Graphic Design

  1. Arndtbenedikt-posters-list-int Graphic Design Frankfurt studio Arndt Benedikt and its joyous poster designs
  2. Bedow-record_mania-int-list Graphic Design Fantastically simple record store branding by Swedish studio Bedow
  3. Isabellucena-tarot-int-list Graphic Design A graphic update on the traditional Tarot deck by designer Isabel Lucena
  4. Thamnesandhudson-cover-list-int Graphic Design California knows how to design as proved by this stunning new book
  5. Jorgeleon-amigo-int-list Graphic Design Jorge León's impressively coherent identity for a Barcelona skate shop
  6. Unnamed Graphic Design IS Creative Studio's work is finger lickin' good
  7. Screen-shot-2015-01-26-at-10.12.37 Graphic Design More great, slick graphic design work from Mike Lemanski
  8. Hardyseiler-hannover-list-int Graphic Design Bureau Hardy Seiler creates a jazzy identity for Hanover's free theatre
  9. Charlottedelarue-list-3-int Graphic Design The invariably stylish work of art director and illustrator Charlotte Delarue
  10. Parades-artdillier-sale-int-1 Graphic Design Bureau Parade's cool graphics add some class to a tired January sale
  11. Cometsubstance-sleeve-1-int Graphic Design More sublime graphic design work from Comet Substance
  12. Oyalstudio-dishonestmanifest-int-list Graphic Design Royal Studio lampoon vacuous poster visuals in new project
  13. Bonhams-auction-catalogue-int-4 Graphic Design Bonhams explains the bright new designs innovations to its auction catalogue
  14. Mobydigg-aaberaward-1-int Graphic Design Munich-based studio Moby Digg and their fantastic AABER Award identity
  15. Aaronvinton-kidsong-1-int_copy Graphic Design Aaron Vinton’s design work is skilled, funny and features some lovely eggs
  16. List Graphic Design Modular typography runs riot at the Royal College of Art
  17. 1.-of_drippy_donut_copy Graphic Design Odd Future designer Chris Burnett on his nuts work for the hip-hop collective
  18. List-retor Graphic Design Tony Seddon talks us through his "who's who" of 20th Century graphic design
  19. Corinne_gisel3 Graphic Design Masterful graphic design and story-telling from Corinne Gisel
  20. List Graphic Design We discuss Kinfolk's redesign with creative director Charlotte Heal
  21. Vincent Graphic Design Wonderful head shots of hand models in M.G.T-designed book
  22. List Graphic Design Innovative editorial work by designer and illustrator Matt Chase
  23. List Graphic Design Fluid identity for Motel Mozaïque Festival by Hats & Tales
  24. List Graphic Design 3 Deep lead the way towards the new luxury with a fancy broadsheet
  25. List Graphic Design Super cool gig posters by Bram Kinet for your viewing pleasure
  26. Jurgen_maelfeyt_home Graphic Design Great Jurgen Maelfeyt designs draw on acid house and hippy crystals
  27. 2 Graphic Design We check in with Leslie David, who's making excellent work at a rate of knots
  28. List-2 Graphic Design Bureau Sandra Doeller shakes up exhibition materials design
  29. List Graphic Design We speak to designer Jamie Reid about working on Skinhead: An Archive
  30. Main9 Graphic Design Clever old-school editorial designs by Javier Jaén
  31. List Graphic Design Superb pared-back, Bauhaus-esque Stephen King posters
  32. List-1 Graphic Design Tasty record sleeves from Barcelona's own Arnau Pi
  33. List-leif Graphic Design Great new album artwork from Leif Podhajsky, one of the best around
  34. Newlist Graphic Design Johann Kauth's awesome psychedelic trips to the counterculture
  35. List Graphic Design Toronto's Tung Studio produce gorgeous abstract maps of their home city
  36. List Graphic Design PrillVieceliCremers create a magical identity for Houdini Cinema & Bar
  37. List Graphic Design Nice work from Brazilian design graduate Fernando Chaves
  38. List Graphic Design Bright, polished and inventive graphic design from Swedish agency Ritator
  39. Main9 Graphic Design Sweet collaged gig posters by Berlin's Damien Tran
  40. List Graphic Design Pentagram's bold new identity for Cooper Hewitt Museum
  41. List Graphic Design Horton-Stephens release a new annual designed by Freddy Taylor
  42. List Graphic Design We're completely taken with these poster designs by Gabriel Jasmin
  43. List Graphic Design A wonderfully innovative, movement-based Dance festival identity
  44. List Graphic Design Playground's graphic design work is as colourful and fun as its name
  45. List Graphic Design Wilfred van der Weide strikes out on his own
  46. List Graphic Design The Design Displacement Group offers an alternative Christmas message
  47. List Graphic Design Young designer Corbin Mahieu has an impressive portfolio to his name
  48. Furnlist Graphic Design Beautifully playful identity by D for Edizione Limitata
  49. List Graphic Design Korean studio fnt produce wonderfully simple printed matter
  50. List Graphic Design Tasty new piece of identity design from HelloMe
  51. List Graphic Design A brilliant NYC restaurant identity that feels like a 90s slacker movie
  52. List Graphic Design A crazy amount of new work from London-based duo Sawdust
  53. Listhkagw-1 Graphic Design Topography-inspired branding for Hong Kong Art Gallery Week by The Partners
  54. List Graphic Design Beautifully tactile book cover designs by Anne Jordan
  55. List-vince-frost-design-your-life-21 Graphic Design What can designers learn from failing? And how can they "fail better"?
  56. List Graphic Design Superb identity for arts studio Vest by Danish agency Ineo Designlab
  57. Unnamed Graphic Design Slick work from Lyon-based studio Catalogue
  58. 14 Graphic Design Check out hyper cool French Canadian design collective, Charmant & Courtois
  59. List-2 Graphic Design Naranjo—Etxeberria create an identity for new nudie platform Brava (NSFW)
  60. Heromanuals_2_09 Graphic Design Unit Editions talks us through Manuals 2's superb identity design guidelines
  61. List Graphic Design "Awkward" Jarman Awards identity has no digital formats, only existing in wood
  62. List Graphic Design The best Hayward Gallery posters of the last 50 years
  63. List Graphic Design Bureau Mirko Borsche's amazing redesign for Munich freesheet Super Paper
  64. List Graphic Design A whole heap of graphic goodness from Glasgow-based Risotto Studio
  65. List Graphic Design Great new posters and Bauhaus-inspired typeface from Benoît Bodhuin
  66. Unnamed Graphic Design Slick, bold student identity for women's theatre company New Shoes Theatre
  67. List Graphic Design David Levine's collection of graphic ephemera is a well of design inspiration
  68. List Graphic Design A treasure trove of great projects from designer Gabriel Finotti
  69. Hessleaudio_crop Graphic Design Dolce Merda promote secret gigs with the loudest posters possible
  70. List Graphic Design Grilli Type create a mini site to show off their new typeface GT Haptik
  71. Lsit Graphic Design Some dazzling Studio Dumbar work for Hong Kong's PolyU Design
  72. List-2 Graphic Design Meet the Santiago-based designer stockpiling irreverence for his posters
  73. List Graphic Design Bureau Progressiv smash out a big volume of jazzy design
  74. List Graphic Design Nice band identity from Parisian studio Atelier à Propos
  75. List Graphic Design BVD create a stunning origami S for Swedish design awards
  76. List Graphic Design Bendita Gloria's pickle stall identity is utterly brilliant and slightly bonkers
  77. Pentagram-list Graphic Design Pentagram's slick, colourful Queens Theatre identity
  78. Listtt Graphic Design Great, playful Studio Hato-designed tool for year six kids to express themselves
  79. List Graphic Design Spanish studio Querida designs a cool optical catalogue
  80. List Graphic Design Superb pared-back branding inspired by freight containers