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Posted by Alex Bec,

New Things scribe Alex M has taken the weekend off to rest his nib, so I’m back on the much sought-after duty of sifting through the things that make their way into the studio… As always I was spoilt for choice and relaxed the rules a little, picking 6, rather than 5 things. We’re too good to you.

Teamwear Designed by LOVE Creative

Nicely designed and printed piece of promotion for Umbro’s new ‘Teamwear’ range of affordable, beautifully designed football kits. Makes us all a little too excited about the prospect of kick-off next weekend.

Vote Arts Poster Celia Stothard

We’re privileged to have a great piece of classic Graphic Design sitting on our walls this week, from the hand of Celia Stothard. One half of ‘The Typography Workshop’ with Alan Kitching, their long lasting partnership has bourn beautiful typographic fruits for many years, and long may they continue.
Advanced Graphics Link

MA Textiles Futures Designed by Mike Knight

Who even looks at prospectuses these days? Surely the internet can do all a prospectus can and more? Well, not if they’re as good as this one from Central St.Martins’ MA Textile Futures Course.

Put A Egg On It R&S Media

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Perhaps with a culinary magazine out of New York City with essays, photos, illustrations, cooking tips and recipes? Egg-cellent, (How could I not?) although not quite grammatically sound.

Behind the Scenes and Everything Else Inbetween Jack Hudson

We are the proud new parents of a 1/25 editioned print by one of this year’s best graduates, Jack Hudson. ‘Pride of place’ is being hotly contested this month and I can’t recommend you get your hands on one of these charmers enough before they evaporate.

Article Edited, produced and designed by Ben Dunmore and Alasdair Hiscock

They say that “Article is a guide to the space that you are in”. Taken literally, I was sexpecting a dry studio manual, but thankfully I was actually presented by a magazine full of articles I’m interested in reading.


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.