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    Alex Gibbs: “slick night time racers”

Alex Gibbs is back and better than ever with unexpected material

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

Six months on from featuring this lovely chap on our site, Alex Gibbs has hopped across the world to do a residency in China, where he has been given a room in The China Academy of Art situated in Hangzhou. He tells us he leads a simple life producing work on unlikely material like newspapers, hotel pads and greaseproof paper. Away from sexual exploitation and other dark things we showed you last year, he has progressed to colour popping scenes of Chinese life.

From cutting hair, playing video games and rollerskating, there ain’t no seedy sex acts going on here. Now, aren’t you glad we brought him back to your attention? Yes, yes you are.

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    Alex Gibbs: Living The Innocent Man’s Dream

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    Alex Gibbs: The Hairdresser’s Life’s Work

  • Alex3

    Alex Gibbs: Rich Living and Sunny Life

  • Alex4

    Alex Gibbs: Cars Mountain Cars Sea

  • Alex5

    Alex Gibbs: We Sleep in Warm Rooms


Posted by Holly Wilkins

Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.