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    We all know Christmas brings out the lighter, more playful side of working environments and we’ve all definitely come across those clever harry type characters who throw out an idea that making a video will be fun with a capital F, showing everyone how “quirky” the company really is. Sometimes the results are painful, but luckily there are folks like those at Freitag who offer awesome insights into the process of their products, while telling you everything you need to know about the personalities behind them. And so it is with the four animated shorts pieced together by Claudia Röthlin & Yves Gutjahr which follow The truth about F-Mas. Take a moment to enjoy these little beauts!

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    Whether your work Christmas party has already been and gone (and the recriminations are in full swing) or if you’re gearing up for it this week and trying to gauge which of your colleagues may prove to be a loose canon, it’s a fine festive tradition. And it’s been captured by the talented folk over at Art & Graft who have produced a Christmas video card which shows how the most staid of office shindigs can descend into booze-fuelled mayhem. Just 45 seconds long, it nevertheless does a beautiful job of showing how a night out can take on its own momentum, and may serve either as a painful reminder or a salutary warning…

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    Digital design studio FIELD have long held a reputation for pushing the boundaries of computer-generated design. With a commitment to the aesthetic qualities of their output that’s uncharacteristic of creatives with such a technical background, they can count themselves almost peerless. Having just released Energy Flow, a monolithic application that offers almost infinite video storytelling subject to the manipulations of its user, they’ve set sail into uncharted waters exploring, for the first time, the potential of generative software and complex programming on narrative storytelling

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    It has been 25 years since the world took breath and wrapped their laughing gear round the Graphics Interchange Format – the very la-di-da name for what we all know and love as simply, the GIF. I think you’ll agree, it’s hard to imaging stumbling through blogs without bumping into a GIF that completely takes you by surprise, offering snippets of unique stupidity, hilarity, creativity and plain awesomeness. Whether it’s a dancing baby, crazed psycho cats or the cutest thing alive, the GIF has been there for us in all its wondrous glory. And now thanks to Sean Pecknold’s film and the exhibition its tied to – Moving the Still – we can all revel in how this phonomena came to be.

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    Another bit of festive fun here in the form of an animated infomercial for the big man of Christmas himself. Design studio Beyond have produced this witty piece of video as their client Christmas card but be warned, everything is not quite as lighthearted as it might at first seem. Rather than simply embracing the feelgood spirit, Beyond have decided to dispel its greatest myth with cold, hard science, demonstrating the impossibility of Santa and his super sleigh. It’s a hilarious antidote to the trite sentimentality we’re used to at this time of year, just make sure there’s no kids sat behind you while you watch.

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    It’s always nice to see when a young creative lives up to, nay surpasses, the praise we heap on them and that is certainly the case with Eamonn O’Neil. Back in August 2011, we came across this stunning talent and his trailer for I’m Fine Thanks. Just from the 21 second clip, his technical and creative brilliance was clear for all to see even though he still had a year remaining before graduating from The Royal College of Arts.

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    Melbourne’s Rubber House are one of those animation studios who, much like Kate Winslet (debatably) have not managed to do a single bad film to date. Predominantly making videos for, Gotye, the band responsible for bringing the general public out of a perilous auto-tune coma, Rubber House push music videos out of the club realm, and into the world of fun.

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    You know the feeling, you’re on the way to pick up the latest in smartphone technology only to find yourself overtaken by a host of bizarre-looking Wacky Races-style characters bent on preventing you from your goal. Try as you might there’s just no way to get to the shop in time to make that all-important purchase. COULD ANYTHING BE MORE INFURIATING?! No. Thankfully revenge rears its icy head with expert comic timing and makes everything ok. Actually this probably doesn’t sound all that familiar, but it is the premise to the Jullien Brother’s latest video for their band Niwouinwouin and is (obviously, it’s Jean Jullien) well worth a watch.

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    If you have a pile of cash sat in a drawer somewhere that you really don’t know what to do with then fret not because Louis Vuitton has just launched a custom monogram service for their small leather goods, allowing you to emblazon your initials, in colours of your choice, over your purse, wallet or document holder. Which is all well and good for the financially endowed, but for those of you with shallower pockets it’s the promotional animation from Christian Borstlap that will excite you the most.

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    It’s fair to say that most of the time public safety information tends to be hectoring, patronising or just plain dull, so it’s great to see a different, and much more interesting approach. Melbourne Metro wanted to point out that mindboggling acts of stupidity on and around their network could have fatal consequences and so McCann turned to musician Ollie McGill and animator Julian Frost for this maddeningly memorable little ditty called Dumb Ways To Die.

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    Master of sexy, macabre illustration McBess and his long-time Mill collaborator Simon have just finished work on a piece of animation that fuses literature, erotica and mail-order delivery to wonderfully entertaining effect. Not sure what books and a voluptuous bosom have in common? Neither did we, but watch on and everything will be illuminated. Not strictly a Monday Morning Music Video, but sometimes we like to throw caution to the wind and say “To hell with the rules!”

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    Yippeeeee two very talented people clubbing together to make a very impressive, grin-inducing video for a really fantastic band! Is there much more you can ask for on a Friday? Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling have created a music video for psychedelic Australian band Tame Impala, but have risen to the challenge and have created one of the most appropriate visual explosions possible. Made entirely out of plasticine, this cosmic trip of a video is an inspiration to all animators and, in fact, anyone who’s tackling a tricky brief – things may take a long time and the process may be inconceivably tricky, but the results will be all the more mind-blowing because of it! Becky and Joe deserve a seriously big round of applause.

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    Most of us have been in a band at some stage, whether it was to attract girls or to just basically be as much like Neil Young as possible. The thing is, learning an instrument is hard and expensive. Like most great internet apps, Jam with Chrome is taking an age-old tradition and making it do-able from the comfort of your chair. You may not generally agree with this sort of thing distracting young people from actually picking up an instrument but you know what? This is hilarious.

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    It’s not often that two of our favourite creatives pop up out of the blue with a fully-functioning collaborative piece ready to go, but it’s happened! Damien Cuypers who has been making his way in the art and fashion world with his two-minute portraits and Benoît François of French curators bureau FiZZZ BZZZ! have been very busy making an animation project inspired by their lack of understanding of philosophy during their time at school together.

  15. Frosty

    As the frost sets in, I know we’ve all been thinking what on earth could provide the perfect bridge between ghoulish Halloween and chilly Yuletide? But wonder no more! Sufjan Stevens and animator Lee Hardcastle have presented us with the perfect remedy – a gruesome, bloody claymation horror story accompanied by his latest track Mr Frosty Man. It’s only two minutes long so I won’t tell you the full, sordid plot, but if you’re a Christmas purist I urge you to look away now.

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    This little 20 second short from animator Alexander Pettersson is pure visual gold. A disembodied head spins round, getting progressively more wounded while various characters and objects float past to a tuneful vocal soundtrack. We can’t really think of a reason for its creation, nor a message Alexander might be trying to convey, but let us assure you it’s an absolute delight.

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    No matter how entrenched your Monday morning ennui may be, I’ve got five syllables sure to get your week off to an absolute flyer – crochet octopus. See? Awesome Australian animation studio Oh Yeah Wow have produced this magnificent video for Wax Tailor’s new single Time to Go (featuring Aloe Blacc). Directors Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury have created a weird and wonderful narrative based around this knitted blue cephalopod and his adventures in the city, before a poignant denouement which leaves our protagonist down and out. Cool song, very cool video.

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    We’ve been bowled over by a lot of the design work coming out of Barcelona these past months and years and now we can add another terrific studio to that list of admiration. Forma & Co, founded by Joel Lozano and Dani Navarro, are able to turn their talents to anything from graphic design, illustration and animation to branding and web design. There’s a focus on simplicity but within their team finds great scope to improvise and experiment and they boast an enviable skill with using colour, be it big, bold, bright illustrations or carefully-chosen elements in a publication.

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    Stop me if I’m wrong, but how can you NOT watch a video whose tagline is: “An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue. A sci-fi Baroque fairy tale, literally dripping with misanthropic venom…”? Luckily, as video taglines have a tendency to mislead, this one keeps its promise of horror and, to be honest, gives even more. This is the work of Ben Wheele, who we featured on the site a while back for his show Antiquity Bonk, a fleshy, rococo womb of a solo show, mirrored in this strange coming-of-age horror animation. If you’re into the weird and the wonderful, you’re going to lap this up. If you’re squeamish or pregnant, see how you get on, but maybe give it a miss.

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    Think what you could do in five seconds, not a lot huh? But that’s exactly what makes the mighty Animade’s brand new submission project – Full Secs – quite so magnificent.

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    Trying to draw attention to a complex ecological issue is a pretty tough brief – for some reason people tend to turn off whenever the environment is discussed, despite it being one of the biggest problems facing humanity. We don’t want to get all preachy, and we sure as hell don’t like it when other people do, but Moth Collective’s stunning new animation for WWF deals with the issue of EU fishing regulations with a delicate touch and perfect pace, meaning you can sit back and enjoy some seriously skilful simulated movement and do a little bit of green learning at the same time. Lovely.

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    Sometimes collaborations are just made in heaven. It’s a matter of personal taste but to me when Bryan Adams and Mel C collaborated to make 1998’s No.3 hit Baby When You’re Gone, my life was kind of complete. Another example of a dream-team collab is the recent video for NB Studio, animated by legendary Johnny Kelly, illustrated by James Graham and narrated by Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins fame.

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    In the advertising world, Rory Sutherland is less a man made of flesh and blood and more of a phenomenon made of ideas and rhetoric. Last year we were fortunate enough to publish The Wiki Man which brought together the Ogilvy executive creative director’s musings, blog posts and insights. Now the good folk at Animade and Moth Collective have brought one of Rory’s favourite behavioural anecdotes to life in this super animation based on his TED talk. It’s a great credit to its creators that the animation works perfectly in harmony with the excerpt rather than fighting with it for attention. Also, it’s nice to hear the phrase “dot matrix” on a Wednesday…

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    Paris and New York, New York and Paris – a tale of two cities, of two sets of values and two manifestations of the city spirit. You may remember back in April when we featured Vahram Muratyan’s stunning book of illustrations setting the city’s sights, sounds and smells against each other, well now Tony Miotto has created this fantastic animated version of this trans-Atlantic head-to-head. If you see a finer abstract illustration of a hot-dog this week then you’re probably wasting your life.

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    Anyone mediating a major international conflict should just give illustrator Marion Deuchars a call because her work is so ruddy charming I’m confident it could disarm even the best of enemies. In last week’s Things we praised to the high heavens her new book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art but the treats just keep on coming thanks to this beautiful short trailer.

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    Some of the greatest stories human beings have ever told have been about redemption, and it might be time to add another name to that canon. Australian band The Beards have just released their new single Got Me A Beard which tells the story of a proud beard-wearer who is jilted by his girlfriend and then society at large. But our intrepid hero finds solace in a place where the beard is revered, and then him and his new friends return to the real world to wreak a shocking, hilarious revenge. Animators Chris Edser, Bill Northcott and Jarrod Prince have created a weird and wonderful world which works perfectly with the song, and it’s a must watch for both hairy hipsters and pogonophobes alike.

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    Imagine you were asked to make a film out of the late, great Monty Python’s star Graham Chapman’s life. Now imagine that true to Python form and spirit you decided to make it an animation. How on earth would you begin to decide on a look and feel that could communicate this extraordinary man and his ridiculous talent? Easy, you don’t decide on one look and feel, you decide on loads.

  28. Eclipse-list

    Somewhere between Moon, The Fifth Element, Tintin: Destination Moon and 2001: A Space Odyssey sits Eclipse, a brand new piece of animation from Gobelins students (yes, students) Theo Guignard, Noé Lecombre and Hugo Moreno. It’s got all the classic sci-fi staples – eerie soundtrack, mysterious evil/benign paranormal entity, barren lunar landscape – and it’s drawn in a style evocative of the classic cartoon greats. That’s all the information we’re prepared to supply for fear of ruining the experience of this perfectly-paced, beautifully atmospheric animation.

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    Seeing as it’s nearly autumn and the sky is clouding over, I’ll just take the liberty of whisking you away into a dark chasm of snowy trees, brick walls and terrifying woodland via the impressively fast-paced animations of Jake Fried. In his latest animation entitled Sick Leave, Jake drags us naked and screaming through a world made of ink and white-out to enjoy the scenery that he has so painstakingly created. It’s not as torturous as it sounds, it’s actually extremely enjoyable, and one of the most stubborn and original styles we’ve seen in a long time.

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    Having rehabilitated the reputations of single men whose best friends are dogs (Wallace & Gromit) and pirates (Pirates), top animation studio Aardman have turned their talents to Britain’s most unfairly maligned city.

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    Now we know we’ve posted a couple of Adam Buxton’s BUG videos recently (here and here) but this is so bursting with colour and mad imagery that we couldn’t resist. Whereas previous offerings have fused interesting visuals with Buxton’s trademark irreverence, this new piece Livin In The Sunlight, Lovin In The Moonlight is first and foremost an aesthetic treat. With illustrator Jim Stoten and animators the Layzell Bros on board (all creatives we’ve admired for some time) it was always going to be a treat but this slick slice of surreal silliness is well worth surrendering to.

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    The legacy of London 2012 will be hotly debated over coming months but forget the UK’s new sense of identity, the embracing of volunteering or even world-class sporting facilities, for us there’s one clear winner. Grant Orchard’s Love Sport Game On animations have long been a great source of joy in their colourful, to-the-point celebrations of pursuits from ski-jumping to dominoes, but during the Olympics not only did Studio AKA re-release the original set but also four brand new films covering weightlifting, fencing, synchronised swimming and equestrian. Now even Seb Coe will admit that’s made it all worthwhile.

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    We’re big fans of Mr Richard Hogg. He’s got a charming way with line that never fails to please us here in the studio, whether he’s doing a lovely drawing of a breakneck mountain biker or decorating the walls of one of our favourite Lebanese restaurants. So we were delighted to find out (albeit slightly belatedly) that he’s turned his talented hand to the world of astronomy for the Royal Greenwich Observatory, teaching us space-ignorant folks all about the wonders of the universe and the planets that surround our Earth. It looks great, sounds ace and it’s got the added bonus of being chock full of useful astronomical information. Winner!

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    If you like Russian Constructivism, 1940s all-American advertising and vintage comic books and have a sideline interest in muscle cars, superheroes and team sports then allow me to present your new favourite illustrator, Tavis Coburn. Tavis graduated from the legendary Art Centre Pasadena many years ago and immediately launched himself into a fiercely prolific illustration career, working for all of the major players in editorial, music and sportswear. He doesn’t just do still images either, regularly producing slick motion graphics for similarly big-name clients. Most recently Londoners, and probably a large number of tourists, will have seen his handiwork draped across the front page of Metro depicting the mighty Chris Hoy as a masked crusader for Adidas’ record-breaking ad campaign. Powerful stuff!

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    You know that mid Wednesday afternoon slump that’s threatening to get in between you and the weekend? Well here’s something sure to get you safely over – Adam Buxton’s Counting Song, a delightful-cum-dark guide to the perils of numeracy has been released online. Brought to life by illustrator Sarah Brown and director Cyriak Harris, the pair have created the perfect visual accompaniment for Adam’s bonkers, brilliant ditty. Crank it up, and then it’s full sped towards Friday!

  36. Animade-list

    The good folks over at Animade (in collaboration with Build) have just released an absolutely stellar set of teaser spots for Plus Plus, a brand new children’s TV channel in Ukraine, that feature a charming gang of boggle-eyed characters all frolicking across the local landscape.The animation, sound effects and comic timing are 100% spot on and we defy you not to grin from start to finish. Wonderful stuff.

  37. Beakus

    There’s a lesson here for all of us – if you think of something hilarious, make it into an animation immediately, because I guarantee that this short animation by Amael and Leo (in association with Beakus studio) is going to make you laugh, nay hold your attention, for longer than the actual Olympic games ever will. One of the best things about this short film is perhaps the brutal honesty at which Leo and Amael have conveyed the sheer amount of litter and chicken boxes present all over the streets and riverbanks of London. The other best bit? The expression on the face of the rat gormlessly holding up the fag-end – beautiful!

  38. Sicaf_mountain_list

    Studio AKA’s Dave Prosser has just released (literally this very morning) a new piece of personal work inspired by the city of Seoul, South Korea, funded by the Seoul International cartoon and Animation Festival. Dave’s trademark degraded vectors appear in a whole new (and surprisingly bold) colour palette for the usually monochromatic animator, reflecting the neon-clad facades of Seoul’s cityscape.

  39. Si-begg

    Motion designers ATYP have just produced a literally mind-blowing (you’ll see when you watch it) promo for electronic musician Si Begg’s latest single, Permission to Explode. It’s a powerful combination of hands-on traditional animation techniques and computer-generated imagery that has a familiar digital feel. However, the hand-rendered aspect to the project elevates it beyond a simple digital aesthetic, taking the transient waveforms of Begg’s glitchy compositions and rendering them physical with vibrant style. We caught up with ATYP to find out a little bit more about how the project came about.

  40. Agslist

    Last year Art and Graft charmed our socks off with a short animation promoting Cornish autism charity Spectrum and so inspired were they by the organisation’s amazing work that they’ve been back – and this time they took some friends. They asked four of the best animators around – Mikey Please, Matthias Hoegg, Kristian Andrews and UFO – to create four portraits of individuals whose lives had been turned around by Spectrum (and they also made another piece themselves).