1. List Art Art: Javier Mayoral's oddly seductive cartoons
  2. Main Publication Publication: Beautiful new book celebrates the amazing Comedy Carpet
  3. List Exhibition Art: Do Ho Suh recreates replicas of two previous homes in jade silk
  4. Main5 Art Art: The sultry mystic gods and goddesses of Alberto del Pozo
  5. List Art Event: Gaetano Pesce in discussion for Barbican's Pop Art Design show
  6. Main Exhibition Exhibition: Old cigarette packets turned into football kits
  7. List Exhibition Art: New book and show celebrate the blistering brilliance of Anthony Burrill
  8. Main4 Miscellaneous Art: One man's collection of 893 used copies of The Beatles' White Album
  9. List Art Art: Simone Decker screws with your sense of scale and perspective
  10. List Art Art: Typewriter drawing looks easy in the hands of Keira Rathbone
  11. List Art Art: Xu Bing's V&A installation encapsulates the futile search for utopia
  12. List Art Art: SpY takes urban art to a whole new level
  13. Main1 Art Art: Drew Tyndell's wooden sculptures combine collage and painting
  14. List Art Art: Rob and Nick Carter blow our minds by making paintings move
  15. List Art Sculpture: Andy Rementer is back and OH MY GOSH his work has gone 3D
  16. Main Miscellaneous Art: Canisters of human remains photographed by photographer David Maisel
  17. List Art Art: Lenka Clayton explores coupledom through creative shoe-making
  18. List Art Art: Giant tape paintings of disgraced billionaires from Kuhl and Leyton
  19. Main1 Art Art: Cosmic, detailed paintings from French artist Jules de Balincourt
  20. List Art Art: Eun Ji Ryu conjures up a weird painted wonderland
  21. List Art Art: Bright, beautiful 3D collage from artist and photographer Daniel Gordon
  22. List Publication Publication: Phaidon's latest book celebrates the joys of outsider art
  23. List Art Art: Roll up to see Nicolas Sassoon's incredible new GIFs
  24. List Art Art: Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones' Gates of Hell mural
  25. List Art Art: Insane thread installation by Chiharu Shiota takes over Eastbourne gallery
  26. List Art Art: Eric White makes your favourite films seem sinister in his hyper-real paintings
  27. List Art Art: Neon fabrics, psychedelic animation and strange heads. Tom Sewell rides again!
  28. List Art Art: Matthew Weston Taylor's little characters make a hazy dream-world
  29. List Art Art: Amy Bennett paints incredibly realistic scenes from miniature sets
  30. List Art Art: Ai Weiwei recreates his impressive Forever Bicycles in Toronto. But bigger
  31. List Art Art: Multi-coloured abstracts hand-drawn in ink by artist and illustrator Skip Hursh
  32. List Exhibition Exhibition: New exhibition of Dayanita Singh's book art is a must see
  33. List Graphic Design Art: Welcome to the psychedelic world of Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami
  34. List-2 Exhibition Exhibition: Sarah Lucas' new show comes complete with rude parts a-plenty
  35. List-cadi-froehlich Introducing... Introducing: Sculptor Cadi Froehlich explores interaction through salvaged copper
  36. List Film Art: Three poets react to Tate Britain's treasures in great series of films
  37. Main Art Art: Alex Chinneck slides the whole front off a house. No big deal.
  38. List Exhibition Art: Superb satires of 1920s Berlin from the inimitable George Grosz
  39. Main1 Publication Publication: Elizabeth Peyton creates a romantic tome for Nieves
  40. List Art Art: Excellent project makes portraits of women from censored Iranian packaging
  41. List Introducing... Introducing: Meet Amanda Greenberg, illustrator of the becoming and the beguiling
  42. Main Art Art: Be beckoned into the dream-like, pencilled world of Dukhoon Gim
  43. List Film Here 2013: Kate Moross and her DIY ethos will pull you out of your blues
  44. List-1 Art Art: Michael Swaney's colourful work is fun and strange in equal parts
  45. List Art Art: Mathilde Roussel transforms paper into organic-looking rubbery sculptures
  46. Nathalielist Publication Publication: Beautiful new Nieves zine from the lovely Nathalie du Pasquier
  47. List Art Art: Suspend your disbelief for Alber Napoleon Wildner's miniature photography
  48. 1 Art Art: Alex Simpson's sculptures tell a hauntingly beautiful story
  49. List Product Design Product Design: Darkroom launch collection inspired by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass
  50. 1 Art Illustration: Our hearts ache over Leanne Shapton's new book Sunday Night Movies
  51. Donwood-list Exhibition Exhibition: Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood produces a sensational Soho show
  52. List Exhibition Art: Matthew Craven's new exhibition offers a fascinating perspective on the role of the museum
  53. List2 Introducing... Introducing: Dan Singer has a way with linocuts which we cannot resist
  54. 1 Art Art: Submit to Camilla Engman's fantastically dream-like paintings
  55. List Art Art: Cutty Cargo showcase three It's Nice That graduates from the class of 2013
  56. R2 Art Art: Ruth Angel Edwards' fantastic murals capture the moments when teamwork becomes transcendental
  57. List Fashion Photography: Michal Pudelka's kitsch photographs of girls are tinged with irony
  58. List Art Photography: Daniel Ginns looks to find the beauty in painted-over graffiti
  59. List Product Design London Design Festival: Day two takes in the mystery of lost shoes and London in comics
  60. 1 Art Art: The wonders just keep on coming from artist Oliver Jeffers and his surreal painting
  61. Main Exhibition Art: Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad haul an enormous LED sun to the darkest parts of the world
  62. List Art Art: Artist Ryan McGinness allows viewers a valuable glimpse into his creative process
  63. List Exhibition London Design Festival: A look at the V&A offerings with audio interviews
  64. List Film Film: Documentary charts one couple's 2,500 artwork gift to the nation
  65. List Graphic Design Art: The brilliant Jeffrey Dell is still making work about cake (and we still love it)
  66. List Exhibition Art: Eric Yahnker is back with a brilliant and timely examination of American culture and society
  67. List Art Illustration: Toby Neilan is a graphic artist with a terrific handle on colour
  68. 1 Art Illustration: Keith Warren Greiman shows us how surreal the everyday can be
  69. List Art Sculpture: The Famous Grouse celebrate collaboration with innovative sculpture project
  70. List Art Art: Ruth Borgenicht creates chainmail out of clay to stunning effect
  71. 1 Art Art: Morgan Blair's kaleidoscopic paintings continue to wow
  72. List Exhibition Illustration: Comic book king Seth's work is now on show in all its glory
  73. Owens-list Art Art: Laura Owens creates giant, abstract works like 1980s album art
  74. List Exhibition Art: Shan Hur makes installation work to question the confines of gallery space
  75. List Product Design Art: Eleonor Boström's lovely ceramic dogs serve all kinds of purposes
  76. List Art Art: Three young talents join Jessie Ware for Cutty Cargo showcase
  77. List Exhibition Art: Rudolf Stingel wallpapers an ENTIRE gallery in carpet. Fair enough.
  78. List Art Art: Erin M. Riley's hand woven tapestries shine a new light on the nude selfie (NSFW)
  79. 3 Art Art: Amy Woodside continues to wow us with her new collection
  80. 2 Art Art: Neil Raitt's hypnotic landscapes will mess with your mind