1. List Art Brilliant, vibrant paintings of models in adverts by American artist James Rieck
  2. List Art Fantastically detailed scenes of everyday life with a twist from Paige Jiyoung Moon
  3. List Art Lynnie Zulu's new solo show colourfully explores the female form
  4. List-tatiana-bruni_-the-drunkard_-costume-design-for-%e2%80%98the-bolt%e2%80%99_-1931_-courtesy-grad-and-st-petersburg-museum-of-theatre-and-music Art Beautiful paintings of the drunkards and typists of the Russian ballet
  5. List Art David Lynch's damn good new MIMA show explores his use of naming
  6. List-studio9 Art We can't get enough of Wilfrid Wood's wonderful dogs
  7. List-31_wl-work-01 Art Some great new wood-based Will Edmonds work
  8. List Art The Pothole Gardner takes on the outdoors in Uniqlo's HEATTECH wear
  9. List Art Intriguing-as-ever updates from brilliant New York based artist Alex Roulette
  10. List-2 Art Take a look at Paul Metrinko's beautiful series of beach paintings
  11. List Art Vibrant, pebble-like paintings from Berlin-based artist Frau Grau
  12. List Art Alex Chinneck's life-size house of wax will melt over its 30 day lifespan
  13. List Art Yolanda Domínguez lets people scroll her personal phone snaps
  14. List-willy Art Feast your eyes on this penis kaleidoscope from Yinka Shonibare
  15. List Art Airco Caravan paints motel rooms that have played host to gruesome murders
  16. List Art Henrik Franklin produces a table of tiny books for miniature art gallery
  17. Main Exhibition An interview with Frieze Director Victoria Siddall about this year's fairs
  18. List Art Richard Tuttle's Tate Modern's Turbine Hall piece has been unveiled
  19. Main2 Art Spooky scenes from crayon expert and artist Matthias Geisler
  20. 8 Art Super beautiful work from Los Angeles-based painter Seth Armstrong
  21. List Art Anthony Zinonos uses cool collage to showcase accessories
  22. List Art Jessica Hans makes beautifully misshapen vases
  23. Listt Art Reverse graffiti artist Moose creates London skyline with the Nissan LEAF
  24. List Art Shady characters and sleazy scenarios in Danny Fox's intense new show
  25. Listjmp_cg_house_float_10 Art Alex Chinneck's spectacular levitating building in Covent Garden
  26. List Art Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are back to revive our junk
  27. Main Art Pascale Kueng takes us on a fishing trip to the Swiss Alps
  28. List Art Anna Burns and Michael Bodiam make nuclear bombs cutesy in new series
  29. List Art A range of great projects at the V&A for this year's London Design Festival
  30. List Art Dan Tobin Smith's triumphant show celebrates colour-coded clutter
  31. List Art Barber Osgerby's swinging, reflective installation in huge V&A gallery
  32. Main Art Sofia Niazi's poignant project about the women of the war on terror
  33. Main9 Art Sexual, chuckle-worthy paintings by Amelie von Wulffen
  34. List Graphic Design Letterforms become visual puzzles in Iancul's new personal project
  35. Main9 Art Two brothers' archive of 1990s Star Wars images made on Microsoft Paintbrush
  36. List-2 Art Anna Valdez recreates her domestic space in sumptuous oil paintings
  37. List Art Check out Kit Webster's atmospheric exploration of sound and light
  38. Main Art Wonderful fantasy by Keegan McHargue to celebrate his new Nieves zine
  39. List Art Selma Alaçam embroiders song lyrics on to Turkish rugs
  40. List Art Extraordinary sculptures and paintings from artist Lee Marshall
  41. List Art Check out these hilarious collages made from high-end fashion campaigns
  42. List Art An exhibition of the iconic artwork behind 1970s Interview magazine
  43. List Art More from Sumi Ink Club and their participatory drawing project
  44. List Art A sea of ceramic poppies round the Tower of London marks WW1 centenary
  45. Main7 Art Nuts internet art and editorial illustration from Steph Davidson
  46. List Art Atelier Bingo never fail to charm us with their absolutely beautiful work
  47. List Art Our Ace & Tate #ThroughTheEyesOf with Charlie Patterson
  48. List Art Hiro Sugiyama paints the hilarious, the weird and the chap-clad bumcheeks
  49. List Art Luis Hernan's work makes WiFi signals visible in astonishing images
  50. Main9 Art Let's celebrate Ana Kraš' wonderful new drawings and New York show
  51. List Art Simon Monk traps Batman forever in his hyper-real paintings
  52. Main Art Eerily beautiful portraits of female serenity by Graham Little
  53. Main9 Art Bryan Olson has become our favourite collage artist for his psychedelic scenes
  54. List Art Frank and Patrik Riklin build enormous picnic blanket in the Swiss Alps
  55. Main Art What are those? Oh, just paintings of American presidents with boob faces
  56. Main Art NX-Perspectives, a series exploring striking design and bold creativity
  57. List Film Beautiful time-lapse of a giant collaborative drawing from Aleksandra Mir's solo show
  58. List Exhibition Strange new show imagines snakes with legs and a dolphin-surfing priest
  59. List Art Startled cats and curious kittens in Tadashige Nishida’s woodblock prints
  60. List1 Art The live art auction PADDLES ON! promotes digital artists and their work
  61. List Art Astonishingly detailed paper cut-outs from artist Lucy Williams
  62. Main Art Getting eggy with prolific and somewhat fascinating Swiss artist, Urs Fischer
  63. Blotlist Art Art: Daniel Eatock's kaleidoscopic new ink blot pen paintings are incredible!
  64. Main4 Art Art: Check out these made-up flags by Brazilian artist and illustrator Mariana Abasolo
  65. List Art Art: Jenn Dierdorf creates abstract compositions from recgnisable shapes
  66. List Art Art: David Mendez Alonso sprays his vibrant art across any canvas he can find
  67. List Art Art: It's sunny side up thanks to LA-based Ben Sanders' colourful paintings
  68. List Art Art: Thousands of LED screens create Discovery Wall for NYC medical college
  69. List Art Illustration: Kyle Bean reflects on the Snowden story for The Guardian
  70. List Art Art: Ed Anthony creates stunning graphite portraits of today's greatest architects
  71. List Art Art: The incredible cocooned corridors of Henrique Oliveira's wooden installation
  72. Rlist Art Art: Check out Rose Pilkington's crazy, colourful computer-generated art
  73. List Art Art: Satirical illustrator Daniel Adel also paints incredibly detailed portraits! Look!
  74. Main Art Art: These spectacular tropical scribbles from Adam Sultan will cheer you up
  75. Jmlist Art Art: Jonathan McCabe turns Alan Turing’s theories into hypnotic, mesmerizing art
  76. List2 Art Art: The brilliant Katharina Grosse paints the passing railway-side scenery in Philadelphia
  77. List Exhibition Art: Ian Stevenson's sublime nonsense on show in Tokyo
  78. List Film Film: Great spoof of arty profile videos from Dan Shapiro
  79. List Fashion Art: Amy Woodside has some new paintings and a sweatshirt range to boot!
  80. Main Art Art: Diving in at the deep end of Fan Yang-Tsung's fluoro poolside paintings