1. Karinhagen-itsnicethat-main Art Pottery is so hot right now, here's some of the best ceramicists out there
  2. Jr-newyorktimes-itsnicethat-list Art JR creates a 150-ft high image for The New York Times Magazine cover
  3. List Art "There's a whale in that tree!" exclaim Samuel Branton's strange new drawings
  4. Aakash-itsnicethat-list Art Interactive projections by Aakash Nihalani that will blow your mind
  5. Ines-longevial-itsnicethat-list Art Abstract paintings of intertwined bodies by French art director Inès Longevial
  6. Hannahwaldron-itsnicethat-list Art New tapestries from Hannah Waldron, who's taking textile design in hand
  7. Jen-stark-whirl-side-int-10 Art More insanely good geometric papercut sculptures from Jen Stark
  8. Everybody-razzle-dazzle-1-photo-mark-mcnulty-int-list Art Sir Peter Blake's designed a dazzle ship and it looks bloody ace!
  9. Boyocollage-int-list Art An archive of fun, stylish and retro collages created by brilliant BOYO Studio
  10. Stephenabela-int-main Art Beach and pool-side paintings by Stephen Abela
  11. Int-list-carsten-holler-pic Art New Carsten Höller show lets visitors take a SLIDE in and out of the Hayward Gallery
  12. Traceyemin-mybed-int- Art Nice process video from Tate on how Tracey Emin installs her Bed
  13. Serenmorganjones-int-list Art Portraits of defiant suffragists by Welsh artist Seren Morgan Jones
  14. List-welcome_to_neu_friedenwald_by-laura-jung Art A Twin Peaks-based, interactive feminist-slanted production? Yes please!
  15. Samchirnside-int-list Art Mesmerising psychedelic compositions by artist Sam Chirnside
  16. Jacksmith-npg-int-list Art London's National Portrait Gallery opens first show without faces
  17. Benjamin-dittrich-int-list Art Benjamin Dittrich explores the cosmos in his breathtakingly complex works
  18. Chyrumlambert-port-2-int_copy Art Precise methods and imprecise narratives from artist Chyrum Lambert
  19. Blamey-ct-6-int Art Great design by Julia for Open Editions’ new sound works series Continuous Tone
  20. Nathalie-due-pasquier-int-list-3 Art Memphis co-founder Nathalie du Pasquier's un-serious book of drawings
  21. Escape-to-destiny-1mehdi-ghadyanloo-int-list Art Mehdi Ghadyanloo – "a Magritte of our times"
  22. List Art For when emojis won't suffice: express yourself with Cindy Sherman-icons!
  23. Art-belikov-int-list Art Retro-futuristic digital scenes from Lithuanian artist Art Belikov
  24. Jessica-brilli-int-17 Art Painter Jessica Brilli breathes life into dream-like Hollywood landscapes
  25. Int-htc-list HTC Pursuit of Brilliance An evening of talks on creative brilliance to launch the HTC One M9
  26. London-is-changing-intlist Art London is changing - is creativity taking the hit?
  27. Bensanders-potdealer-3-int_copy Art Creepy, jiggly-faced ceramics from artist Ben Sanders
  28. Olafur-eliasson_little-sun-int-1 Art Olafur Eliasson on tech in art and Berlin's "exceptional people"
  29. Christian-marclay-vinyl-factory-int-1 Music The Vinyl Factory's Sean Bidder on the White Cube on-site vinyl press
  30. Lynda-benglis-int11 Art Lynda Benglis: more than cocks and confrontation
  31. Brechtvandenbroucke-the-fame-main-int Art Good vibrations from our fave painter Brecht Vandenbroucke
  32. Antoinecorbineau-6-int Art Oddly enchanting paintings of familiar landscapes by Antoine Corbineau
  33. Sethbogart-ceramics-home Art Seth Bogart's sleazy ceramic homages to salon life
  34. Ellakru-painting-7home-int Art Ella Kruglyanskaya paints bawdy portrayals of the female form
  35. Anniedescarteaux-collage-7home-int Art Cut-out plant life and shuttlecocks from Annie Descôteaux
  36. Oliviervrancken-untitled-1-inthome Art Brilliant abstract paintings from graphic designer Olivier Vrancken
  37. Menutnutnut-drawing-4-int Art Jason Murphy’s characters struggle through life, while his drawings soar
  38. Seamus_murhpy_pj-harvey_-recording-in-progress_-2015.-an-artangel-commission.-_1_int Music Is it art? Is it performance? Or is it just PJ Harvey being ace, in a box?
  39. Atelierbingo-list-int Art Atelier Bingo are back with an abstract conversation between two aliens
  40. Faigahmed-carpets-list-2-int Art Artist Faig Ahmed on his "cold heart," carpets and subverting tradition
  41. Slavs_tatars-loveletters-home-int Art Art collective Slavs & Tatars on their "bazaar" approach
  42. Davidbatchelor-october-13-int Art David Batchelor defaces esteemed art journal October with colour and flair
  43. Alexdacorte-easternsport-1-int Art Bizarre telenovelas and garish installations from Alex Da Corte
  44. Duane_hanson_-_karma3 Art Duane Hanson's bronze flea market ladies star in surreal new catalogue
  45. Hdl5_copy Art We talk to Hubert de Lartigue about muses and doing your best
  46. Main_10.00.34 Art Enormous, illustrative works by American painter Jonas Wood
  47. List Art We chat to Jens Wolf about his intriguingly imperfect abstractions
  48. Mp_home1 Art Mathis Pfäffli's spontaneous drawings are free, as free as the wind blows
  49. List Art Serene but disquieting paintings by Sarah Schneider
  50. Jesse_kanda_home Film Jesse Kanda brings a new, terrifying dimension to synchronised dancing
  51. List Art Cacti and California houses rendered in Caroline Larsen's very unique style
  52. List-1 Art Playful mixed media works from Chilean artist Mario Felipe
  53. Serban_savuheadersmall Art Serban Savu's wry realist renderings depict Romania's melancholic splendour
  54. Main Art Extraordinary drawings of Jesus in the workplace by Larry Van Pelt
  55. List Art Adi Goodrich’s new show is all popping colour, nipples and fun. Like Thiiiiis!
  56. Main Art Some exciting new works by David Hockney on show at NY's Pace Gallery
  57. List Art Kim Keever moves from landscapes to abstracts in his water-tank works
  58. List Art Erica Allen reuses portraits from barbershop posters in this brilliant series
  59. List Art Edmund Clark's new book reflects on the end of US operations in Afghanistan
  60. List Film This stunning film documents JR's recent project in a French port
  61. List Art Stunning Polish Op-art works created in isolation finally celebrated
  62. List Art Mark Lazenby continues to amaze with his latest collages
  63. List Exhibition James Franco announces a new exhibition of art entitled Fat Squirrel
  64. List Art Will Cotton's oil-painted sugary scenes are insanely beautiful
  65. List Art Powerful words and punchy colours in Amy Woodside's new series
  66. List Art Rafaël Rozendaal collects his stunning lenticular paintings together
  67. List Art Alain Delorme transforms plastic bags into elegant flocks of birds
  68. List Art Giant surreal graphite drawings from the inimitable Frank Magnotta
  69. List Art Jean Jullien's fab new show US provides a fitting finale for the Kemistry Gallery
  70. List Art Brilliant, vibrant paintings of models in adverts by American artist James Rieck
  71. List Art Fantastically detailed scenes of everyday life with a twist from Paige Jiyoung Moon
  72. List Art Lynnie Zulu's new solo show colourfully explores the female form
  73. List-tatiana-bruni_-the-drunkard_-costume-design-for-%e2%80%98the-bolt%e2%80%99_-1931_-courtesy-grad-and-st-petersburg-museum-of-theatre-and-music Art Beautiful paintings of the drunkards and typists of the Russian ballet
  74. List Art David Lynch's damn good new MIMA show explores his use of naming
  75. List-studio9 Art We can't get enough of Wilfrid Wood's wonderful dogs
  76. List-31_wl-work-01 Art Some great new wood-based Will Edmonds work
  77. List Art The Pothole Gardner takes on the outdoors in Uniqlo's HEATTECH wear
  78. List Art Intriguing-as-ever updates from brilliant New York based artist Alex Roulette
  79. List-2 Art Take a look at Paul Metrinko's beautiful series of beach paintings
  80. List Art Vibrant, pebble-like paintings from Berlin-based artist Frau Grau