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  1. Lp_01

    Rust, we were taught by parents frantically retrieving bicycles left carelessly out in the rain, is to be avoided at all costs. It’s ugly, they told us, and damaging – a stark sign of dilapidation easily avoided.

  2. List-elisa-strozyk

    Elisa Strozyk had us at Wooden Carpet, the beautifully crafted isometric floor covering made from hard wood, but we’ll take her Accordian Collection too. A designer with a penchant for surfaces and surprising manipulations of very traditional materials, this latest work created in collaboration with artist Sebastian Neeb, continues with Elisa’s affinity for creating unusual textiles.

  3. Nightshop-pov-list

    We’re going to be treated to all sorts of design gems in the build up to this years Milan furniture fair, and occasionally these products might even look like jewels. The P.O.V vase by NIGHTSHOP (Ward van Gemert and Adriaan van deer Ploeg) is an iridescent vessel with a perspective heavy design, changing colour as you move about it. Tasking themselves in creating “surprising products,” the vase more than qualifies.

  4. Cel-list-porcelain-garden-detail

    Porcelain is such a delicate material that as an indelicate child I was often kept away from the pearlised slopes of a figurine, the voluptuous derriere of a vase, and the regal arch of a teapot handle. It’s because of this isolation that I can’t help but be entranced by anything porcelain now – even a toilet seat has sometimes rendered me speechless, but most recently, it’s been the work of Buenos Aires born, Cecilia Borghi that’s enchanted me.

  5. Calcfront

    “Math is beautiful. Arithmetic is simple. Rechner is both.” It may sound like the strapline of a particularly leftfield perfume advert but actually that’s what Colorado-based designers Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr say about their new app which creates the world’s first minimalist gesture-based calculator. Taking the touchscreen iTechnology we’ve all come to know and love, they’ve applied it to one of the world’s most basic products with stylish results. Certain swipes engage different mathematical functions (multiply, divide etc) and both in aesthetics and functionality this appears to be a significant milestone on the road to a time when this technology is ubiquitous.

  6. Liliana-ovalle-list

    The Mugroso Couch, Mugrosita chair and El Otro (de los Mugrosos) sofa are an ongoing collection started in 2006 of casually-composed seating pieces inspired by the “improvisation and low resources” of the people in Mexico City. Royal College of Art graduate and Mexico-city-born designer, Liliana Ovalle, has taken the functional ingenuity of binding, tying and pushing through carriables onto wire frames and transportation trollies, applying this collage-like logic to her furniture. The results are wonderfully aesthetic, intuitively constructed with a direct line to their reference material, all in all, telling a very nice design story.

  7. Scoooot

    Scooters have a bit of a bad reputation as a must-have hipster accessory (think Nathan Barley) but I have to admit that the new SwiftyONE Chrome from Jason and Camilla Iftakhar might break the mould. Firstly it’s beautifully designed and made – sleek and stylish. Secondly, it’s robust enough to make you feel like you are actually using something built for adults (rather than ironically using a child’s toy) and yet it only weighs 7.5kg.

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