It's Nice That Issue #2

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It’s Nice That Issue #2

October 2009

Although they evolved over time, the first six issues of the It’s Nice That magazine combined snapshots of exciting creatives we had previously championed on the site with interviews and features which allowed us to dig a little deeper into some of the biggest talents working today.

The work section of Issue Two featured Adam Simpson, Amy Bennett, Andrew Bush, Animalphabet, Barnaby Barford, Branislav Kropilak, Brock Davis, David Sykes, Dominic Wilcox, Experience Matters, Greg Lamarche, Humans Since 1982, Jack Fesatherstone, Jane Stockdale, Jen Stark, Joseph Mann, Kate MccGwire, Korner Union, Louise Li Wei, Matt Siber, Mimi Leung, Nathan Manire, New Math, Nguan, Nicholas Konert, Noma Bar, Rob Matthews, Sam Messenger, Sandy Suffield, Seiko Kato, Sroop Sunar, Tom Foulsham, Troika, Valero Doval and Wallzo.

We had interviews with painter Boo Ritson, illustrator Michael Gillette, street photographer Peter Funch, design duo Karlssonwilker, sculptor Wilfrid Wood, online artist Rafael Rozendaal and digital artists and stage designers United Visual Artists. Molly Young wrote the introductory Nice feature, the legendary George Hardie shared his collection of rulers while Michael Crowe celebrated Czechslovakian matchbox graphics, fashion star Fred Butler related how she met her mentors, illustrator Matthew Hawkins led us on a treasure hunt and Airside co-founder Fred Deakin opened up his record collection.