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HelloVon: Nike Stadiums

Posted by Alex Bec,

This morning a very special project was unveiled as part of Nike’s World cup presence at Selfridges, London. Nike have partnered with London-based artist HelloVon to produce spectacular set of images, taking over the whole length of Oxford Street, celebrating some of the best footballers in the world.

The seventeen separate celebratory portraits capture the magic, passion and emotion of the tournament that will have the world fixated for the next two weeks. He’s done a pretty staggering job and the impressive 5m x 3m pieces are up until Friday – they’re well worth a look, and we have the first images of the set for you here. (Read More)


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.