1. Ema-itsnicethat-list Exhibition Got any sacred objects lying about? Artist EMA wants to digitally destroy them
  2. Ruth_van_beek_rehearsal_it's_nice_that_list Exhibition Highlights from London's largest ever photography fair, Photo London
  3. Camper_life_on_foot_its_nice_that_list Exhibition Great graphics in Design Museum's Camper 40th anniversary celebration
  4. David-hockney-perspective-should-be-reversed-itsnicethat-list Exhibition David Hockney is back with a perspective-bending new series
  5. Brooklyn-museum-basquiat-itsnicethat-list Exhibition The Brooklyn Museum's never-before-seen insight into Basquiat’s sketchbooks
  6. David-jien-its-nice-that-list Exhibition Superbly surreal new show from narrative wizard David Jien
  7. Kenzo-doty-list Exhibition Our thoughts on the brilliant, disorientating Designs of the Year 2015
  8. Hw-rocksteadycrew-2-int_copy Exhibition Documenting a lost iron-on typeface through 70s and 80s sub-cultures
  9. Va-alexander-mcqueen-int-list Exhibition Step into Alexander McQueen's alternate universe in Savage Beauty at the V&A
  10. David-james-uma-thurman-int-list Fashion AnOther creative director David James launches digital retrospective
  11. Andrew-bruce-_-anna-fox_-norman-tebbitint-list Exhibition Photographs of the Spitting Image puppets, all limp and decrepit
  12. Neil_kenlock_untitled_young_woman_seated_on_the_floor_at_home_in_front_of_her_television_set_c-_type_print_london_1972__neil_kenlock_victoria_and_albert_london-int-list Exhibition The V&A's new photography exhibition documents Black British experience
  13. New-listdr-lakra's-record-covers-collection.-magnificent-obsessions_the-artist-as-collector_-barbican-art-gallery.-%c2%a9peter-macdiarmid_-getty-images Exhibition Warhol and cookie jars? The Barbican's new show looks at artists' collections
  14. Paul-rand-list Exhibition The legendary Paul Rand is celebrated in a great-looking new exhibition
  15. Vivianesassen-pinkinslee-int-list Exhibition Viviane Sassen's new exhibition opens today at London's ICA
  16. List Exhibition Abstract art and society: we check out the Whitechapel's great new show
  17. List Exhibition Science Museum's new show details 200 years of photographic history
  18. List Exhibition Jeremy Deller curates stunning Andy Warhol and William Morris show
  19. List Exhibition James Franco announces a new exhibition of art entitled Fat Squirrel
  20. List Exhibition We chat to documentary photographer Mark Neville about his new show
  21. List-flyers-for-the-institute-at-sexology.-photography-by-russell-dornan_-design-by-liam-relph-(3) Exhibition Designing for the Wellcome Collection's new Institute of Sexology
  22. List Exhibition We interview Quentin Jones about her new London show with Robert Storey
  23. Main Exhibition Check out Jordy van den Nieuwendijk's New York solo show, WET!
  24. Mp Exhibition Mike Perry sweeps into town with two nude shows!
  25. List Exhibition An interview with the curator of the RCA's major graphic design show
  26. 4list.-charles-jourdan_-spring-1976-%c2%a9-guy-bourdin Fashion We talk to the curator of scintillating new Guy Bourdin exhibition
  27. Main1 Exhibition Highlights of the absolutely fantastic Graphic Design Festival Scotland
  28. List Exhibition OK-RM's beautifully simple Designs of the Year graphics
  29. List Exhibition Great opportunity to make your digital art idea a reality with The Space
  30. Main Exhibition An interview with Frieze Director Victoria Siddall about this year's fairs
  31. Main Exhibition Creatives gather at Mother London to celebrate the city of Nantes
  32. Avlist1._alexander_rodchenko_costume_design_for_bedbug_1929__a._a._bakhrushin_state_central_theatre_museum Exhibition The futuristic world of Russian avant-garde theatre explored at V&A
  33. List Exhibition LucienneRoberts+ and Real Studios' Tower of London "time machine"
  34. List Exhibition The South London Gallery open a new show of work by Lawrence Weiner
  35. Blist25.-simon-norfolk_-a-secuirty-guards-booth..._-herat_-2010-2011.-burke_norfolk.-courtesy-simon-norfolk Exhibition Barbican Constructing Worlds exhibition is a photographic tour de force
  36. Gwlist18 Exhibition Enthralling exhibition explores the making of Gone With The Wind
  37. Eslistst-columba's-wells_-londonderry-(derry)-_-n-ireland_-1965-(c)-edwin-smith_-riba-library-photographs-collection Exhibition Edwin Smith’s images evoke an England of long, long ago
  38. List Exhibition Incredible collection of old NASA photographs to go on show in London
  39. List Exhibition We interview Eike König about Hort's 20th birthday show at KK Outlet
  40. Olafurlist Exhibition Olafur Eliasson installs gigantic riverbed in Danish museum
  41. List Exhibition Kemistry's new show of designer Hans Hillmann's iconic film posters
  42. List Exhibition Dutch group show makes prints from the surrealists' exquisite corps technique
  43. List Exhibition Master of his craft Stefan Glerum on show at London's Kemistry Gallery
  44. List Exhibition Dazzling first UK show featuring leading designer Ivan Chermayeff opens
  45. Main10 Exhibition We chat to Nous Vous about their exciting new Leeds show, A Watery Line
  46. List Exhibition Richard Woods decks out a rural gallery in his signature style
  47. List Exhibition Strange new show imagines snakes with legs and a dolphin-surfing priest
  48. Ws Exhibition Rolling Stone photographer Baron Wolman's photos of Woodstock
  49. Opinion-list Exhibition What turns a group exhibition from a mishmash into a success? Comments welcome!
  50. Main6 Exhibition The inimitable Ryan McGinley's new works on show at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong
  51. List Exhibition Immerse yourself in the world of MVM at his latest show in Oslo
  52. List-2 Exhibition Behind the Scenes: We interview Bob Mazzer about his photographs taken on the Tube
  53. List Exhibition Degree Show: Some terrific talent to be found at Plymouth College of Art
  54. List Exhibition Exhibition: CSM's students launch the most expensive pop-up selling million pound objects
  55. Main5 Exhibition Exhibition: In London? Check out Eric Yahnker's incredible Sticks & Drones
  56. List Exhibition Art: Ian Stevenson's sublime nonsense on show in Tokyo
  57. List Product Design Exhibition: Daniel Weil's new show is about a lot more than just beautiful clocks
  58. List Exhibition Graphic Design: Monotype and Pentagram show celebrates 100 years of type in design
  59. Main Exhibition Art: An interview with Von about his new exhibition Elsewhere
  60. List Exhibition Graphic Design: Brilliant book cover designer David Pearson feted at new show
  61. List Product Design Product Design: ECAL students create bizarre smart home objects in Milan
  62. List Exhibition Exhibition: Tauba Auerbach touches down at the ICA with some extraordinary sculptures
  63. Main Exhibition Exhibition: Amazing new Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition proves that he's probably the best guy ever
  64. Ist Exhibition Exhibition: Hey Studio show off their poster archive at a new show in Barcelona
  65. List Exhibition Art: Thierry Noir – the first man to paint the Berlin Wall – opens first ever solo show in London
  66. List''test_print_for_reverse_of_florence_nightingale_%c2%a310_note__1988._credit_bank_of_england Exhibition Exhibition: A fascinating show championing the beauty of banknote design
  67. List-2 Exhibition Exhibitions: Bondage and Patti Smith in Paris' new Robert Mapplethorpe show
  68. List Exhibition Exhibition: This year's Designs Of The Year show is an absolute smasher
  69. List Exhibition Exhibition: Colophon celebrate five years by creating a fictional world for their fonts
  70. List Exhibition Art: New exhibition celebrates Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel's 70s billboards
  71. Main Exhibition Exhibition: New Kids of Dada exhibition showcases London's freshest artistic talent
  72. List Exhibition Exhibition: New photography show offers an alternative side of Israel and Palestine
  73. Main1 Exhibition Art: Get down to the Hockney show at Dulwich Picture Gallery
  74. Main Exhibition Exhibition: Introducing our curated countdown of London shows, we give you This at There
  75. List Exhibition D&AD New Blood 2014: Judge Graham Shearsby on what makes a winner
  76. List Exhibition Exhibition: Carrie Strine is about to blow Philadelphia's socks off with some incredible quilting
  77. List Exhibition Exhibition: Ill-Studio break out the kitsch for new show Fetishistic Scopophilia
  78. Mainmc Exhibition Exhibition: Farts, cacti, sellotape and 7000 white balloons feature in the Martin Creed's What's the Point of It?
  79. Main1 Exhibition Graphic Design: Incredible Cuban propaganda posters from OSPAAAL
  80. Main1 Exhibition Photography: New show at LCC shows young travelling communities of the 90s