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    Ever wanted to rob a bank? Me too, but I don’t fancy prison so this “what if?” project will have to do. Ilona Gaynor has been quietly planning a highly organised heist of five major banks in the downtown Los Angeles area for the past two years, and is now reaching out for some funding to allow her to complete her mission.

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    It’s competition time again folks and we’ve got a great opportunity for an incredibly talented illustrator to provide the packaging design for next year’s Beefeater 24 super premium gin.

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    We’ve all been there, cruising through Ikea’s giant field of homeware dreams only to find that the geometric patterned rug you’ve travelled for hours to purchase isn’t available on the shop floor. Off you go to find the nearest assistant to fetch you one from out back, and then you freeze. How do you even pronounce the name of the thing? “Hall-knop,” you mutter apologetically. “Haller-um…” the disdainful look from the yellow-clad employee is enough to send you scurrying away so that no other customers can overhear your linguistic failings. You head straight for the door and return to your woefully spartan flat empty-handed.

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    Yeah nice one May, just be wet and miserable and make my hair go all fluffy at the back. Really good work. Anyway despite your best meteorological efforts to crush our spirits we will not be broken! As if to prove it, we are dialling up the enthusiasm factor to 11 as we are thrilled to introduce our newest editorial intern Maisie Skidmore. And to help you get to know her better we fired some questions at Maisie on her very first day which she was good enough to answer. So without further ado…

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    There’s something overwhelming about turning up in an unfamiliar city during one of the major design jamborees and it can be hard to know where to start. But a new initiative from HTC and Wallpaper* provides carefully-curated guides to a several design-savvy cities showcasing shops, bars and galleries far from the madding crowds.

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    When you’re walking along and you see a pigeon nibbling at some weave-strewn chicken in the gutter, or when you’re watching someone dressed in a Pikachu costume being sick at a party, or browsing the gift section of a provincial corner store, you may be unwittingly witnessing things that Jamie Lee Curtis Taete manages to actually capture with his lens. Most of us pass by these tawdry, depressing sights without a second thought, but it takes someone like him to record it for the good of civilisation.

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    I know the trend for men these days is a long-on-top-and-short-on-the-sides, but to me a mullet and a moustache truly is the sign of a real man. Look at these footballers’ sweaty brows; a toxic lather of sweat and wet-look gel accumulating on their foreheads. This archive of serious sports hunks is Old School Panini, a blog set up by Alexandre Bourouf who, after finding his old Panini football sticker album decided to start seriously collecting these gems from yore.

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    A corollary of the triumphant return of Daft Punk – which has dominated the cultural scene for what seems like weeks now – is a lavishing of attention on the humble helmet. And as if to prove that it’s not just their music-making compatriots who understand the power and the glory of this kind of headwear, Paris-based Ill Studio have collaborated with high-end motorbike helmet makers Ruby to create this super limited edition series. Ill created a bespoke pattern for the range called Venecia, “echoing the works of redesign and ornamentation by post modernist artists from the beginning of the 1980s such as Alessandro Mendini or Robert Venturi.” Stylish, restrained and undeniably hyper-cool, let’s have three huzzahs for helmets and all who wear them!

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    There’s few things I enjoy more than needlessly convoluted creative solutions for “problems” barely worthy of the term. But if you were hellbent on separating the cookie sections from the filling of Oreo biscuits then Dentaku, aka Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague, have just the thing. The Oreo Wheel developed in conjunction with Wieden + Kennedy Portland “frees the biscuit from the creme” by way of a small ferris wheel and two scalpels. It’s super-fun nonsense of the highest order but this video does prove the value of perseverance in any design process.

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    One of the problems with the constant Instagram culture is that it all feels a bit disposable – images ceaselessly captured, rated, forgotten. But for their Untamed campaign, to celebrate the new CLA, Mercedes-Benz put a call for Instagram snapshots that would “tickle our senses and expand our collective horizon.” They weren’t after the stereotypical Instagram staples, they wanted images that were unique, unexpected and unusual and the best were given a second life in a digital photo installation in Paris last month.

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    Yes you heard us right, thanks to Claude Frisse-Greene, an early British pioneer of film, London has been injected with soft hues instead of the usual black and white we normally associate with the early 20th century. Claude takes us on a journey around London’s famous landmarks, from Hyde Park along the River Thames and right across Tower Bridge. Incredible footage of a nation in-between two world wars, plus the fact that the BBC didn’t start broadcasting colour for another forty years means that old Claude is a full-on cinematographic legend deserving of your posthumous respect.

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    Internet pranksters have targeted the the world of baffling, boring and downright bad stock photography before this newest example made us chuckle. Seemingly produced by someone called Bob Sleigh, it’s takes a swipe at this strange phenomenon by way of a song to the tune of a Bruce Springsteen classic. If nothing else, watch it for the line “Cyber woman holding corn”…

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    If, like me, you spent your teenage years holed up in a dark room playing The Sims for a minimum of two hours a day, you might enjoy this. Did you use the cheats to remove the hot tub while they were “playing?” Did you ever lock them in a room and take away the doors or make them go swimming and take away the ladders? Course you bloody did. We all did. So here’s a blog that highlights the beautiful, glitchy moments in The Sims when things go unpredictably wrong, weird, or broken. What I can predict, however, is that if you never played The Sims this will probably be entirely lost on you. Sorry.

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    Politics and comedy is not always a good mix – remember Tony Blair’s excruciating “Am I bovvered skit?” or Gordon Brown dancing with JLS. But how about this as an exception to prove the rule, and politicians don’t come much bigger than the leader of the free world. The annual White House Correspondents’ dinner is always the chance for the president to show off his funny bones and this year Barack Obama joined forces with Steven Spielberg for this spoof. The set-up is simple enough – Spielberg is working on the President’s biopic – but it all gets weird as method actor par excellence Daniel Day-Lewis speaks about bringing Obama to the silver screen. Enjoy, but for sanity’s sake don’t read the Youtube comments…

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    Occasionally you may ponder upon the process of installing a huge statue or maybe how the precious Monet painting you are looking at got there. Thankfully the world of Tumblr has brought us Installator. With the strap-line “wrapit-tapeit-walkit-placeit”, it reveals painstaking processes behind creating and setting up exhibitions and artwork. From big trucks hauling enormous sculptures, to the care taken with valuable paintings, photographs range from the beginning of the 20th Century all the way to the present day. Modern-day heroes, these people make the world a better place.

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    We’ve got an interesting new design competition for you, bringing together a Scottish whisky brand and a really worthy cause. The Bunnahabhain distillery has partnered with The Fishermen’s Mission to challenge designers to come up with a new label for the bottle, putting a contemporary slant on the brand’s longstanding identity based around a travelling helmsman returning to the safety of the distillery.

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    Hey gang – prepare for your Tuesday to get at least 50 per cent more tremendous courtesy of the wonderful Times Haiku blog. Subtitled “Serendipitous Poetry from The New York Times,” the project is the result of an algorithm designed by the newspaper’s own technical team which sweeps the Times’ website for snippets of articles which fit the syllable criteria for a haiku. The best are then posted on the site.

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    We’ve all got objects we can’t live without, be it your favourite pen that enables you to be a better draughtsman, or the tin opener that helps you open tins like a total pro — to lose these objects is to lose a part of yourself. It took Time magazine to collect some of the world’s most influential brains and ask them about their sacred objects, and the results are fascinating, in a pleasantly humdrum kind of way. Behold, Michelle Obama’s gardening gloves, Sam Yagan’s Algorithm for Lovediagram and a book Perry Chen turns to for inspiration. So great.

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    I remember when making your own time capsule used to be a big deal, the pressure to compress your life into a small space was not to be taken lightly. Now the fine folk from Retronaut have used the internet and its infinite space to bring us Anywhen. The concept is still the same, but with the ability to categorise the date, and theme of the item, you can spend hours, even days, just looking through bizarre and kooky fragments of the past. Expect anything, from an early Michelin Man sporting a cigar and roller-skates, to strange Japanese map illustrations.

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    Ohhhh this is so nice. Last November, while you were perhaps been toiling away at a tax return or flicking numb-eyed through the Argos catalogue that you found on the bus, friends and occasional artistic collaborators Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton were up to something very special indeed. Every day in November Michael and Lenka would create one drawing of something they had witnessed first hand that day, using only a typewriter as their medium.

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    Hot diggity damn! It seems like Coney Island in the 1970s was the place to be. Beach babes in every direction, and no one captured it better than Bruce Gilden. POINT have produced over four hours of material with Bruce Gilden and have given us a short excerpt with the man. Comments like he is only nice with his “wife and cats, and sometimes my daughter,” and exclaiming that he doesn’t want his subjects feel special, you can’t help but start to love the guy for his indirect charm. The complete version will be shown at the POINT Authenticity Conference at RIBA on May 2-3.

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    Our jolly good friend Paul Smith (that clunking sound was the BIGGEST name being dropped) is opening a new shop in London’s Soho and he wants you to help decorate it. Paul gets sent the most extraordinary array of things from around the world and his studio is jam-packed with everything from scale models to hand-knitted blankets. He is always particularly struck by the beautiful envelopes and packages that arrive at his offices every day and that gave him an idea. So for his new Beak Street store he plans to showcase some of the weird and wonderful envelopes that he receives – you can send them to Paul Smith, 46 Beak Street, London, W1F 9RJ and make sure you include a return address as well. The closing date for entries is May 27.

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    If you’re the sort of person who has ever sat inside on a summer afternoon paint- bombing the walls of the frigate in Goldeneye, or spending countless hours zooming in on villagers’ faces in the market square of Hyrule, you’ll probably be into this. Andy Kelly, who writes reviews of video games and other “modern lyfe” accessories for fine publications such as Edge, The Guardian, PC Gamer and Total Film, and many other fine publications, has created this fantastic compilation of all the toilets featured in video games.

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    In today’s creative community, it’s all about convergence. Multi-skilled practitioners are well-versed in producing stupendously good results by combining different genres, collaborating with different peers and colliding different visual styles. That goes to the heart of the new campaign for adidas originals, with the brand partnering with Talenthouse to offer you the chance to remix their look and feel in whatever way you see fit, and win £5,000.

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    We’ve all been there, I’m just going to go out and say it. Whether it’s your own darling offspring, or someone else’s that you’ve had the pleasure of looking after, sometimes kids are real jerks. Considering that everyone is super-nice to them and panders to their every need every single second of the day, you’d think they’d be a little more grateful wouldn’t you?

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    These houses are amazing, and that’s before you even realise that they are actually teeny tiny miniature reproductions of real houses! Crafted by Narcissa Ward Thorne, known more commonly as Mrs James Ward Thorne, in the 1920s and 1930s, they’re exact replicas of classical interior and exterior architecture that define the periods they were designed in. From contemporary dining rooms to classic English libraries, the mind-boggling craftsmanship that have gone into these works of art is pretty staggering.

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    We’re all prone to a bit of gormless down-time, scrolling through seemingly infinite lists of collated failures and funnies, it’s just the cultural climate, amiright? The other seemingly infinite thing that takes up an allotted slot in our day is commuting, so what could possibly better than to have a funny list of commuting photobombs? Some clever people has been folding their free newspapers and magazines into clever masks for unsuspecting commuters making for a seriously hilarious collection of photobombs. Well done people!

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    There’s been a fair amount of chatter around the launch of the HTC One and now they’ve partnered with Talenthouse to give you the chance to help define the look and feel of the national billboard ad campaign. As well as the exposure, there’s also £1,000 prize money and the chance to win £5,000 for a charity of your choice.

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    Technically this isn’t art or design, it’s science, pure and simple; psychology to be precise. But we’re prepared to bend the rules a little here, because the one thing you can’t deny is that these mind-blowing visual illusions are insanely creative. Produced by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a psychology professor at the Ritsumaikan University in Kyoto, Japan, who specialises in visual perception, these experimental images are intended to reveal quirks in the mechanical and cognitive systems that contribute to our personal perceptions of the world. It’s mind-bending stuff, so take care, if you’re susceptible to dizziness then the following pictures might not be your thing.

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    Our brand new intern bowled up at It’s Nice That HQ this morning, ready, willing and able to write the heck out of some top art and design over the next ten weeks. So we are delighted introduce Holly Wilkins – everyone this is Holly, Holly meet everyone. Read on to find out about what she learned about living in Los Angeles, what really goes well with peanut butter and which Power Ranger she most wanted to be…

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    This week I was lucky enough to go to The Future Laboroatory’s LSN Global Trend Briefing in London where one of the sessions focussed on the rise of the i Generation. These are the children who have grown up with technology as something constant and ubiquitous in their lives, and amid the fascinating insights and LSN ‘s love for a portmanteau (sharenting anyone?) they played this video created by Soulpancake featuring their regular character Kid President. Now I know there’s something a bit light entertainment about kids behaving in adult ways but cast aside your misgivings because this is BRILLIANT. Really nicely shot, undoubtedly uplifting and with some absolutely killer lines (“Not cool Robert Frost”) it’s no surprise this has been viewed 14 million times. Believe me this will get you pumped up and ready for the weekend and remember – “What will be your Space Jam?”

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    From Lernert and Sander, the genii that brought you the melting chocolate bunny and the woman with a year’s worth of make-up on her face comes a rather extraordinary new venture into the world of perfume. Endorsed by celebrities and brands since, well, forever, perfume and the idea of marketing a scent that represents a brand is a continuously fascinating subject. Lernert and Sander have, like with every project they do, hit the nail firmly on the head with Everything: a potent combination of every single one of the 1400 fragrances released in 2012.

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    It took a lot of energy to not start crying at the thought of a platform game about my favourite novel, but I just about managed. After all, it’s hard to cry and control NES Nick Carraway running through Gatsby’s mansion, picking up bonus cocktails and shooting down waiters. This has to be one of the best things on the whole internet at this moment: a true work of art of a game that is so true to the novel and the NES style. Oh God it’s amazing. I’m going to go and play it again now (I haven’t got past the garden stage yet) and then I’m going to write to Charlie Hoey at The Barbarian Group, who made this incredible game, and thank him profusely. You should too.

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    One thing we really love about our jobs is having the freedom to trawl the web for some of the strangest, most obsessive creative projects out there. We like it when people do great things for no good reason other than having an inexplicable passion for something niche and far too much time on their hands. Which is why we like Glasgow-based artist Adam Shield, a man with an unhealthy interest in abandoned mattresses that he’s channeled into a bizarre creative project.

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    I seriously hope you’re not coming here for answers as to how this man constructed these super fun 1950s underwater photographs, including persuading those beautiful pin-up girls to hold their breath for that long, because to be honest we have no idea. What we do know is that Bruce constructed a makeshift underwater camera shortly after arriving in New York (as you do) and took it straight to the big dogs in Hollywood where it was immediately put to use.

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    The great thing about Fred Perry is that the classic polo t-shirt is not just a great wardrobe staple, it’s synonymous with everything from This is England-esque skinhead party scenes to strawberries on the lawns of the mansions of famous tennis players. Now this classic brand is turning the ripe old age of 60, it has summoned some of the best creatives in the world of art and fashion to reinterpret the t-shirt as they see fit.

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    Good afternoon everyone this is your editor speaking. We are currently cruising at the optimum It’s Nice That altitude and are looking forward to a turbulence free month of March.

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    Everyone loves Olly Moss, and do you know why? Because he’s one of the only graphic designers out there who makes genuinely good homages to pop culture. Remember his Star Wars posters that made the knees of every nerd in the country knock together in wonder? He did those. Remember the spectacularly clever Oscars diagram where every Best Film winner was represented as an award? He did that too.

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    And now the end is near and so The Ideal Studio faces its final curtain. For the past four weeks we’ve been working with Represent Recruitment on a quest to discover which factors designers, studio managers and experts believe contribute to a productive creative environment. For this final week we lined up a diverse group who brought a really fascinating set of ideas to the project, rounding us off in style.

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    Rightly or wrongly, Instagram has become something of trek through the mundane and formulaic – the sunset, a trendy burger, infinite cats. But Jung von Matt and Alster are trying to turn those cliches on their head with their new Untamed campaign for Mercedes. The challenge is simple – Instagram users are invited to take and upload an image which encompasses the idea of “the natural enemy of the average.” They’re looking for unusual, intriguing, provocative and inspirational photographs with the best projected as part of a digital installation in Paris throughout April. So spare us another snap of your dinner and let’s start seeing something out of the ordinary.