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Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Top picks! As sporadic a cross section of our postal gems as you have come to expect. From a mailer that challenges you to read the small print (text includes inadvertant proverb from the designers mother regarding the wisdom of designing a book you can’t afford to sell) to a comic that brings a museum to life (minus the acting abomination that shall not be named in this Nice place), so enjoy.

Zut Alors! mailer Frank De Rose

“Graphic Design & Visual Oddities”, an appropriate title for a witty piece of design by Zut Alors!. The foldout poster is surrounded by the possible interpretations of the image. No. 16(my favourite) reads “God gave all the other graphic designers the good ideas”.

Diagonal Thinking Matt .W. Moore

Compiled as a purely pictorial book, highly graphic and heavy on texture this monochrome edition is made of the inspirations, paintings, things, landscapes and snapshots from the world of MWM himself. The cover made me see geometric spots (good thing).

Waterfall Magazine

Batter pre-oil, condensation, foaming oven cleaner, paused video screens, humans, animals looking at humans, car interiors, super photography and some honest writing. A magazine dedicated to the exquisite aesthetics of the daily hum.

Promotional poster Andrew Joyce

Nothing more pleasing then an epic city scape. I’ve been looking at it for a while now and I can’t see two buildings the same, (or Wally but I don’t know why I’m punishing myself with that one) it’s a great piece of draftsmanship.

Museum Rui Tenriero

All the attention to detail and character we’ve come to know and love about Rui was delivered to us in the form of a good, big comic Museum. He’s a master of time in his comics with all these clever visual devices that pull you through and faultlessly cheer you up.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.