1. Main Photography Gustav Almestål dunks famous composers' busts in vats of beer!
  2. List Photography Nadav Kander's new show explores the radioactive ruins of two secret cities
  3. Listalextennapel1 Photography Beautiful monochrome portraits of Alzheimer's patients
  4. List Publication Erik Kessels' new book documents the Attack of the Giant Fingers
  5. List Photography George Osodi documents the monarchs of Nigeria
  6. List Photography Create an image of a first kiss for new MOFILM brief
  7. List Photography Anaïs Boileau photographs sun-seekers in this fun series
  8. List Photography Joanna Piotrowska shows the sinister side of family life in a subversive series
  9. Wrecking-yardtop Photography Photographs chronicle the adventures of a real-life treasure hunter
  10. Main Photography A whole website dedicated to funny old photos of Disneyland back in the day
  11. Kk7list Photography Kieran Kesner's stunning portraits of people and protests in Ukraine
  12. List Photography Dillon Marsh visualises how much copper was produced in South African mines
  13. Main Photography Utterly brilliant and exciting editorial photography from Anna Victoria Best
  14. List Photography An interview with the editor of mobile photography magazine fltr
  15. List Photography One photographer's love letter to Sunday League football
  16. List Photography Viviane Sassen meshes colour, light and reflections in this illusive series
  17. Main9 Photography Exotic taxidermy in boring storage rooms photographed by Louis De Belle
  18. Main Photography Photos of pizza in the wild by photographer Jonpaul Douglass
  19. Main3 Photography Incredible shots of high school sports teams from Stephanie Noritz
  20. Main6 Photography Outstanding photos of a newsroom which has become old news
  21. Image-11 Photography Our fourth #ThroughTheEyesOf feature with Ace&Tate with Francesca Jane Allen
  22. Kok-list Photography Youthful hedonism and an extreme case of sunburn from Brian Pescador
  23. Main67 Photography An in-depth interview with Corinne Day's agent and friend, Susie Babchick
  24. List Photography Krista Long photographs people as they shoot out of waterslides
  25. Main Photography Excellent photographs championing the power of girls by Jeff Boudreau
  26. List Photography Emma Hartvig's beguiling photographs of nudes evoke still life paintings
  27. Main9_11.27.27 Photography Beautiful blog allows photographers to submit photos of people they truly love
  28. List_2 Photography Here's some incredibly astute portrait photography by Patrick Desbrosses
  29. Ck6list Photography Photographs document the life of a hoarder with smiles and sadness
  30. Mglist Photography Body builders and curiosities of New York snapped by Michelle Groskopf
  31. List Photography Amazing pictures of Pentecostal church services by young talent Michael Alberry
  32. Main Photography Intelligent, elegant photography from Jody Rogac
  33. List Photography Hazy, sun-drenched photography from the talented Samantha Casolari
  34. Cv6list Photography Nudes on dinosaurs and curvacious candles by Camille Vivier
  35. Main Photography Incredible portrait photography from New York-based Geordie Wood
  36. Phlist Photography Peter Hapak's compelling portraits of famous faces are pretty special
  37. Dbglist Photography Squeaky clean new still lifes from photographer David Brandon Geeting
  38. List Photography Nadia Lee Cohen recreates Del Boy's flat for an unnerving shoot
  39. Boy7list Photography Pretty portraits of pretty boys by photographer David Armstrong
  40. Main Photography Photography meets phantasmagoria in Alexander Gehring’s eerie images
  41. Main8 Photography Elvis Presley's Memphis home Graceland photographed by Hedi Slimane
  42. Main Photography Photographs taken to show the impact of tourism on mountain landscapes
  43. List Photography On the track and into the mountains with fantastic photographer Sam Bradley
  44. List Photography Rapha celebrate ten years by re-releasing a stunning book of cycling photography
  45. Main8 Photography A poetic study of Judaism by photographer Noah Rabinowitz
  46. Pino Photography Dark portraits of New Romantics from 1980s Rome
  47. List Photography Unbelievable photographs taken only in moonlight by Alejandro Chaskielberg
  48. List Photography Mad Max-esque shots of the Australian outback from Wouter Van de Voorde
  49. List Photography Manuel Vazquez traps his subjects in patterned pockets of light
  50. Main Photography Bryan Skerry's jaw-dropping photographs of whales underwater
  51. List Photography Benedict Redgrove explains his desire to make work out in the wilderness
  52. Main9 Publication Waska Tatay explores the rites and rituals of Bolivian witchcraft and pagan practice
  53. List Photography Annie Collinge documents the weird and wonderful goths of Whitby
  54. Main9 Photography Emily Stein's photos of teenagers going nuts in mosh pits
  55. Main Photography Fashion photographer Harley Weir’s personal work is absolutely breathtaking
  56. Main1 Photography Wide angle, Kodachrome shots of Hollywood by photographer Matt Sweeney
  57. List Photography Blommers & Schumm subvert the gendered body for sexy publication Baron (NSFW)
  58. Listt Photography Gregg Segal's powerful portraits of households surrounded by a week's worth of their garbage
  59. List Photography Photographs of an Alaskan town only accessible by day through a tunnel
  60. List Photography Akasha Rabut's portraits of modern day cheerleaders and marching bands
  61. Main5 Photography Check out Mike Mandel's incredible photo series of people in the 1970s in cars
  62. List Photography Cait Oppermann revisits her childhood by photographing a mall ready for demolition
  63. List Photography Klaus Pichler's absurd photographs of miniature allotments in Austria
  64. Mkarunaratne-10 Photography Photographs taken inside the Soviet cosmonaut training centre, Star City
  65. Main Photography Neil Krug's excellent series of photographs of Lana del Rey
  66. List Photography Kuba Ryniewicz travels the world in search of perfect snapshots
  67. Main1 Photography Yoshinori Mizutani's incredible photographs of Tokyo’s parrot infestation
  68. List Photography Jonny Seymour captures Roman Catholic fervour with extraordinary skill
  69. Lst Photography Andy Freeberg captures gallery owners and art sellers in their galleries
  70. List Photography Verena Michelitsch stacks everyday objects to create wonderful prism-like images
  71. List Photography Jessica Barthel makes a nomadic photographer's lifestyle look very appealing indeed
  72. List Photography Rennie Ellis' amazing photographs of Australia’s infamous and famous
  73. Main Photography Rebellion, sex and lashings of fun in this new pile of work by photographer Jason Nocito
  74. List Photography Rosa Rendl imbues gorgeous still life shots with conceptual ambivalence in her new show
  75. Main Photography Photography: Marco Kesseler documents fear and waiting in Ukraine
  76. Main6 Photography The inimitable Ryan McGinley's new works on show at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong
  77. List Photography Dolly Faibyshev's garish shots of the 146th Belmont Stakes
  78. List Photography Eilon Paz portraits of collectors with their vinyl collections
  79. List-screen Web Glasgow School of Arts students launch an amazing Mac Photographic Archive
  80. Main1 Photography These portraits from Jessica Backhaus are simply beautiful