1. David-barnes-int-list Illustration of Montreal art director David Barnes on design for bands and working til 5am
  2. Simon-roussin-film-projects-int-list Illustration Simon Roussin's film-focussed comics are a cinephile's delight
  3. Mariohugo-recentlyrejected-int-list Graphic Design Unpublished and never-used work celebrated on Recently Rejected blog
  4. Bethwalrond-chint-int-list Illustration Textural, expressive illustration from Berlin-based illustrator Beth Walrond
  5. Collectionrevue-gif Illustration Meet six Parisian illustration-lovers and publishers of Collection Revue
  6. Newyorker-90th-int-list Graphic Design The New Yorker prints nine covers to celebrate its 90th birthday
  7. Louis-granet-fort-worth-int-list Illustration Weird, wonderful wordless comics from the ingenious Louis Granet
  8. Sarah_lippett_listelizabeth_int_1 Illustration Sarah Lippett's gorgeous illustrated tales of Margate discontent, joy and nostalgia
  9. List Illustration Dan Stafford I love you; an open letter from James Cartwright
  10. Siggi-list Illustration Siggi Eggertsson's geometric explosions feature in a great new screensaver
  11. Yoko-honda-int-list Illustration Poolside penthouses and supercars in the work of Yoko Honda
  12. Ryotakemasa-int-list Illustration Delightful editorial illustration for Japanese magazines by Ryo Takemasa
  13. Malikafavre-baftas-int-list Illustration Malika Favre's terrific film noir-inspired posters for the BAFTAs
  14. Lazybones-blog-2-int_copy Illustration Miranda Lorikeet has been pushing MS Paint to its pastel gradient limit
  15. Waiwaipang-main2-int Illustration Spoonfuls of joy from Brighton graduate and illustrator Wai Wai Pang
  16. Gracewilson-list-nt Illustration Grace Wilson reacts to contemporary cultural issues through her comics
  17. Brechtvandenbroucke-the-fame-main-int Art Good vibrations from our fave painter Brecht Vandenbroucke
  18. Janneivonen-imagemagazine-main-int Illustration Modern day scenes traditionally illustrated by Janne Iivonen
  19. Malachi-ward-int-5 Illustration Beautifully atmospheric comics and drawings from Malachi Ward
  20. Edithcarron-list-2-int Illustration Presenting Edith Carron's wonderful coloured pencil editorial illustration
  21. Martinnicolausson-int-list Illustration Another treasure trove of work from Swedish creative Martin Nicolausson
  22. Samplerman-list-int Illustration Spectacularly strange collaged comics by enigmatic illustrator Samplerman
  23. Penelope-gazin-int-list Illustration Proper weird illustration from the sensationally strange Penelope Gazin
  24. 1janne-kokkonen-tunica- Illustration More brilliant illustration from former student of the month Janne Kokkonen
  25. Margheritaurbani-list-int Illustration Margherita Urbani on her love of comics and collaborating with Andy Rementer
  26. Mattpanuska-barbara-int-list Illustration Illustrator Matt Panuska walks us through the weird worlds of his subconsious
  27. Brandon-celi-cold-storage-int-8 Illustration Illustrated tips on making a Furby beer can holder. Thanks Brandon Celi!
  28. Christophniemann-sundaysketch-int-list Illustration Lots of wisdom from Christoph Niemann's brilliant Reddit AMA
  29. Charlottedelarue-list-3-int Graphic Design The invariably stylish work of art director and illustrator Charlotte Delarue
  30. Majic_riso Illustration Jiggling eyeballs, monsters and trousers populate Sophy Hollington's new work
  31. Joedator-self-int Illustration Brilliant New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator talks about his life and work
  32. Ben_mendelwicz-collage-7-int Illustration Wonderfully loopy comic collages from Adult Swim animator Ben Mendelewicz
  33. Robpybus-thenewrepublic Illustration New editorial work from London-based illustrator Rob Pybus
  34. Main Illustration Meet the founders of young, independent Scottish print studio Workhorse Press
  35. List Illustration Awesome new work from first-rate arranger of things, Rand Renfrow
  36. List Illustration A tonne of terrific new work from prolific illustrator Graham Roumieu
  37. 20 Illustration Clay Hickson is back with a bunch of great new work
  38. List Illustration We meet 12-year-old comics artist Orson to discuss his new book
  39. List Graphic Design Innovative editorial work by designer and illustrator Matt Chase
  40. List Illustration Giulia Garbin's gorgeous new book pays homage to the typographers of Turin
  41. List Illustration Ultraviolent comic sketchbooks from the irreverent Benjamin Marra
  42. Main_11.47.10 Illustration Rami Niemi's sketches and stripped-back drawings, The Polycottons
  43. List Illustration How illustrators responded to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris
  44. Main3 Illustration 1970s woodland magic from cult illustrator Adam Higton
  45. Main_17.58.07 Illustration Exciting new work from up and coming illustration superstar David Biskup
  46. Main Illustration Illustrator Ian Stevenson on creating a mural for Russell Brand
  47. List Illustration Incisive and tactile new work by illustrator Riikka Laakso
  48. Lsit Illustration Getting the Ladybird books' perspective on Britain's social and design history
  49. Mjpc Illustration Lo-fi collages from London illustrator Jean-Philippe Calver
  50. List Illustration More super clean line drawings from the very talented Jonathan Calugi
  51. List Illustration We popped in to the bespoke wrapping paper store for glacéau vitaminwater
  52. Main Illustration Candy-coloured cartoons from illustrator Daniel Guerrero Fernández
  53. List Illustration The hilarious and mostly inoffensive single frame comics of Will Laren
  54. List Illustration Mario Hugo's moody illustrations for Christopher Nolan's WIRED special
  55. List Illustration Artists create bespoke Christmas wrapping paper for glacéau vitaminwater
  56. Main Illustration Funny watercolours of mundane scenes by Sarah-Louise Barbett
  57. Main Illustration An interview with David Shrigley about his brilliant, enormous new book
  58. List Illustration A barge-full of new work from Bath-based illustrator Robert Fresson
  59. List Illustration Brilliantly striking work from illustrator Laura Breiling
  60. Main Illustration Anyone who's into Ghost World will love Aisha Franz's Earthling
  61. Main9 Illustration Stylish, retro editorial illustration by Koji Tomoto by AKA Cozy Tomato
  62. List Illustration Cynthia Kittler is back with a bunch of wonderful new work
  63. List Illustration Stunning new work from Falmouth graduate Josh McKenna
  64. List Illustration Bright and beautiful illustration from the highly sought-after JooHee Yoon
  65. List Illustration Jochen Schievink makes himself at home in newspapers and magazines
  66. List Illustration MVM gets his hands dirty with new show of ink drawings
  67. List-2 Illustration Awesome retro-futuristic visuals from Nick Stewart Hoyle
  68. List Illustration Sébastien Thibault is a master at turning complex issues into terrific visuals
  69. List Illustration Beautiful illustration by Rachel Gannon shows furniture design in a new light
  70. List Illustration Toni Halonen's energetic scene for our latest London Graphic Centre billboard
  71. List Illustration Tom Haugomat's illustrations are super stylish and composed
  72. List Illustration Rutu Modan illustrates Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin's 100-page food special
  73. List-2 Graphic Design Meet the Santiago-based designer stockpiling irreverence for his posters
  74. List Illustration Here's a look at what architectural illustrator Thibaud Herem has been up to
  75. List Illustration Christian Skovgaard's new graphic novel is all about psychogeography
  76. List Illustration Smashing prints from French surrealist Baptiste Virot
  77. List Illustration Magoz's vibrant editorial illustrations are wonderfully minimal
  78. List Illustration Joan Cornellà is back with more gruesome hilarity in comic strip form
  79. List Illustration We chat to Wild Beasts about their GIF novel for The Jameson Works
  80. List Illustration Here are some mind-boggling GIFs from Erik Söderberg to transfix you