1. Main Film Film: i-D follow energetic model Rosie Tapner across the Berkshire countryside
  2. Main1 Film Film: Sheppard Webster's interactive music video made of romantic archive footage
  3. Main Film Film: Gender roles reversed in French short film gone viral, Oppressed Majority
  4. Lists Film Film: Japanese woodblock printing exposed in Davin Haukebo-Bol's Sway
  5. Main Film Film: Fred&Nick tell us a little about their Channel 4 debut, PAYDAY
  6. Main Film Art: Universal Everything's video homage to 1960s utopian visionaries
  7. List Film Film: 1000 litres of black treacle and nudity means a new website from Carl Burgess
  8. Main Film Film: Tyrone Lebon's film of extraordinary modern dancers for Nike Women
  9. List Film Miscellaneous: Behind the scenes of the 1956 Japanese Godzilla
  10. List Film Film: Gorgeous short film documents a four generation printing company
  11. List Film Art: Horrors frontman Faris Badwan gives us a tour of Tate's Paul Klee show
  12. List Film Film: Extraordinary aerial surf film made with a GoPro and quadrocopter
  13. List Film Film: Calling all commuters! Check out this slow-mo video of a high-speed train
  14. List Film Opinion: Can Kickstarter help revive the great, lost genres of cinema?
  15. Main1 Film Film: Will Robson-Scott turns his lens to Shoreditch legend John and his dog George
  16. List Film Film: Jule Waibel beguiles us with a "making of" film of her astonishing origami
  17. Main Music Music Video: A haunting Cass McCombs video featuring the late Karen Black
  18. Main Film Film: Incredible behind-the-scenes editing of The Wolf of Wall Street
  19. List-3 Film Film: Prepare to be charmed! This eccentric Londoner collects old analog film
  20. Mainopinion Film Opinion: Is the BBFC right to enforce age restrictions on music videos?
  21. Main Art Film: A day in the life of Berlin-based mural painter, Polina Soloveichik
  22. List Film Film: Guinness film follows inspiring group of African dandies, The Sapeurs
  23. List Music Music Video: King Krule and Alfred Hitchcock defy gravity in style
  24. Main Film Film: Craftsmanship and men's fashion collide in this stylish film with Job Wouters
  25. Mainmv Film My Favourite Music Video: Daniel Brereton selects Daft Punk's Da Funk
  26. List Music Music Video: Woah! Tears for Fears cover of Animal Collective's My Girls
  27. Main Music Music Video: Sensational synchronised swimming in Bombay Bicycle Club's latest vid
  28. List Film Film: A LEGO version of an Adam Buxton Bowie sketch? Yes please
  29. List Music Music Video: Head to a rave in the woods with Daniel Brereton and Erol Alkan
  30. Main1 Film Film: A pottery zoetrope animation? Go on then, it is Friday after all
  31. List Film Film: Nine minute supercut of action movie one-liners? Don't mind if we do
  32. List Music Review of the Year: 2013's best music videos according to US!
  33. List Film Film: Netflix embrace the absurd with a trailer for a fireplace (really!)
  34. List Music Film: James Houston rounds up a robot choir to sing a Christmas classic
  35. Main1 Music Music Video: Travel to outer space with Metronomy in the new video for I'm Aquarius
  36. List Film Film: Cy Kuckenbaker reorders midday traffic into colour order!
  37. Main Film Advertising: Channel 4's clever behind-the-scenes film of The Shining
  38. List Film Film: A lovely glimpse into illustrator Sarah Maycock's world
  39. Nirvana_unplugged Music Music Video: Nirvana's classic MTV Uplugged set turns 20
  40. Main Music Music Video: HOORAY! Beyonce releases 17 new music videos!
  41. List Film Film: Mad patterns, bare legs, and a cat in this crazy clothes fight
  42. Main Film Film: Finally! Michel Gondry on the making of Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
  43. List Film Film: Extraordinary story of a young stroke victim's fight for recovery
  44. Main Film Film: Linda Brownlee films a husband talking about his dance-loving wife!
  45. List Film Film: A truly heartwarming film for all you joggers out there!
  46. Main It's Nice That Issue #5 Film: Paul Smith gives us a glimpse into how he runs his business
  47. Main Film Film: An enlightening short film teaches us exactly How to Sharpen Pencils
  48. Shantell-list Film Film: Peek into the brain of freestyle illustrator Shantell Martin
  49. List Music Music Video: A simple, seductive one-shot dance routine from Blood Orange
  50. List Film Animation: Leading creatives pick the work they wish they'd done
  51. List Film Film: An intimate audience with Paul Smith in his Aladdin's cave of an office
  52. List Film Film: Bizarre One Direction gay rumours' row made into funny film (NSFW)
  53. Main Music Music Video: Emily Kai Bock delivers this epic music video for Arcade Fire
  54. Angdoo-list Film Film: Jin Angdoo makes a song and dance about inanimate objects
  55. Main9 Music Music Video: Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers bring U2's lyrics to life
  56. Main1 Music Music Video: Woah! Pharrell's made a 24 hour music video
  57. List Film Film: Documentary The Record Breaker will fill you up with joy
  58. Main10 Music Music Video: Bob Dylan's official, interactive video for Like a Rolling Stone
  59. List Music Music Video: James Houston's mindbending stereogram video
  60. List Film Video: Cats, lasers, explosions and MASSIVE ART. Thanks Hungry Castle!
  61. List Film Film: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola reunite for stunning Prada film
  62. Main Music Music Video: Finally! A music video about ceramics from Cate Le Bon
  63. List Film Advertising: D&AD release the Black Pencil judges' discussion film
  64. List Film Film: Steven Brahms' bizarre tale of alien anticipation in a tiny French town
  65. List Film Film: Fascinating series of shorts planned by tech guru Keiichi Matsuda
  66. List Film Film: Roel Wouters gets extraordinary footage from ECAL students
  67. Main Film Film: Spike Jonze directs a LIVE Arcade Fire music video with Greta Gerwig
  68. Main Film Film: Official trailer for Michel Gondry's new film Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?
  69. Main Music Music Video: Go skating with the kids in Cass McCombs' Morning Star
  70. Weareshining Music Music Video: Fashion, music, sex, booze in thousands of GIFs make up this video
  71. Main Music Music Video: Have a dance with a nun in Devendra Banhart's new video
  72. Main Music Music Video: Flowers bursting out of wounds in Glass Animals' Psylla
  73. Main Film Bookshelf: The inspirational books of music video director Abbie Stephens
  74. Main Film Film: David Lynch's tutorial on how to cook quinoa. Okay then.
  75. Main Music Music Video: A morning run with Dirty Projectors' new video
  76. List Film Film: Jason Schwartzman teaches us How to Sneeze at Parties
  77. Main Film Film: Hell No, a refreshingly sensible trailer for a faux horror film
  78. List Film Film: Braulio Amado blows his budget on the promotional film of the century!
  79. Main Film Video: Doug Aitken's new public art project Station to Station
  80. Main Music Music Video: Incredibly intricate new Atoms For Peace video