1. Main Film Film: Sofia Coppola's brilliant first ever short film Lick The Star made back in 1998
  2. List Music Film: The story of a 96-year-old man's musical tribute to his late wife
  3. Main Music Music Video: Nice hair! Stylish new video from psychedelic band Temples
  4. Tg1 Film Animation: Terry Gilliam teaching us all animation tricks? Yes please
  5. D2 Film Film: Extraordinary short film brings mass consumption home super powerfully
  6. List- Film Film: A weird dystopian collage showcase of Prada's fall collection
  7. Main Music Film: Could these be the coolest kids in the world? Check out Unlocking the truth
  8. Nabil Music Music Video: Nabil is a director at the peak of his powers – here's Jay-Z's latest
  9. List Film Film: Going football crazy with the Green Soccer Journal boys in Between the Lines
  10. List Film Film: 12 O'Clock Boys gives a glimpse into Baltimore's notorious urban dirt-bike gang
  11. List Film Film: Will Robson-Scott's new work digs into the violence gripping Chicago
  12. List Publication Film: We chat with David and Marina of The Gourmand for Between the Lines
  13. Main Music Music Video: Laurie Lynch manifests a teen love story for New Young Pony Club
  14. List Film Film: Meet commissioning editor of Laura Bradley
  15. List Film Film: Continuing our look at publishers' spaces with Esquire's David Mckendrick
  16. List Film Film: Tony Brook invites us into the Unit Editions studio for Between The Lines
  17. List Film Advertising: Ryan Hopkinson and Hirsch & Man play with 100 Sony smartphones
  18. Krule Music Music Video: King Krule's Easy Easy is an angsty masterpiece
  19. Main Film Video: Best comeback ever? The creator of Bebo has got something very important to tell you...
  20. Main Music Music Video: MGMT are back, and they're way funnier than they used to be
  21. List-roses Photography Photography: Nick Knight shares "behind the screens" images from SHOWstudio
  22. Main Art Video: Jay Z recruits the stars of the art world to make the video for Picasso Baby
  23. Main Film First Broadcast: Check out our exciting new audio/visual site, First Broadcast
  24. List Music Music Video: Campbell Hooper aces new video for The Naked & The Famous
  25. Huck-list Film Film: Huck celebrates the craftsmanship on show at Lovenskate's London studio
  26. Main Film Film: Ricky Gervais presents Learn Guitar with David Brent. Need we say more?
  27. Main Photography Photography: A romantic peek inside Laura Marling's Secret Cinema event
  28. Main1 Film Film: Just try and watch Pacific Light without being completely hypnotised
  29. Washedout Music Kate Moross brings us some animal magic for Washed Out's Don't Give Up
  30. Main Film Film: Inspiring trailer for New York street photography doc Everybody Street
  31. Pixel-list Film Film: A heartbreaking love affair between a 97-year-old and MS Paint
  32. Main Music Music Video: Hilarious parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines (NSFW)
  33. Main Film Music Video: The Lonely Island say more than expected with Spring Break Anthem
  34. Main Film Film: A 3D sculpture built by 80,000 bees? Bee-have yourself!
  35. Sangra-list Film Film: Everything's f****** censored in Danny Sangra's film for The Great Divide
  36. Top Film Film: Shit Girls Say creator Graydon Sheppard back with new dog-based series
  37. List Music Music Video: Derrick T. Tuggle in the Black Keys' Lonely Boy is still fantastic
  38. List Film Film: Jerry Seinfeld's second series of his Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
  39. List Film Film: We chat to Gert Jonkers of Fantastic Man and MagCulture's Jeremy Leslie
  40. List Film Film: Conceptual design rethought by Next Nature at What Design Can Do
  41. List Film Film: Fantastic food designer Marije Vogelzang at What Design Can Do
  42. List Film Film: Astonishing look at The Great Gatsby before and after VFX work
  43. List Film Film: A chat with Twitter design lead Mike Kruzeniski at What Design Can Do
  44. List Music Music Video: Bravo Canada! Phoenix's Trying to be Cool is another smash
  45. Bombay-list Film Film: Win yourself the chance to have your short screened at Tribeca 2014
  46. List Film Film: Shynola's dark and disturbing Dr. Easy is a real must-watch
  47. Frode-list Art Art: Behind the scenes making 3D album covers with illustrator Frode Skaren
  48. Main Film Film: Skateboarder Guy Mariano skates from Venice, USA to Venice, Italy
  49. List Film Film: Alfred Dunhill's portrait of sailor Iain Percy is branded content done right
  50. Skater Music Music Video: Figure skating backed by heavy grunge to get you going this week?
  51. List Film Film: Andrew Telling's superlative new Rapha piece is a must-watch
  52. List_08.27.28 Music Music Video: Some excellent (if NSFW) sword action for Wavves' new single
  53. List Photography Photography: We catch up with Ryan Hopkinson about his latest work
  54. Youngsummer Music Music Video: The End of the World? Or just Young Galaxy's new video?
  55. Main Film Film: GIRLS Season 38 – "Same girls, same problems...40 years later." NSFW
  56. List Film Film: Mark Waites explores the storytelling/lying in Supposed Histories
  57. Main Music Music Video: Like 1990s sitcoms? Check out Frankenstein by Randa
  58. Holden Music Music Video: Jack Featherstone art directs a smashing new piece for Holden
  59. List Music Film: This little girl can dance a lot better than you (and she's six)
  60. Main Film Film: Deadpan male models sing Get Lucky for CFDA Fashion Awards
  61. Iamunchien Music People impersonating animals makes for one of our favourite music videos EVER
  62. Smd-list Music Take a tour through a neon cosmos with Hans Lo and Simian Mobile Disco
  63. Main2 Music Some good old fashioned violence with a twist in this new Thee Oh Sees video
  64. Mj-list Music Watch Jacko (not the real one) gyrate across Rome for DJ Cam
  65. Main1 Film adidas presents us with a powerful video that makes us proud to/want to be a girl
  66. Main Music Peel your eyelids back and take a gulp of the new video for Slugabed's Bombok
  67. Mainsky Film Kingston students Scott Carthy and Ben Pender ask "How High?"
  68. Kanye Music Kanye Wests' New Slaves is celebrated on public buildings across the globe
  69. Main Music Dream come true! The artists behind the Beastie Boys album covers!
  70. List Film Will Robson-Scott's new short film about East End character Jela is his best yet
  71. Main Art What do you think happens when you leave your dinner unattended in a safari park?
  72. Listimage1 Film An aeroplane safety video created by Tom Sachs you will actually watch this time
  73. Main Music Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings Bowie's Space space!
  74. Ghostpoet Music No frills, just compelling storytelling by Dave Ma for Ghostpoet's Meltdown
  75. Listimage Film 1920s London in glorious colour, who says we don't treat you on Fridays?
  76. List Film The Glossary create a neat video for amazing David Foster Wallace speech
  77. Bowie-list Music Bowie's still got the power to shock in his new video, The Next Day
  78. Mvlist Graphic Design Massimo Vignelli talks book design in this nice video by Michael Bierut
  79. Main2_11.07.36 Music A music video like never before from dream-team Wild Nothing and Eric Shaw
  80. Main Music Film duo Fred and Nick's haunting trailer for Laura Marling's new album