Graphic Design

  1. Hudson-powell-pentagram-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Hudson Powell agency founders to become Pentagram partners
  2. List-sean-freeman-its-nice-thathands_landscape_hi-res_hands-type_layered-with-type Graphic Design There Is' ace new typographic projects for Wired and New York Times magazine
  3. Clase_bcn_palau_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Clase bcn's bright but elegant identity for a Barcelona concert hall
  4. List Graphic Design 20 years of design studio Spin come to a London exhibition
  5. Nb-studio-michael-wolff-eldery-road-sign-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Designers redesign elderly people roadsign in NB Studio and Michael Wolff project
  6. Music_bfc-annual-report-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Music's slick, dark designs for British Fashion Council annual review
  7. Wonder-room-its-nice-that-.list Graphic Design Wonder Room shows how to adapt posters designed for print for online
  8. Evan-grothjan-spaces-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design An investigation into design, space and emotion from Evan Grothjan
  9. Typesnap-itsnicethat-list-new-3 Graphic Design How much can you read with each letter cut in half? Type Snap investigates
  10. Unfun_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design German studio Unfun creates colourfully slick posters for dance club
  11. Steph-roden-adder-stone-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design A design grad tackles the Scottish independence referendum debates
  12. Tokyo-olympic-logo-its-nice-that-top Graphic Design Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic logos unveiled
  13. Acacio-ortas-itsnicethat-list-2 Graphic Design Acacio Ortas takes it back to the 90s with some retro design and illustration
  14. Tokyo-olympic-logo-its-nice-that-lost Graphic Design Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic logos unveiled
  15. Field-glyph-index-int-list Graphic Design Digital design studio FIELD explores the future of typography
  16. Herburg_weiland_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Sleek and polished graphic design from Munich-based agency Herburg Weiland
  17. Made-by-sawdust-itsnicethat-list-2 Graphic Design Sawdust creates a bespoke typeface for NBA champion Kobe Bryant
  18. Timeline_promo_2geographical-north-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Superb graphic design for Factory Records-inspired tape and vinyl label
  19. Dalziel-_-pow-rebrand-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Retail design agency Dalziel & Pow rebrands itself
  20. List Graphic Design Stanley Kubrick, Barney Bubbles or Alan Fletcher could be on new £20 note
  21. Sb-studio-itsnicethat-gif Graphic Design SB Studio's playful identity to accompany Assemble's Brutalist Playground
  22. Emil-kozole-seen-typeface-list Graphic Design A typeface that censors itself by CSM grad Emil Kozole
  23. Sunny-parks-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Sunny Park's Yale thesis graphic design project is as brilliant as her name
  24. Stephanie-passul-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Stephanie Passul applies narrative structures to graphic design
  25. Bereza_figures_gif_1_small-a20-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Bright, playful graphic design from Russian studio A-2-O
  26. Bau-magazine-ica-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Bau Magazine's radical, bold approach to cover design in the 1960s
  27. Bryan-mayes-do-not-cover-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Graphic design for imagined LPs – possibly the funniest project ever
  28. New-list Graphic Design Voilà! Our round-up of the best degree show identities we've seen this year
  29. Piano-ensemble-uncanny-editions-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design A brave, illustration-based identity for Piano Circus
  30. Marta_veludo_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Vibrant and playful design from Amsterdam-based Marta Veludo
  31. Temps-de-vacances-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Naranjo-Etxeberria designs magazine-turned-travelogue Temps de Vacances
  32. Barbican-list Graphic Design Graphic designers and artists respond to "freedom" for the Barbican
  33. Mcq_aw15_int_list Graphic Design McQ’s AW15 campaign and new brand identity is a double reveal
  34. Penguin-go-set-a-watchman-cover-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Penguin reveals its designers’ rejected covers for new Harper Lee novel
  35. Sunshine-agency-roald-dahl-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Sunshine takes on mammoth task of branding Roald Dahl
  36. Sarah_boris_int_list_image_ Graphic Design Sarah Boris’ three-act theatre of design lays bare her process
  37. Mark_magazine_int_list Graphic Design Mainstudio's razor-sharp editorial design for art and architecture
  38. Orlebar_brown_itsnicethat_list2 Graphic Design New Orlebar Brown range celebrates Marcello Morandini's monochromes
  39. Universal-everything-play-its-nice-that-hero-1 Graphic Design Great identity by Universal Everything for new Google e-publishing venture
  40. Matt-lambert-yukiko-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Studio Yukiko designs a steamy photobook for Matt Lambert (NSFW)
  41. Steve_frykholm_picnicposters_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Steve Frykholm on his Herman Miller picnic posters in this lovely short film
  42. Snask_washingtonpost_itsnicethat_list2 Graphic Design Swedish studio Snask's brilliant handmade letters for Washington Post
  43. Unit-editions-lance-wyman-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Unit Editions to publish swanky Lance Wyman monograph
  44. Fraser-muggerige-barbican-happening-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Fraser Muggeridge's "happening" puts graphic design into an art context
  45. Nina_kazanova_token_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Nina Kazanova creates a tropical identity for virtual reality festival
  46. Dnandco-st-james-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Design agency dn&co. set to rebranding a whole area of London, St James's
  47. Tres_tipos_graficos_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Tres Tipos Gráficos creates clean, pared-back theatre posters
  48. Gurafiku-itsnicet Graphic Design Gurafiku founder Ryan Hageman on the wonder of Japanese graphic design
  49. Foreign_policy_brandguidesingapore_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Foreign Policy's considered designs for a brand guide to Singapore
  50. Leslie-david-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design We check in with Leslie David, the busiest woman in graphic design
  51. List-ashley-stephenson-new-york-times-its-nice-tha Graphic Design New York Times designs imagine yesterday's stars using social media
  52. Studio_storz_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Studio Storz and Jakob Kirch's typographic arts museum identity
  53. Alexandre-pietra-for-noise-festival-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design A Swiss designer's festival identity based on the headliners' vibrations
  54. Byop_int_list Graphic Design Pentagram's identity for Serpentine’s Build Your Own Pavilion project
  55. Lust_typedynamic_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design LUST's typographic installation visualises the information surrounding us
  56. Song-haein-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design South Korean designer Haein Song on the craft of bookbinding
  57. List-its-nice-that-mtv_premium_collage_300dpi_iam Graphic Design MTV redesign sees channel showcase user and artist-generated work
  58. Penguin_design_awards_2015_list Graphic Design Winning cover designs for Penguin Random House Design Awards
  59. List-eric-hu-talk-magazine-its-nice-that- Graphic Design New "style-driven" design mag Talk looks good and speaks volumes
  60. Bond_web_moominfont_a_small_optimized-1 Graphic Design Helsinki studio designs Moomin typeface inspired by Tove Jansson
  61. Zoo_festival_de_l%e2%80%99histoire_de_l%e2%80%99art_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Paris-based studio Zoo plays with the graphic possibilities of marble
  62. Kino_xenix_it's_nice_that_list Graphic Design 30 years of film posters from underground Swiss cinema Kino Xenix
  63. Muokkaa_yorokobu_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Spanish studio Muokkaa creates these jazzy Memphis-inspired set of numbers
  64. Studio-studio-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Iceland's Studio Studio: so good they named it twice
  65. Isabel-seiffert-not-the-end-of-print-its-nice-that-list- Graphic Design Isabel Seiffert's beautifully designed, considered tribute to print
  66. Production-type-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Production Type takes a look at miniatures in its Gemeli Micro specimen
  67. Karlsson-wilker-new-list Graphic Design Great graphics for an Icelandic bar by Karlssonwilker
  68. Twice-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Paris-based studio Twice presents a bundle of crisp, textural new design
  69. Maurits_rozema_posters_it's_nice_that_list Graphic Design Dutch design talent Maurits Rozema’s sharp posters
  70. Arc-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Summer Studio designs the Royal College of Art's magazine about Contagion
  71. Florian_mewes_maak_plaats_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Well-designed govt research book from Florian Mewes and Alfons Hooikaas
  72. Ines-cox-kwintessens-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Ines Cox designs "birth to death"-themed Kwintessens mag
  73. Offways-marius-burgmann-and-mike-magduschewski-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design Offways: a new mag about creatives "doing whatever and wherever"
  74. Massimo_vignelli_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Studio Husmee commemorate Massimo Vignelli in new show
  75. Studio-set-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Newly discovered studio of the week! Introducing Studio-Set
  76. 2_music_henry-moore-(2)-its-nice-that-list Graphic Design An exhibition identity with 10,000 different iterations
  77. Fontsmith-fs-silas-its-nice-that-555-list Graphic Design FS Silas is an "enigmatic" typeface launched with its own spy film
  78. Hexus-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Dark publication Hexus Journal's experimental design matches its texts
  79. Int_gail_2 Graphic Design Design of the Times: Design director of The New York Times Magazine, Gail Bichler, tells us her story
  80. Int_fruit_0 Graphic Design Fruity Papers: NB Studio's Tom Moloney shares his beautiful collection of fruit wrappers