax Tailor’s new single Time to Go (featuring Aloe Blacc). Directors Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury have created a weird and wonderful narrative based around this knitted blue cephalopod and his adventures in the city, before a poignant denouement which leaves our protagonist down and out. Cool song, very cool video.

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    We’ve been bowled over by a lot of the design work coming out of Barcelona these past months and years and now we can add another terrific studio to that list of admiration. Forma & Co, founded by Joel Lozano and Dani Navarro, are able to turn their talents to anything from graphic design, illustration and animation to branding and web design. There’s a focus on simplicity but within their team finds great scope to improvise and experiment and they boast an enviable skill with using colour, be it big, bold, bright illustrations or carefully-chosen elements in a publication.

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    Stop me if I’m wrong, but how can you NOT watch a video whose tagline is: “An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue. A sci-fi Baroque fairy tale, literally dripping with misanthropic venom…”? Luckily, as video taglines have a tendency to mislead, this one keeps its promise of horror and, to be honest, gives even more. This is the work of Ben Wheele, who we featured on the site a while back for his show Antiquity Bonk, a fleshy, rococo womb of a solo show, mirrored in this strange coming-of-age horror animation. If you’re into the weird and the wonderful, you’re going to lap this up. If you’re squeamish or pregnant, see how you get on, but maybe give it a miss.

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    Think what you could do in five seconds, not a lot huh? But that’s exactly what makes the mighty Animade’s brand new submission project – Full Secs – quite so magnificent.