Product Design

  1. Dw-list Product Design Dominic Wilcox and his bonkers invention for Kellogg’s appear on The Late Show
  2. Lisst-barber_osgerby_int-109 Product Design “What’s your style? I don’t fucking know. You tell me mate”: A no nonsense look at the work of Barber Osgerby
  3. Makers___brothers_int_list Product Design Irish Makers & Brothers redefine what a souvenir is in their latest project
  4. Patternity_list Graphic Design A free talk about design, pattern and tea! Pop down and join us for a cuppa.
  5. Grover-heartbeat-its-nice-that-list London Design Festival 2015 Our 15 highlights ahead of London Design Festival 2015
  6. Alexa-details-jennylewis-41designers-in-residence-its-nice-that-list Product Design Designers in Residence prove the power of design to challenge, move and train astronauts in a coal mine
  7. Olarfur Product Design Olafur Eliasson launches a solar phone charger on Kickstarter
  8. Pillow2dominic-wilcox-kelloggs-its-nice-that-list Product Design Dominic Wilcox's bonkers breakfast-based inventions for Kellogg's
  9. Star-wars-plane-its-nice-that-list Product Design Star Wars-themed aeroplanes set for take-off
  10. Robin_day_assemble_int_list Exhibition Assemble set to create timber "forest" to celebrate designer Robin Day
  11. Nasa-supercollider-its-nice-that-lsit Product Design NASA’s forgotten Space Shuttle: a handcrafted mockup that was a masterpiece of minimalist design
  12. The-verge-lexus-its-nice-that-list Product Design The Verge shows why the Lexus hoverboard is mostly just smoke and mirrors (and a bit of a scam)
  13. Lexus-hoverboard-its-nice-that-1-list Product Design Lexus hoverboard actually launches, for real
  14. Studio-swine-gyre-its-nice-that-list Product Design Studio Swine's stunning objects from 1000 nautical miles worth of sea plastic
  15. Chip Product Design Designs of the Year 2015 winner announced
  16. Int_eames_0 Product Design Essentials: An essential overview of legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames
  17. List_tomas_alonso_lines_waves_itsnicethat Product Design Stunning crinkle-cut marble tables from Spanish designer Tomás Alonso
  18. Be_elastic_snap_list Product Design Create a table out of anything with SNAP from design studio Be-elastic
  19. Chargedoubler-itsnicethat-list Product Design Halve your charging time with the Kickstarter-smashing USB ChargeDoubler
  20. Lit-my-name-is-wendy-byland-its-nice-that Product Design My Name is Wendy combines work, play and beautiful graphics
  21. Oddwood-itsnicethat-list Product Design Oddwood's updated website shows off a load of great new projects
  22. Design-museum-designers-in-residence-2015-its-nice-that-list Product Design Design Museum announces its Designers in Residence 2015
  23. List Product Design Beautifully designed new music player learns your personal tastes
  24. List2 Product Design Volvo's new luminous paint for cyclists is utterly astounding!
  25. Vice-mushroom-int-list Product Design Product designer Phil Ross demonstrates the fascinating potential of mushrooms
  26. Bladerunner-deckards-whiskey-glass-int-list Product Design The best product design in the movies, chosen by the co-founder of Form
  27. Int-htc-list HTC Pursuit of Brilliance An evening of talks on creative brilliance to launch the HTC One M9
  28. Corners-by-kyuhyung-cho_04lst Product Design More awesome and playful work from Korean designer Kyuhyung Cho
  29. Ustwo-monument-valley-int-list Product Design Designs of the Year 2015 - our picks of the rest
  30. Teenage-engineering-pocket-synths-int-5-list Product Design Teenage Engineering's pocket synthesiser is a mini marvel of tech brilliance
  31. Hoverboard Product Design What gadgets do creative folk really want? Clue: might be a hoverboard
  32. List Product Design's creatively-charged mission to revolutionise the world of wallpaper
  33. List20121121_dyson_0165 Product Design Life-changing designs – we round up our favourite Dyson Award Winners
  34. List Product Design Francesca Ferrari gives us some advice on how to photograph design work
  35. List Product Design Pray silence for Ernesto D. Morales' magnificent Magnifying Spoon
  36. Hellotalja_kit-list-image Product Design Jakob Nielsen's Tälja wood carving kit helps make modern life less rubbish
  37. List Product Design Laura Daza explores how we capture colour using ancient techniques
  38. List Product Design New driverless Tube train designs unveiled by Priestmangoode
  39. Main Product Design Three fantastic highlights from the upcoming Etsy exhibition
  40. Fllistbompas___parr_organ_front Product Design We speak to Bompas and Parr about their new Flavour Conductor
  41. List Product Design Etnia Barcelona's new eyewear range inspired by the floral world
  42. List Product Design Lee Ben David designs a brilliant set of Very Specific Cutlery
  43. List Product Design Water bottles shaped like envelopes to fit into your bag. Genius!
  44. Ceramics_list_ Product Design Functional 3D-printed ceramics from Olivier Van Herpt
  45. List Product Design Dean Brown takes thousands of metres of wool and makes it look incredible
  46. List Product Design Studio Swine take us behind the scenes of the world's human hair industry
  47. List Product Design Interesting show explores Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain
  48. List Product Design Product Design: Brand new studio Epiforma create stunning modular furniture and crisp graphic design
  49. List Product Design Product Design: Samuel Wilkinson's series of striking desk objects will declutter your mind
  50. List Product Design Exhibition: Daniel Weil's new show is about a lot more than just beautiful clocks
  51. List Product Design Product Design: Incredible Drinkable Book filters out bacteria for clean drinking water
  52. List Product Design Product Design: Siggi Odds and friends produce a stunning selection of graphic quilts
  53. List Product Design Designs Of The Year 2014: The seven category winners have just been announced!
  54. List Product Design Product Design: ECAL students create bizarre smart home objects in Milan
  55. List Product Design Product Design: Swedish student's system to pay at shops by using vein scanning!
  56. Main Product Design Product Design: & Sparkles offer the public a chance to help create custom jewellery
  57. Main Product Design Product Design: Woah! Brand new device charges a Smartphone in just 30 seconds
  58. Terrazzo-list Product Design Product Design: Terrazzo Project make stunning products from an antiquated substance
  59. List Product Design Product Design: Own gorgeous jewellery design with Kuala Lumpur brand Miramika
  60. List Product Design Product Design: New York's Visibility are creating wonderfully functional objects of use
  61. List Product Design Ceramics: The Fruit Shop is a fruit and veg themed pottery shop! First up, cantaloupes
  62. Main Product Design Product Design: Design accessories and work with Mango and SEAT
  63. Main Product Design Product Design: Object porn by way of Field Experiments
  64. List Product Design Product Design: Jewellery made from human hair at this year's Örnsbergsauktionen
  65. List Product Design Sculpture: 3D artist Maiko Gubler produces a stunning range of coloured jewellery
  66. Main Product Design Product Design: Panasonic ask 11 paper cut-out artists to design lanterns for charity
  67. List Product Design Product Design: 365 Knitting Clock makes time more tactile by making a scarf
  68. List Product Design Product Design: The lowdown on the sleek new Plumen 002 from Nicolas Roope
  69. List Product Design Product Design: Gay icons as Russian dolls in ace LGBT rights campaign
  70. List Product Design Product Design: Enviably beautiful ceramics from Brooklyn's Workaday Handmade
  71. List Product Design Product Design: Matthias Borowski makes furniture that looks like giant sweets
  72. List Product Design Product Design: Emilie Voirin keeps it simple with her Minimal Nativity Set
  73. H%c3%b6vding-list Product Design Product Design: This woman is wearing a bicycle helmet. What!?
  74. Main Product Design Product Design: Dave Hakkens changes the face of phones for good
  75. Main Product Design Product Design: Phwoar! A very well-designed bread oven from Mirko Ihrig
  76. List Product Design Product Design: Studio Swine help you make furniture on the move!
  77. List-2 Product Design Product Design: Marta Veludo's lovely collection of graphic-inspired scarves
  78. List Product Design Product Design: Beautifully hand-crafted boards from Brixton's Satta Skates
  79. List Product Design Product Design: Pray silence for the brand new Ostrich Pillow Light
  80. Db-list Product Design Product Design: Rugs made like waterfalls and household shrines from Dean Brown