Graphic Design

  1. Chevalvert-int-list-2 Graphic Design French studio Chevalvert's appealing posters for a transatlantic sailboat race
  2. Fantastic-man-list Graphic Design Fantastic Man unveils redesign and 10th anniversary cover
  3. Dwp-bikestock-int-list Graphic Design Bike kit vending machines branded beautifully by DWP Design
  4. List Graphic Design Excellent editorial design from Dutchman Joost Bos
  5. Sam-coldy-penguin-int-list Graphic Design Vibrant pattern design by Sam Coldy for Penguin's On the Page campaign
  6. Gerard-marin-int-list Graphic Design A neat, malleable identity by Barcelona-based designer Gerard Marin
  7. Nike-logo Design Indaba Michael Bierut talks about logos and why we invest them with meaning
  8. Emilyoberman-snl-int-hero Publication Emily Oberman's book documents 40 years of Saturday Night Live
  9. Studio-lin-stampa-int-list Graphic Design Studio Lin's work for Stampa is simple, striking and brilliant
  10. Ines-cox-int-list Graphic Design Antwerp-based designer Ines Cox launches her own eponymous practice
  11. Dot-dash-flatpack-int-list Graphic Design Great new Flatpack Film Festival identity by Dot Dash
  12. Two-int-list Graphic Design Very tasteful pricelist design by studio Think Work Observe
  13. Gaggero-ra-annual-report-int-list Graphic Design Gaggero Works' beautiful annual report designs for the Royal Academy
  14. Jayme-spinks-int-list Graphic Design Awesome icons and gorgeous album art from Canadian designer Jayme Spinks
  15. Kindlecoverdisasters-int-list Graphic Design All hail the magnificent visuals compiled by the Kindle Cover Disasters blog
  16. Davidchathas-posters-header-int Graphic Design David Chathas’ posters bring new life to in-school publicity
  17. Stockfish-ident-4-int_copy Graphic Design Bright, abstract identity for Iceland’s arthouse film festival
  18. Design-by-st-fish-packaging-int-list Graphic Design Good cod! Slick, clever, info-packed designs for fish packaging from S-T
  19. Julia-kostreva-int-list Graphic Design Here's a sweet identity by California-based Julia Kostreva Studio
  20. Tumblr_mz0k55vuh21qk7q8po1_1280_copy Graphic Design Lots of print and typographic landscapes from designer Sarah Honeth
  21. Jo-glover-v_a-mcqueen-int-list Graphic Design The V&A senior designer on designing the McQueen Savage Beauty graphics
  22. Michaelthorsby-damnson-int-list Graphic Design New book celebrates the graphic design of hip-hop mixtapes
  23. Catalogue-acorn-3-int_copy Graphic Design Catalogue designs versatile identity for independent label Acorn Tapes
  24. Milton-glaser-brooklyn-blast-int-list Graphic Design Milton Glaser creates new look for Brooklyn Brewery's BLAST! IPA
  25. Dyakova-guestbook-8-int_copy Graphic Design onefinestay's journal Guestbook gets a makeover with Atelier Dyakova
  26. Lamm-kirch-posters-2-int Graphic Design Astoundingly good poster design from prolific studio Lamm & Kirch
  27. Jasongalea-int-main Graphic Design Get your eyeballs around Jason Galea's psych album artwork
  28. Piece-int-list Graphic Design Give Piece a Chance wants you to celebrate your stuff!
  29. Sagmeisterwalsh-fugue-int-10-list-new Graphic Design This new identity for Fugue by Sagmeister & Walsh constantly regenerates itself
  30. Alicerawsthorn-instagram-int-2 Miscellaneous Alice Rawsthorn on using Instagram as a design criticism tool
  31. Andyrementer-sanmarinostamps-int-list Graphic Design Andy Rementer designs 3D printing-inspired stamps for San Marino
  32. Neo-neo-int-list Graphic Design Neo Neo's identity for Geneva's festival of light uses glow-in-the-dark ink
  33. Home-og Graphic Design Skilled and varied work from designer Oscar Gronner
  34. Zakgroup-6-ee-int Graphic Design Zak Group’s multi-faceted design ability sees them take Europe
  35. Spin-uca-int-list Graphic Design Tony Brook and Spin ignore the form with stencil-based redesign for UCA
  36. Annie-atkins-grand-budapest-hotel-list Graphic Design The Grand Budapest Hotel graphic designer on designing for Wes Anderson
  37. Graphicmeans-int-main Graphic Design New film explores the difficulties designers faced before computers
  38. Mattwilley-independent-int-list Graphic Design Matt Willey's insights into redesigning one of the UK's national newspapers
  39. Ke_screen_04_copy Graphic Design Innovative, learned and varied portfolio from designer Neil Donnelly
  40. Rubenfischer-main-int Graphic Design Fantastic experimental design from Hort protégé Ruben Fischer
  41. The-plant-art-central-4-int-list Graphic Design The Plant's beautiful and very clever movement-inspired Art Central identity
  42. Jenniferdaniel-portfolio-6-int_copy Graphic Design The multi-faceted practice of designer and illustrator Jennifer Daniel
  43. Colline-new-list-int Graphic Design Annie Collinge dresses up New York strangers like old dolls
  44. Zoo-art-and-music-int-list Graphic Design Zut alors! A bunch of brilliant work from French agency Zoo
  45. Grilli-type-int-list Graphic Design Grilli Type is back with a new cinema-inspired typeface. Live Long and Prosper!
  46. Currency-post-4-int_copy Graphic Design Our round-up of interesting currency redesigns
  47. Paul-schoemaker-eventburo-int-list Graphic Design Very accomplished graphic design from graduate Paul Schoemaker
  48. Paulinelepape-int-main Graphic Design Impressive portfolio from French design student Pauline Le Pape
  49. Gabriela-maskrey-lapulperia-int-list Graphic Design Luxury culinary branding from Peruvian designer Gabriela Maskrey
  50. Freytaganderson-fraher-int-list Graphic Design A logo becomes a floorplan in great new Freytag Anderson work
  51. Karl-anders-vitra-int-list Graphic Design Karl Anders' playful, bright look for Vitra Home Complements
  52. Bdb-portfolio-7-int Graphic Design The sheer quality of Bart de Baet’s work is anything but de-baet-able
  53. List-studio-des-signes-singapore-branding-its-nice-that- Graphic Design Studio Des Signes Singapore branding
  54. Michaelbierut-nyt-signage Design Indaba A look at Michael Bierut's defining designs as new book announced
  55. List Graphic Design Meet Richard Turley's right-hand man at MTV, Erik Carter!
  56. Rawcolor-febrik-4-int_copy Graphic Design Raw Color design slick identity for interior textiles brand Febrik
  57. No_rocket_asinello_press_1_1160-int-list Graphic Design Fabulous hoof-centric designs for Asinello Press
  58. Untitled-paris-ad-int-list Graphic Design This must be Laplace: more superb branding from Untitled Paris
  59. Dyakova-list-mcm_gagosian_back-cover_905 Graphic Design Slick Atelier Dyakova designs for Michael Craig-Martin's Chatsworth House show
  60. List Graphic Design Very cool new Hot Chip album artwork will be unique for every single record
  61. Kurppa-hosk-korshags-int-list Graphic Design Smoking new identity for a fish brand from Kurppa Hosk
  62. George-primo-louw-1 Graphic Design Jorge Primo's delicious deck designs for Louw skateboards
  63. Francesco-del-russo-bologna-int-list Graphic Design Bologna but not as we know it, thanks to designer Francesco Delrosso
  64. Eloisa-perez-book-int-list Graphic Design Beautiful, bright geometric shapes in new system to help kids learn to write
  65. Mariohugo-recentlyrejected-int-list Graphic Design Unpublished and never-used work celebrated on Recently Rejected blog
  66. List-la-direction_le-sucre_1-int Graphic Design Sweet, sweet Le Sucre branding from Lyon studio La Direction
  67. Braulio-amado-nyt-int-list Graphic Design No sleep for Braulio Amado, perhaps the most prolific designer in Brooklyn
  68. Fontanel-dutch-design-talents-int-list Publication The best young Dutch design talent showcased in smart new book
  69. Two-points-aamodt-plumb-int-list Graphic Design Angular architectural identity from Spanish studio Two Points
  70. Gentlewoman-bjork-list Graphic Design Björk graces the cover of the new issue of The Gentlewoman
  71. Riposte Graphic Design The Designs of The Year nominees are out – we look at the graphics category
  72. Nytmagazine-redesign-list Graphic Design Behind the scenes of The New York Times Magazine redesign
  73. Maximleurentop-work-3-int Graphic Design Maxim Leurentop's design work is taking an artistic direction
  74. Metaflop-int-list Graphic Design Create your own typefaces with cool online tool Metaflop
  75. Tavo-adc-int-lisst Graphic Design Mind-blowing motion design with molten gold, crystallising rock and spinning wood
  76. Come-de-bouchony-7-years-int-list Graphic Design Côme de Bouchony crams almost a decade of work into one minute
  77. La-tigre-arcarreda-identity-int-1 Graphic Design La Tigre's roaringly slick identity for Milanese interiors brand Arcarreca
  78. Newyorker-90th-int-list Publication The New Yorker prints nine covers to celebrate its 90th birthday
  79. Shillington-int-list Graphic Design Meet four Shillington graduates and hear their graphic design stories
  80. Sarah-hyndman-the-type-taster-int6 Publication Can typography help you date? Solve obesity? This book reckons so...