1. Main Art Art: These spectacular tropical scribbles from Adam Sultan will cheer you up
  2. Jmlist Art Art: Jonathan McCabe turns Alan Turing’s theories into hypnotic, mesmerizing art
  3. List2 Art Art: The brilliant Katharina Grosse paints the passing railway-side scenery in Philadelphia
  4. List Exhibition Art: Ian Stevenson's sublime nonsense on show in Tokyo
  5. List Jaguar #LiveFearless #LiveFearless: We speak to Dominic Wilcox about fear and the creative process
  6. List Film Film: Great spoof of arty profile videos from Dan Shapiro
  7. List Fashion Art: Amy Woodside has some new paintings and a sweatshirt range to boot!
  8. Main Art Art: Diving in at the deep end of Fan Yang-Tsung's fluoro poolside paintings
  9. Littlebox Art Art: Surreal ceramics by Sophie Woodrow are on just the right side of weird
  10. Main Art Art: SpY hangs an enormous lit-up moon from a crane in Lausanne
  11. Main Art Art: Rebekah Miles creates beautiful hand-painted book covers for Rodarte
  12. List Art Art: BL67 creates giant fascinating artworks out of tiny white and orange price tags
  13. List Art Art: Jarmila Mitríková and Dávid Demjanovič create folkloric scenes with pyrography
  14. Main Art Art: A visual feast courtesy of Hirō Isono over on the incredible Melt blog
  15. Main Exhibition Art: An interview with Von about his new exhibition Elsewhere
  16. List Art Art: Updates from Paul Wackers, whose lovely work defies categorising
  17. Main Art Art: Beautifully ethereal, surrealist paintings by artist Marie Rosen
  18. Main Art Photography: Bypass the rational with Maciek Jasik's colourful, smoke-filled portraits
  19. List Art Art: Hand-knitted fast food from Jessica Dance and David Sykes
  20. Main Art Art: Mystical biro art courtesy of Kevin Lucbert
  21. List Art Art: Sound and motion explored again through Zimoun's amazing installations
  22. List Art Art: Johnny Abrahams' mindbending paintings explore the innate possibilities of line
  23. List Film Film: Carlos Jimenez gets us up close and personal with the V&A's largest sculptural works
  24. List Exhibition Exhibition: Tauba Auerbach touches down at the ICA with some extraordinary sculptures
  25. List Art Art: Update – Jim'll Paint It is still brilliant in case you were wondering
  26. Listkenglye_gold Art Art: Keng Lye's incredible 3D paintings made using painted layers of resin
  27. Main Art Art: Annie Kevans' beautiful portraits of Jean Paul Gaultier's muses
  28. Listkyung_woo_han5 Art Art: Mindbending life-size optical illusion built by Kyung Woo Han
  29. Listlavie8 Art Art: Etienne Lavie transforms Paris' billboards into classical masterpieces
  30. List Exhibition Art: Thierry Noir – the first man to paint the Berlin Wall – opens first ever solo show in London
  31. List Film Film: Andrew Telling captures figures in flight for Chloe Early exhibition
  32. Geoffrey%e2%80%93list Art Art: Geoffrey Lillemon updates with some outlandishly NSFW oddities. Buckle up!
  33. List Art Fashion: Janine Rewell's incredible bodypainting for a Finnish shoe brand
  34. Main Art Illustration: Take our hand and come into the world of Geneviève Gauckler (at last)
  35. List Art Art: Jeff Greenspan is a creative thinker everyone should know and love
  36. Main Music Art: Behold! The artwork for this year's Secret 7" is up! Including works from Jeremy Deller, Sir Paul Smith and more
  37. List Art Art: Host of amazing new doodlebombs grace Hattie Stewart's upcoming exhibition
  38. Main4 Art Art: Astonishingly beautiful unseen paintings in a fantastic new show by the brilliant Geoff McFetridge
  39. List Architecture Art: Sculptural arches by LIKEarchitects resemble Microsoft Paint squiggles
  40. List Art Art: The Royal College of Art's secret postcard show is back with a bang
  41. List Art Art: Lernert & Sander return knitted designer clothes to balls of wool
  42. Main9 Art Art: The distorted beauty of the world through the eyes of Phil Goss
  43. Main Art Art: Louis Reith creates beautiful works of art from found books and objects
  44. List Art Art: Fabian Oefner's up-close pictures of flames have to be seen to be believed
  45. List Exhibition Art: New exhibition celebrates Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel's 70s billboards
  46. List Art Illustration: Jon Han's anachronistic illustrations depict the modern age beautifully
  47. Main2 Art Art: Paper envelopes made into traditional quilts by Stephen Sollins
  48. List_11.47.33 Film Art: Impressive series of Tate films explore big artistic ideas
  49. List Publication Publication: What happens when Malin Gabriella Nordin lets children interpret her sculptures?
  50. List Art Art: Austrian collective Numen/For Use create the most fun-looking interactive sculpture
  51. List Art Art: Step with us into the beautifully bizarre world of Pat Bradbury
  52. List Publication Publication: The new Stephen Powers book documents all of his incredible mural paintings so far!
  53. Main1 Exhibition Art: Get down to the Hockney show at Dulwich Picture Gallery
  54. List Art Art: UVA explore light and movement with great new installation
  55. List Art Art: Penique transform spaces with huge balloons and it's amazing
  56. List Art Illustration: Giant snakes and futuristic punks in the portfolio of Paul Loubet
  57. List-new Miscellaneous MIscellaneous: Rui Pinho transforms our favourite icons into cartoon characters
  58. List-2 Introducing... Introducing: Glittery tampons and nipples on pizza! Introducing Chloe Wise
  59. Main Art Art: A mixed bag of new goodies from ever-brilliant Merijn Hos
  60. List Set Design Art: Canadian artist Dominique Pétrin creates some seriously trippy interiors
  61. Main Film Art: Universal Everything's video homage to 1960s utopian visionaries
  62. List Exhibition Exhibition: Ill-Studio break out the kitsch for new show Fetishistic Scopophilia
  63. List Art Art: A car within a car, wrapped around a car...Chris Labrooy's car gymnastics are a sight for stunned eyes
  64. Main Art Sculpture: Rodan Kane Hart creates stunning geometric works of art
  65. Mainmc Exhibition Exhibition: Farts, cacti, sellotape and 7000 white balloons feature in the Martin Creed's What's the Point of It?
  66. List Film Art: Horrors frontman Faris Badwan gives us a tour of Tate's Paul Klee show
  67. List Publication Art: Tal R re-releases his artist's book of filthy sketches, The Moon
  68. Main8 Graphic Design Art: Anthony Burrill makes the the largest woodblock poster in history (maybe)
  69. List Art Photography: Erin O'Keefe explores still-life trickery in new series
  70. Main1 Publication Publication: Lubok move into uncharted waters with a new book from Neo Rauch
  71. List Art Art: Kirsten Sims' charming little worlds are bound to improve a grizzly morning
  72. List Art Illustration: Watch Ryan Travis Christian turn charcoal into surrealist nightmares
  73. Main Art Film: A day in the life of Berlin-based mural painter, Polina Soloveichik
  74. List Art Art: Taylor Holland makes a mockery of the well-defined markings of sports fields
  75. Main Publication Publication: Nieves present a drawing every day for a year by James Jarvis
  76. List Art Art: Walead Beshty smashes glass boxes in the name of photographic experimentation
  77. Main Art Art: Tom Price's sculptures depicting the average man on the streets of Brixton
  78. Main Web Art: Waste some time wisely on Rafaël Rozendaal's new website Fill This Up
  79. List Art Art: Summery landscapes and tropical colours! Here's painter Guy Yanai
  80. List Publication Publication: Stunning new volume explores the mythical world of Hieronymous Bosch