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    When the full-length trailer for a new Wes Anderson film comes out, the internet begins to tremor as if the plates beneath it are shifting in time to The Kinks. So here we are, it’s time for a new one, and it looks really, really good. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a story of a young lobby boy who is taken under the wing of a womanising concierge in the form of the inimitable Ralph Fiennes. Once again, the cast list for what will be Wes’s 11th film looks like the queue for the bar, nay the smoking area, at the Oscars. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks to be a tender masterpiece of characters only Wes could dream up, playing out their emotional lives in settings so visually arresting that only the sporadic arrival of Bill Murray’s tired face can save you from becoming complacent. See you at the cinema!

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    We’re not ashamed to say that we’re huge champions of what those shape-spotting, geometry-loving pattern-finders over at Patternity get up to (we even featured them in Printed Pages a while back) so when they came together with COS to collaborate on a short film which combines sartorial excellence with a stop-motion sequence of circles, squares, angles and objects, we knew they couldn’t go far wrong.

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    Only the most capable creatives can create what feels like an entire parallel universe in a single room inside a gallery, but Korean artist Soo Sunny Park has made this tricky task her niche. Toying with light and space to conjure up waves of rainbows from thousands of squares of prismatic glass tied to a wire frame, she warps our perception of reality into a phosphorescent shimmer of what we know.

  4. Kitgrill

    Don’t ask me why this works, it doesn’t matter. Also don’t ask me who made this, that also doesn’t matter. All you do need to know is that NTS DJ and producer Kit Grill is making beautiful music and someone out there has found some totally entrancing old cycling footage to set it against. Stunning.

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    It’s difficult sometimes to know how to pitch the announcement of a new studio being set up, but we feel that more designers should follow the example of Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. The longtime collaborators have launched Vallée Duhamel and to help publicise the news, they’ve created this excellently violent little video. Rather than a bland celebration of creative harmony, the pair are seen attacking each other with everything from a fish to a piece of watermelon.

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    The start of this film is a bit standard; coloured ink dropped into water but stick with it amigos because this gets much, much better. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Space.NK are launching a series of collaborations with artists, writers, chefs and historians to explore what beauty means.

  7. Main

    So you’re probably already aware that we’ve released the Autumn edition of Printed Pages; we hoped all those bright yellow banners at the side and top of the website should have let you know what was going on. But just in case that wasn’t enough we’ve made a short film to celebrate too. Arguably the cheekiest feature in the Autumn magazine was an in-depth interview with Dian Hanson, the editor of TASCHEN’s Sexy Book range, where we discussed her life in porno publishing.

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    Anybody who has even flicked through a guidebook of Barcelona will be able to tell you just how impressive the Sagrada Familia is; even in its unfinished state Antoni Gaudí’s basilica is mind-blowing in its detail, drawing on Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau styles to create something which is nothing short of miraculous. It has, however, taken a while to progress – building work having commenced in 1882 (a mere 131 years ago) it only crossed the midpoint in 2010, and in spite of its current size and beauty it still stands a long way from Gaudí’s final vision.

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    Music videos don’t often spell out the title of the track, lest we forget the fruit of 2003 that was Stacey’s Mom, but this video actually feels like you’re crawling through the stars. Well, it doesn’t really, but it’s probably the same sensation. I’d imagine crawling through stars feels a bit like wading through glue, and seeing as this video makes you feel like you’ve sniffed a whole bottle of industrial adhesive, I’d say there’s a tenuous link in there somewhere. Senseless rambling aside, this is utterly brilliant. Watchable, stir-crazy, and a perfect accompaniment to the dulcet tones of Brooklyn five-piece, Crystal Stilts.

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    They have a day for everything now, spurious PR-driven celebrations like National Soft Cheese Day. But some of them are actually quite interesting, particularly when creatively-minded institutions get involved, and these videos by the Tate Britain for National Poetry Day kick bandwagon-jumping to the kerb in some style. The gallery invited three poets to react to some of the work in its collection and create works inspired by it; so we are treated to Scroobius Pip on the Chapman brothers, George the Poet on photographer Paul Graham and John Hegley on a CRW Nevinson painting called The Arrival which has a particularly personal resonance for him.

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    Have you ever done that really awkward thing where you meet someone who you’re connected with on social media and you drop a detail into conversation that suggests you’ve studied their Facebook photos a little too closely? For example: “Hey I like paella too!” “What?” “Um, nothing.”

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    Alright, alright, we’re all totally “over” ads that feature cute animals doing hilarious things. Definitely. 100%. Oh wait, no we’re not! This is hilarious. Creative directors Lucasz Brzozowsk and Robert Herter from Stuttgart agency Jung von Matt have mustered up the guts to make a car advert that doesn’t actually feature a car, a beautiful woman or a swooping shot of a road somewhere near Montenegro. Instead they’ve opted to choreograph a dance for some chickens set to a simply smashing Diana Ross song. No more needs to be said, get your headphones in, you’re about to see chickens in a whole new and glorious light.

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    With a brief such as the word “courage” there’s like, a bajillion things you could do. The possibilities are so endless that you would most likely end up doing something a bit complicated to try and represent such a loaded term. Hats off then (literally) to Miriam Abrahams who tackled this subject in the most simple way possible: to hand over some scissors to her little sisters and play “makeover”. Not much point in writing any more here, just watch it and then give her a big round of a applause because that girl is so brave.

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    So it’s Monday morning, which usually means we greet you with a rousingly upbeat music video to perk you up for the week ahead. Not so this week. Instead we’ve got Keaton Henson, a man whose never written a song that couldn’t reduce you to tears and William Williamson, a film-maker who puts out incredibly honest and focussed short documentaries when he’s not shooting music videos. Together they’ve produced some incredible videos together and this latest piece for You is no exception. The concept is simple but it’s impeccably shot and the song is intense. Sorry if it makes you cry. Enjoy!

  15. List-2

    If you thought that Johnny Depp made for a charming drug lord playing George Jung in Blow, please allow yourself to be swept away by the papier mâché realness being brought to you directly from the very skilled hands of William Child. For his final project the freelance illustrator, animator and designer made a brilliant short film about the bloody work of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, complete with hand-built sets, bags of powder stuffed into gutted fish, scuba divers and a jacuzzi. I know. I have no idea how he did it either.

  16. List

    It doesn’t matter how creative you might be – every now and again the sheer monotony of the daily slog can drag you into a little grey pit of dullness and boredom. You can’t help it, it’s just how it goes. Peaks and troughs, right?

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    Everyone thinks they know how to make the perfect bacon sandwich, right? (tiger bread, salted butter and HP sauce, OBVIOUSLY) but who better than to shed light on such a hotly debated conundrum than cheeky lad and food guru Jamie Oliver and 80s actor Kevin Bacon? This video, courtesy of Poke London, has a lot of great features (predominantly bacon-related) including tips on how to cook bacon (dip the bread in the fat!) and how eggs are a crucial, crucial sidekick. Before, like me, you start dribbling and thinking about what to have for lunch, it’s best noting that this is an advert for super fast new internet provider 4GEE, which is made clearer when you get to the bit about the buffering. Clever!

  18. 1

    Prepare yourself for some serious desk-time dancing, unless you are the sort of person who doesn’t like dancing in which case look away now because this will happen to you when watching Basement Jaxx’s new video What a Difference Your Love Makes and it is so great my face is hurts from smiling.

  19. List

    At first I couldn’t quite work out whether Tom Kenney’s new music video for Shit Robot was a too-easy-to-be-good stylistic cop-out, or a beautifully simple accompaniment to a great track. I’ve erred on the side of the latter, and ladies and gents, here it is – a guy who’s skin has turned into space. Have a great week.

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    Hey magazine types! Planning a redesign of your title soon? Well The New Yorker have set a new standard in how to talk about it with this short but fascinating video. Art director Wyatt Mitchell explains how, a bid to modernise the magazine but retain its visual character, they have gone back to the future looking at the first ever issues and redrawing the Irvin typeface. Not only does Wyatt explain very succinctly what changes he and his team have instituted, the film is also full of great retro visuals including the initial illustration of a French aristocrat on whom the monocled mascot of the magazine is based. Excellent stuff, and if this is indeed just the start of a wider redesign then we hope the videos keep on coming.

  21. Main

    If you spent as much of your youth reading too much into MSN statuses and deciding what your Hotmail username represented you as a person (or just made you look that bit more mysterious) then this film is for you. Strangely, I actually don’t think this short film will appeal to anyone who wasn’t a teenager in the age of social media as the angst, panic and sheer helplessness just won’t be as palpable.

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    Perfectly sinister and atmospheric new video here from the beautiful song-machine that is Laura Marling. A lot of her past videos have tried and failed to capture her ethereal nature and songwriting capabilities through the medium of film – in part because she used to refuse to be in the videos until Rambling Man. It seems Laura’s retreated back into her Los Angeles shell and left the directors to their own devices once more, but the results are rather spectacular. In a dark, short film set in the grounds of a terrifying abandoned hotel we are beckoned into a menacing love story that is a contemporary dance version of Tess of the d’Urbervillles with a lot more slow-mo. Perfect.

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    I didn’t know exactly who Conan O’Brien was really until last night. Turns out this flame-haired funny man helped create the The Simpsons with a bunch of other super-intelligent and hilarious men back in the day. Conan’s wry humour is the magic behind countless episodes, perhaps most notably the monorail episode, which he says in this film was inspired by, well, riding on a monorail.

  24. Quasi

    There’s nothing I like more than a completely inexplicable music video, and this is from the top drawer. Even though I’ve sat through it four or five times now, I’ve still no idea why all of these snippets of moving image have been spliced together, I still also have no idea who is behind the madness, but you know what, I don’t think I care.

  25. List

    “Art as investment” is one of my absolute least favourite phrases and the media’s breathless coverage of multi million pound auctions similarly sticks in my craw (good phrase that). The counterpoint to this fetishisation of art’s financial worth comes in the form of Herb and Dorothy Vogel. A retired postman and librarian respectively, the couple amassed the most extraordinary collection of contemporary work and their story was told in a 2008 documentary by director Megumi Sasaki (see trailer below).

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    I’ll level with you gang, I don’t spend an awful lot of time on architects’ websites (judge me if you must) but this new portal for Dutch-Danish firm Powerhouse Company is a real delight. Designed by Present Plus – the Amsterdam-based agency which helped build the new WeTransfer and has worked with the likes of Stella McCartney, adidas and National Geographic in the past – it’s a really nice combination of web design and embedded film which bring the firm’s projects to life in a way that sets a new standard. Great stuff all round.

  27. Awol-list

    Cycling is pretty much the new skateboarding (fact) and, as is customary with any wheel-based fad that’s emerged since the early 1990s, that means anyone with a camera to hand wants to make their own cycling video. Generally that leads to trendy dudes pulling gnarly tricks on skinny, brakeless bikes, high-fiving each other before cracking open some suds on their handlebars, or just slim bodies clad in lycra moving really, really fast. But who says bike videos need to be about getting big air or breaking the sound barrier? Not me and certainly not Ertzui film.

  28. List

    It’s surprisingly easy to forget just how rich British heritage is when the glossy window displays and ad campaigns with which we come face-to-face on a daily basis only skim the surface of a long and arduous chain of production. And increasingly it’s fashion brands that we have to thank these days, for plucking gems of craftsmanship from the British provinces where they usually hide away and dragging them out into the spotlight for us all to be proud of.

  29. List

    In a celebration of creative collaboration, whisky brand The Famous Grouse is embarking on an exciting and innovative sculpture project.

  30. Reflektor-list

    The Arcade Fire are back with a new track and in customary style they’re making the video process as complicated as possible. While most bands deem one promotional video to be sufficient for their requirements Canada’s biggest band has released two; one an interactive epic that seems to have involved everyone at Google Labs if the behind-the-scenes video is anything to go by, the other a dark piece of film noir directed by the legendary Anton Corbijn. And why the heck not eh? If you’re at the height of your creative powers and commercial success get as many videos made as you like.

  31. List-2

    If you were young in a time when the Spice Girls ruled over your brain and Woolworths over your pocket money, the chances are you’ve heard of Lisa Frank. An American artist and illustrator, she has been treasured by fans the world over for her rainbow-spattered neon artwork, which favours unicorns, heart, stars, animals and glitter for its subject matter and can be found on stationery, stickers, games, dolls and toys alike. She’s famously very shy (so much so that fans have long questioned whether or not she is actually real, thereby securing her mystical status) but those cheeky chaps over at Urban Outfitters recently managed to snag an interview with her at her headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, divulging a rarely-seen glimpse into her fantastical universe.

  32. Main

    A joy for all Sofia Coppola fans here in the form of Lick The Star, her debut film made back in 1998. The film is a 14 minute black and white tale of a gang of high school girls who, after becoming obsessed by Virginia Andrews’ cult novel Flowers in the Attic, plan to use rat poison to kill the boys in the school they dislike. The interesting thing about this short is that it is absolutely chock full of nods to Coppola’s later works, for instance the humour, the way the girls are shot, and the adolescent, dreamy, relaxed pace of it all. The opening scene of her debut shows the lead girl being driven along in a car – a running theme that has remained in almost every single opening scene in her films since.

  33. List

    Now I know that for some of you this is going to be too cheesy by half and that’s ok – I recommend you give this video a miss and carry on with your lives. But for some of you this charming piece of storytelling is sure to strike a chord. When the Green Shoe Studio launched an online community songwriting contest, they were surprised to receive one entry packaged up in a large envelope. It was sent in by 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh who had penned a tribute to his wife of 75 years called Oh Sweet Lorraine. Moved by the simplicity of the sentiments and intrigued by the story, Green Shoe got back to Fred and made his song a reality.

  34. Main

    You can imagine what goes through a director’s head when they hear the trippy, distant melody of a psychedelic band like Temples: “Okay, we’re gonna need some dry ice, glitzy clothing, an afro comb and a shitload of mirrors.” And that’s exactly what seems to have happened here in the case of director Abbie Stephens’ in her stupendous video for the band’s latest single Keep on The Dark. Abbie’s previously worked with other bands such as Primal Scream, Haim and Public Enemy and has a real knack for getting the band’s message across in simple, effective imagery. I love the way that the spotlight shines through the band members’ curly locks in a nod to the footage of bands in the 1960s and 1970s. Mmmm.

  35. Tg1

    “Keep well away from animation, it’s dangerous, nasty stuff, could be catching and most definitely will leave some very nasty scars, especially on those knee caps of yours.” Terry Gillam, flowing locks in tow, cardboard ventriloquist doll on his lap, speaks out from the screen of Bob Godfrey’s 1974 DIY Animation Show. The voice throwing alone was enough to win us over.

  36. D2

    It’s called CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, the process by which animals born for mass consumption are placed in confined space and fed copiously to fatten, to become a tasty morsel for human mouths.

  37. List-

    Never one to follow the crowd that Miuccia Prada. On first watch, Real Fantasies, a short produced with long-term collaborator AMO to advertise the Fall Winter 2013 collection, looks like nothing short of a bad dream about a dystopian society which has been thrown into a time-warp and then emerged the other side only to be cut into tiny pieces and stuck back together again. What’s more, it’s oddly transfixing. The disjointed music, two-dimensionality and surrealist influence all come together with an absurd kind of harmony which shows the collection in its absolute best light.

  38. Main

    I know you’re probably spending your free time bashing your head on the desk after a certain boy band documentary aired last week, but FEAR NOT! These kids are here to refill your hope in the children of today. Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins are a sixth grade duo from Brooklyn who are really, really into metal. So much so that they’ve formed a band together, and it’s really, really good. They met a few years back at their friend’s birthday party and found they had a mutual love for heavy music – the rest is history. They play instruments, write songs about relationships and what’s getting them down, and when they’re not making music they’re skating around the town or doing impromptu street gigs much to the joy of the locals.

  39. Nabil

    This week I was spoilt for choice for a music video. First, I was woo-ed by the jovial new Arctic Monkeys effort but it couldn’t match up to this absolutely brilliant piece for Jay-Z’s Higher. So, imagine how excited I was to hear that even though their characters are polar opposite, both were made by the insanely talented Australian director Nabil. To describe the above as a music video doesn’t do it the justice it deserves, so sit back and let this six minute short suck you in and spit you out entranced.

  40. List

    All this week we’ve been profiling the first five films in Between The Lines – where we go into the places where some of our favourite publishers work to get to know them a little better. And it’s fitting on this final Friday that we round off the week with The Green Soccer Journal lads seeing as the interminable summer without top flight football ends tomorrow.