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  1. Perou-itsnicethat-list

    Japanese lesbian turned shaven-headed Marilyn Manson documentarist and portrait photographer is quite the trajectory. Throw into that timeline a period spent considering being a long-distance lorry driver or Christian missionary in Africa, and you’ve got the story of either a deeply fascinating individual or a bit of a raconteur. Photographer PEROU, we reckon, is both. 

  2. Alina-asmus-itsnicethat-list

    Photographer Alina Asmus studied and worked as a fashion designer in Israel, London and Berlin before deciding to turn her hand to fashion photography, and her rigorous training in clothing construction and the nature of textiles is clear from the off in her work. The photographer couples her clean, pared-back aesthetic with unusual artistic direction to capture unseen angles and sculptural forms, glimpsing the strange ways fabrics fall over the body.

  3. Jack-davison-london-int-list-3

    London photographer Jack Davison is fast making a name for himself with his singular lens. Crisp with just the right amount of grit, his portraits are timeless in their subject whilst being modern in their execution. Swinging between a pensive documentary style in black and white and experimental plays of colour and composition, Jack’s work is a study in contrast.

  4. Mariette_pathy_allen_itsnicethat_list

    Mariette Pathy Allen’s photographs are striking because they’re unlike any series about the transgender community I’ve seen before. Rather than focusing on the the theatrics and glamour often presented to us, Mariette wanted to capture the everyday life of a community who were choosing to live in the gender that felt most comfortable to them. Mariette’s photographed the transgendered community for 30 years now but that first photograph was completely by luck. “In 1978 I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I stayed in the same hotel as a group of cross-dressers who invited me to join them for breakfast on the last morning,” Mariette explains. “When I took a group picture, I was moved by looking into the eyes of one of the people in the group. I felt as though I was looking at the essence of a human being, rather than a man or woman.”

  5. Juno-calypso-itsnicethat-list-2

    If your idea of a dreamy night in is to check in to a couple’s suite at the Honeymoon Hotel in Pennsylvania alone and armed with nothing but a camera, a suitcase full of wigs, a number of questionable-looking beauty devices and a can of foreign hot dogs, then you’ve found a kindred spirit in Juno Calypso. “It was awkward,” she says. The London-based photographer captured our hearts and that dark place in our minds that’s usually devoted to Stanley Kubrick and Cindy Sherman with her last series back in 2013. That was when we first met Joyce, her alter-ego.

  6. Emily-maye-itsnicethat-list

    When we caught up with Emily Maye this week, she was halfway through a mad tour of Colombia, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, with France still to come. “Then home for some rest!” she told us. In hindsight, it’s something of a miracle we were able to catch her at all.

  7. Its-nice-that-list-03riccardo-banfi---tnx-2013

    The connotations of club photography are more Chupa-Chup sucking gurners than chiaroscuro, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see the world of dance music depicted in sensitive monochrome usually associated with more genteel pursuits. Milan-based photographer Riccardo Banfi has recently put together Tnx , a book of his images shot at house music club TENAX in Florence. They’re gorgeous portraits that cast a calmness over the mania of clubbing, capturing dance as an artform and clubbing as a valid cultural pursuit. The book’s publisher, Yes I Am Writing a Book, says: “The pictures in Tnx … throw us in the middle of TENAX’s crowd and corridors, with a rhythmical and pressing sequence, trying to convey through images the formal exactness of a [dance] track.”

  8. Alexander_short_selfie_stick_itsnicethat_list

    Probably the number one stocking filler of Christmas 2014, the selfie stick has only heightened the narcissism epidemic and further perpetuated the social media notion that if you don’t document your face at a place then you were never there. In Alexander Short’s series Take a Good Look at Yourself, he perfectly encapsulates how hilarious these selfie stick portraits look to the people around them. Like the technological equivalent of shouting that you’re having a great time, it’s hilarious to see people on their own, in couples or big groups so determined to get these perfect self-portraits.

  9. David_graham_where_we_live_list

    “I am not comfortable with the term ‘Americana’,” says photographer David Graham. “My photographs are often about people’s passions – the way they have painted their house, the kind of car they own, the sculpture they built in their front yard, the way they dress up for a parade or how they have taken on the impersonation of a celebrity or historic figure,” he explains. For over 30 years David has taken to the road, working with archetypes of American vernacular photography from the snapshot to the family portrait to holiday pictures. In his tireless cross-country documentation of the American cultural landscape, he manages to colourfully capture the run-of-the-mill and the offbeat in the same image, allowing the ordinary to seem surreal and vice versa. This is what makes his photographs surprising and familiar at the same time.

  10. Amy-lombard-itsnicethat-list

    Nail art is something of an overlooked discipline on It’s Nice That – it’s not often it really flits into our line of vision – so when Amy Lombard got in touch last week to tell us she had collaborated with nail artist Natalie Pavloski on a series of photographs featuring some spangly fingertips, we couldn’t really say no. The photographer has employed her signature bright, saturated style to capture Natalie’s work clasping at greasy burgers, fried chicken, slices of pizza and the odd corn dog, “from White Castle to Taco Bell,” as Amy says, and the resulting shots are as glorious and grotesque as they come. Match made in heaven?

  11. Dana-stirling_dead-water_03its-nice-that-list

    While “ruin porn” as it’s so charmingly known is nothing new, there’s more to Dana Stirling’s work than simply exhuming decrepit architecture with her lens. The series Dead Water shows the Kibuts Kalia Atraktzia water park near the Dead Sea in Israel, a site that holds personal significance for the artist. “The Atraktzia [was] an oasis of sweet water in the sea of death,” Dana explains. “Many Israelis share memories of Atraktzia as part of their tradition of family vacations and weekends. I have never had the chance of experiencing it for myself, yet I grew up knowing of a miraculous fantastic oasis in the middle of nowhere.”

  12. Isabel_magowan_cygnets_itsnicethat_list

    Isabel Magowan’s series Cygnets is a magnificent portrayal of youth in all its forms. It’s the baby swans’ temperament that inspired Isabel, with their graceful and delicate appearance often undercut by their fierce tendencies. “All the individuals in my images are young, their perspective and attitude towards life only just forming,” New York-based Isabel explains. “There is a period where innocence is chipped away as one becomes self-aware, increasingly meeting societal expectations and ideas.”

  13. Baker_bathsofbudapest_itsnicethat_list

    The art of bathing is one we’ve lost in this country. While we like to languish in lidos, swim lengths at the local leisure centre and dip our toes in a back garden paddling pool, it’s rare you’ll grab a communal bath with your friends – unless you’ve been on a city break to Bath or play rugby. Fortunately the tradition has continued in Budapest, and it’s where London-based photographer Baker’s latest series takes place.

  14. Highway-261_-utah_anthony_gerace_its_nice_that_list

    While images of all-American signs baking in the heat are nothing new, there’s something very alluring about the shots captured by Anthony Gerace on a recent 40 day US road trip. The venture was a pilgrimage of sorts to photograph Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in Utah, a huge earthwork sculpture constructed in 1970 by the sculptor.

  15. Ramon_haindl_it's_nice_that_list

    “I grew up in the Bavarian countryside so I’m very drawn towards nature and everything that smells of fresh cut grass,” says Ramon Haindl. You get a real sense for this in the rich, earthy hues, dusky light and natural surroundings that tie together the Frankfurt-based photographer’s diverse editorial, commercial and personal portfolios. Everything looks as if it’s been shot in those magic hours as the sun comes up or just before it goes down. No stranger to us here at It’s Nice That, we’ve waxed lyrical about his work from the beginning.

  16. Dennis_hopper_drugstore_camera_it's_nice_that_list

    Dennis Hopper is remembered for his achingly cool place in the history of American cinema, most of all his role as a freewheeling biker in Peter Fonda’s psychedelic paean to the wide American road, Easy Rider. He is perhaps lesser known as a documentarian of 60s and 70s culture, but last year an exhibition at the Royal Academy in London brought together over 400 photographs capturing everything and everyone from the streets of Harlem to fellow actor Paul Newman.

  17. Toby-glanville-china-series-its-nice-that-list

    “I think perhaps that a real portrait is one that suggests to the viewer that the subject portrayed is alive, be it a person or even, let’s say, an apple,” photographer Toby Glanville told Liv Siddall in an interview a few months back. “For a photographic portrait to work, I think the author’s ego must be held in abeyance in order to allow the subject to hold the stage.”

  18. Julien-vallon-itsnicethat-list

    This week for the first time (but hopefully not the last) I was asked over email if I wanted to get my kit off. “Just an idea to supplement your article,” Julien Vallon added sweetly. “Do you want to pose for me, as part of this project?”

  19. Franccesa-jane-allen-itsnciethat-list

    If there’s one thing the UK’s art institutions are doing right, it’s their representation of the youngest, freshest art and design talent emerging from education across the country. Freshfaced + Wildeyed is The Photographers’ Gallery’s annual exhibition dedicated to supporting young, up-and-coming photographers. Established in 2008, this year is the seventh instalment, and the 2015 selection is astonishingly impressive. Here are the five we can’t get out of our heads.

  20. Tj_tambellini_year_west_itsnicethat_list

    In his vivid series Year West, photographer TJ Tambellini allows us to revel in the abstract with beautifully cropped close-ups. On first glance this series is centred on the hyperreal quality of the everyday, but beyond the aesthetics this personal project signifies change for the photographer. “These photos were taken a year after moving to Los Angeles, a pivotal moment where I noticed a shift in style and medium, creating a more sculptural product.”

  21. Ni-hao-kiti-itsnicethat-list

    Fine, so she’s not a cat, she’s a girl called Kitty White – but even so, Hello Kitty is my favourite of all the brands that have survived globalisation. The sweet anthropomorphic kitten was first designed by Yuko Shimizu in 1974, produced by Japanese company Sanrio, and since her inception she has risen to the status of a global megastar. So much so that photographer Antonia Henschel saw fit to document her presence across Asia – Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul are all included – and turn the series into a book. Published as part of Frankfurt-based press Trademark Publishing’s Picnic series, the sweet collection documents Kitty’s feline presence in the form of balloons, cakes, flowers with whiskers, fancy dress costumes, teddy bears and signage, and it’s a loving and chaotic ode to her enduring presence. Long may she reign.

  22. Martin-parr-henry-holland-itsnicethat

    Has there ever been a photographer/fashion designer duo as perfectly paired as Martin Parr and Henry Holland? The designer showed his new menswear collection under the moniker House of Holland at London Collections: Men yesterday. The collection was heavily influenced by the Magnum photographer and photojournalist, whose love of kitsch and heavily saturated shots of archetypal British scenes are a pillar of the British photography scene. The collection is available to shop right now over on the House of Holland site – which had crashed when we last checked in. If you want to see more in the meantime, Henry is Instagramming with the hashtag #MartinFuckingParr, which gives a hint as to how excited he is.

  23. Spencer_murphy_itsnicethat_list

    It’s a been a few years since we last featured photographer Spencer Murphy, but since winning the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize in 2013, his portfolio has grown considerably and is just as stunning. His latest project The Dwelling is not only beautiful but it has fascinating origins. “At a time when I was deep in the throes of attempting to buy my first flat in London, after over a decade of paying extortionate rents in the capital, I found myself escaping to the woods, just the other side of the M25, the city still a throbbing reminder on the horizon,” Spencer explains. 

  24. Candace_karch_msulmer_itsnicethat_list

    These images of 97-year-old Marie Ulmer from American photographer Candace Karch are incredibly charming. Marie is an artist and has been making a piece of work everyday for the last 90 years. Throughout Ms. Ulmer, Candace documents Marie’s life: in some images she’s in the throes of creating, others she’s reclining theatrically on a blanket-laden settee or simply reading with her magnifying glass. It’s a beautiful portrait, with humour and vitality framing every image.

  25. Daily-overview-itsnicethat-list

    If you’re a person who relishes trips abroad for the opportunity to Instagram cloud photos from the airplane window, then we’ve got just the project for you. The Daily Overview is a website which provides a collection of images of the Earth’s surface, taken from up high. Up very high, in fact. But this isn’t a concept driven by aesthetics.

  26. Yard-press-22-new-york-polaroids-its-nice-that-list

    If Polaroid pictures, New York City, Andy Warhol and attractive naked girls don’t make for a heady aesthetic mix, we don’t know what does. Brace yourselves then for this lovely book, New York Polaroids 1976–1989, showcasing images by Swiss photographer and director Edo Bertoglio. While it’s all well and good that the images narrate his time hanging out with the likes of Madonna, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones and the aforementioned Mr Warhol, they also manage to capture time and place in the way only Polaroids and true party people can. Edo arrived in New York with Maripol, his artist, filmmaker and stylist wife, and he explains in the book the exact moment he realised he was utterly in love with the city. “Everything started between 5th and 34th Street, on a clear and cold afternoon… All of a sudden we hugged, with tears in our eyes, terrified by the metropolis, by our own loneliness and the lack of stable work,” he says.

  27. Daniel_stier_itsnicethat_list

    Daniel Stier’s recent series Ways of Knowing instantly catapults you straight into the world of scientific research. A fascinating study into the self-built technology of the world’s brightest brains, these images are intriguing and extraordinary. Daniel captures a range of experiments using human subjects, having visited state-of-the-art research institutions across Europe and the USA.

  28. Evaoleary-itsnicethat-list

    Eva O’Leary’s striking photographs stand out in my mind like a bolt of colour in a black hole. I can’t entirely put my finger on what it is that makes them so extraordinary – a strange combination of hues which have been dialled up to 11, accompanied by the crisp, unwavering gaze of her subjects and the unexpected juxtaposition of scenes – but they’re phenomenal in their poignancy.

  29. Bardot-its-nice-that-list

    My God Bardot, what a megababe. Now the entire editorial team has finished echoing that statement and cooing over her hair, we’ve settled on the more professional pursuit of admiring the photography of Ray Bellisario, whose previously unseen images we’re presenting today, 13 of which are now on show at London’s Dadiani Fine Art gallery. The images were all captured in 1968 while Bardot was in London promoting Shalako, and show the star aged 34 and looking as sparkling as ever but in settings even us normal people could find ourselves, like the pub, or Selfridges.

  30. Mads-teglers-itsnicethat-list-2

    There’s a healthy dose of insouciance to Mads Teglers’ photographs; the kind that corporate fashion brands and advertising companies will spend their lives trying to replicate without success, and which Mads seems to generate almost effortlessly. His subjects always look like they’re having the best time, unfettered by editorial constraints and the stale atmosphere which come from working with restrictive personalities. He’s worked on commissions for clients including ZEIT Magazin, Numéro, ASOS Magazine and Nylon so his nonchalance evidently hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  31. Monika_merva_city_of_children_list

    It was in 2000 that photographer Monika Merva first had the idea for her project, The City of Children. “I moved to Budapest… [and] while brainstorming the subject matter with one of my cousins, she mentioned this place referred to as ‘Children City’. I was immediately interested,” Monika explains. A government housing facility for children in need of a safe place, Children City was not known for "letting outsiders in and so the photographer’s quest of gaining access began.

  32. Charlie_engman_mom_it's_nice_that_list

    Charlie Engman has a reputation for subverting the conventions of fashion photography. The artless peculiarity of his intuitive and singular lens has earned him a place as one of the most sought-after young names in the business. Since 2009 the Chicago-born photographer has been seriously pushing the envelope with the daring portraits of his mother he started taking after moving home in a post-university daze. But it wasn’t until his fashion spread in the Hungarian magazine The Room in 2012 that the rest of the world was introduced to Kathleen McCain Engman, his muse.

  33. Mark_sanders_lowry_opener_it's_nice_that_list

    Mark Sanders’ latest photography project was inspired by L.S. Lowry’s paintings of busy street scenes. Searching for a print format for his photographs of London commuters, he teamed up with former art director and designer of Mr Porter, Patrick Guilfoyle to present the project as a newspaper. Urbis is a nod to the free London papers, but rather than something to be left strewn on the tube, its beautiful images and quality paper stock make it feel like something to keep. Also unlike a typical newspaper, Urbis is virtually wordless so the photographs speak for themselves.

  34. Mcdarrah-itsnicethat-list-2

    Fred W. McDarrah is the kind of man I would give my right arm to have a pint and a chat with. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1926, he first started photographing artists at the age of 23 when he met painter William Littlefield, who inducted him into a heady world of informal artist get-togethers named The Club in Greenwich Village in the early 1950s.

  35. Jessicalehrman-inframe-its-nice-that-

    “In terms of photography and the photo world, I’m doing everything wrong,” says photographer Jessica Lehrman of her craft. We’re not sure that’s entirely accurate, if her work’s to be believed. It’s spontaneous and so full of life it seems to leap out of the frame, just as she leaps about so joyfully creating it. A new film from InFrame shows Jessica going about her practice, which as she tells us focusses entirely on shooting “people I love.” This is mostly friends and family, but even when she’s commissioned to capture people she doesn’t yet know, she makes a point of digging into their personalities and getting under their skin.

  36. Matthieu_venot_firework_it's_nice_that_list

    Yesterday marked the official start of summer and the optimistic air of Matthieu Venot’s many-hued photographs of buildings brightly capture the seasonal mood. The self-taught photographer turns architectural details in and around his hometown of Brest in southern France into cleanly composed and colourful abstract images shot against cloudless skies. He has now created six series of these architectural abstractions all demonstrating the same sensitivity to the formal elements of picture taking. With his vivid palette and rather modernist eye, Matthieu’s work is in keeping the tradition of architecture photography as well as a longstanding tête-à-tête between art and architecture. He is currently working on a new series about industrial areas, and was just part of an exhibition with eight other photographers in Paris called Perspective Carré.

  37. Leonard_greco_ian_and_casey_its_nice_that_list

    “Taking the leap of faith and committing to your craft is insane,” says photographer Leonard Greco. “Get ready for major self-doubt and anxiety, but when you get a job or execute something to your full potential, it’s the most empowering feeling.” Words of wisdom from the lensman whose work for ’SUP magazine and portraits of Parisian troubadour Sébastien Tellier we’ve featured before.

  38. Will_cooper_mitch_nicaragua_itsnicethat_list

    William Cooper Mitchell’s images taken in Nicaragua are a beautiful insight into the Central American country. Shot in black and white on 35mm film, his photographs delve deeper than the average tourist’s snapshot. “Every year I try and escape the city… to shoot some images away from my commissioned work and live on the coast for as long as possible,” William says of his month-long trip out there. It’s this immersion into Nicaragua’s pace of life that is so mesmerising and personal about this series.

  39. Mikhael-subotzky-_-patrick-waterhouse-l-untitled-3_-ponte-city_-johannesburg_-2008itsnicethat-list

    Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, from South Africa and the UK respectively, were last night awarded the 2015 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for their publication Ponte City.

  40. Chadwicktyler-itsnicethat-list

    There’s an awful lot to like about American photographer Chadwick Tyler – his name, his wonderful work, and the first answer he gives during this 2009 interview with Dazed.