1. Mosaert-lookbook-int-list Fashion Belgian brand Mosaert has its lookbooks nailed with a retro family portrait vibe
  2. Showstudio-pinups-int-list Photography Nick Knight's SHOWstudio creates 3D vignettes for pin-up shoot
  3. Zacarc-carshow-5-int_copy Photography Zac Arctander checks out some sweet rides
  4. List Photography Mainlining Americana with photographer and filmmaker Eddie O'Keefe
  5. Bexday-int-list Photography Photographer Bex Day shoots brilliant hairy biker men for Trip Magazine
  6. Nicolascoulomb-novembre-13-int Photography Nicolas Coulomb photographs sun-soaked babes with serious flair
  7. Brucegilden-womenofwallstreet-int-list Photography Bruce Gilden photographs the powerful women of Wall Street for Vice
  8. Davidbgeeting-fashion-7-int_copy Photography A heap of cool new fashion work from photographer David Brandon Geeting
  9. Maggie-shannon-swamp-yankee-int-list Photography Photographer Maggie Shannon discusses the complexities of shark hunting
  10. Charliekwai-pc-6-int_copy Photography Charlie Kwai is photographing the excited faces of Piccadilly Circus
  11. Emilystein-tobago-main-int Photography Emily Stein turns her lens to the beautiful small island of Tobago
  12. Jussipuikkonen-florentijnhoffman-int-list Photography Jussi Puikkonen photographs the man behind that giant rubber duck
  13. Lee-crichton-cod-main-int Publication British youth culture captured perfectly in new mag Collection of Documentaries
  14. Granadilla-swim-71-620x413_copy Photography Jake Singer went on holiday and all we got was this sassy lookbook
  15. Larkfoord-parts-6-int Photography Lark Foord’s witty photographs bring suburban vehicles to life
  16. Freunde-von-freunden-jordyvandennieuwendijk-list Photography Jordy van den Nieuwendijk's alter ego explored in Freunde von Freunden profile
  17. Erinokeefe-americanquatro-home-int Photography Great new work from Erin O’Keefe challenges our trust in photography
  18. Marygaudin-list-int Publication Down the Long Driveway documents beautiful old Modernist houses
  19. Visser-namaqualand-int-list Photography Lush images of a floral desert from photographer Francois Visser
  20. Davidtitlow-damonalbarn-int Photography Fun editorial work from Taylor Wessing Prize winning photographer David Titlow
  21. Asger_carlsen-nymagthecut-int Photography Asger Carlsen messes with resort fashion for New York Magazine's The Cut
  22. Wesleyverhoeve-oneofmany-int-8-jess-denver Web Wesley Verhoeve's portraits of lesser-known American creative cities
  23. Arthurdrooker-merfest-main-int Photography Arthur Drooker's photographs of an American mermaid convention, Merfest
  24. Marcokesseler-outtakes-11-int Photography Marco Kesseler records social and political chaos and calm
  25. Tilljanz-olafur-list-int Photography The excellent Till Janz shoots Spike Jonze and Olafur Eliasson
  26. Stephenshames-bronx_boys-list Publication Stephen Shames documents the gritty reality of life in the Bronx
  27. Thomasprior-handball-list-3-int Photography Agile and dynamic shots of NYC handball players by the brilliant Thomas Prior
  28. List Publication Andy Sewell's charming, honest documentation of British country life
  29. List Photography Hazy, dream-like images from the wonderfully talented Marcelo Gomes
  30. List-ph Photography Photo50 curator on this year's show and what makes a great photographer
  31. List Photography Michelle Groskopf's shots of oldies in Larchmont are sublime
  32. List Photography Jacopo Benassi revisits the Italian transvestites of Lisetta Carmi's work
  33. List Photography Franck Bohbot's wonderful twilight photographs of Atlantic City's beachfront
  34. List Photography Beautiful shots taken at a cactus nursery by photographer India Hobson
  35. List Photography Thomas Browning Rose captures a bleak, abandoned college
  36. Newshine_black_tropicana_06_copy Photography In these photographers' Black Tropicana, the drinks are definitely not free
  37. Main Photography Real warheads photographed up-close by Justin Fantl
  38. List Photography Seriously fun photographs from Swiss Lukas Wassmann
  39. List Photography Geray Mena photographs two carpenters in their Paris workshop
  40. Main Photography Toby Glanville on his career so far, and photographing Raymond Briggs
  41. List Publication Music photographer Gered Mankowitz on touring with the Rolling Stones
  42. List Photography Alexi Hobbs shoots genetically modified superfish in this weird series
  43. Main Photography One of the best online photography journals out there, it's Accent Magazine 7
  44. List Photography Marc Shoul photographs Johannesburg domestics walking their employers' dogs
  45. List Photography Holly Falconer's wonderful women-only parade photography is strange and joyful
  46. List-2 Photography Isabella Moore photographs the victims of Russia’s war on homosexuality
  47. List-2 Photography Alexander Coggin casts a surreal light across domestic scenes
  48. List Photography Nick Ballon photographs a host of famous faces for leading magazines
  49. List Photography Stephanie Gonot shoots Jesse Thorn larking about in his office for BBW
  50. List Photography Insanely good portraits from the enviably talented Grant Cornett
  51. List Photography Catherine Hyland’s relentlessly impressive series of holiday landscapes
  52. List Art Edmund Clark's new book reflects on the end of US operations in Afghanistan
  53. List Photography Totally awesome 1970s and 80s SoCal photos by hardcore producer SPOT
  54. Listy Photography First-rate portrait photography by young talent Tom Johnson
  55. List Publication AKFB produce lovely Eames-inspired photo book for Vitra
  56. List Publication Barcelona-based photographer Adrià Cañameras on the Mediterranean
  57. List Photography James Mollison shoots collectors and their collections for Christie's magazine
  58. List Photography Incredible paintings/photographs from Texan artist Mark Lovejoy
  59. Fish Photography We can't get enough of these incredible analogue-created GIFs
  60. List Photography German photographer Astrid Korntheuer captures colourfully chaotic scenes
  61. List Film A thought-provoking project focussing on 48 hours with Ron Jeremy
  62. List-3 Photography The inimitable Harley Weir on beauty, saliva and snogging for i-D
  63. Lisr Photography Annabel Miedema creates a beautifully strange series of family scenes
  64. _rusty Photography Photographer Paul Rousteau's work is gloriously bright and cynicism-free
  65. List Fashion 02gb recreate the majesty of classical artworks in a Valentino lookbook
  66. List-p.48-9-st-benedictus-%c2%a9-paul-koudounaris Photography Death has never looked so decadent as in Paul Koudounaris' nuts photos
  67. List Photography Oliver Hadlee Pearch's playful shoot for Arena Homme+ is cooly nostalgic
  68. List Photography Beautifully edgy photography from London-based Tung Walsh
  69. List-1-dai-kannon.-sendai_-japan_-100m-(330-ft).-built-in1991 Photography Fabrice Fouillet captures ridiculously gigantic status in their urban settings
  70. List-conorbeary-3 Photography Conor Beary documents the strange tradition of Ottery St Mary's flaming tar barrels
  71. List Photography Vintage footy photos of Arsenal in colour thanks to Alex le Duc
  72. List Photography Stunning structures shot by photographer Julian Faulhaber
  73. List-tagd10 Photography Nick Turpin makes wet winter bus journeys somehow seem beautiful
  74. List Photography Photographer Robbie Augspurger's funny and ridiculous retro-inspired portraits
  75. List Publication Lenka Clayton publishes her brilliant 63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth
  76. Main Photography Jamie Hawkesworth’s shots of a hunt for a rare, Vietnamese cacao bean
  77. List-tungsten_beach_6 Photography Marco Andres Arguello snaps nightime coastlines in his Tungsten Beach series
  78. Main Photography Frank Bauer takes wonderfully unguarded portraits of famous faces
  79. Main Photography Ambient New York street photos with the backgrounds removed
  80. List Photography Mária Švarbová's figurine-like photographs are strangely hypnotic