Ill-Studio's mesmerising answer to Louis Vuitton's 'All Aboard Games' brief

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Louis Vuitton have been dipping their toes into the art world further and further in the last few years, and no one seems to mind –perhaps that’s because they seem to have a knack of commissioning the best people for the job every time. We’ve seen a fantastic Christian Bortslap animation, Michael Landy’s destructive in-store sculpture, and Julie Verhoeven collaborating with their design team.

So what’s next? Louis Vuitton have commissioned Paris-based Ill-Studio to make a little animation promoting Louis Vuitton’s board game collection and, of course, their signature pattern" the checkerboard. The result? A mesmerising, flowing animation that genuinely reminds you how fun board games are. Good work!

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    Louis Vuitton & Ill Studio: Boarding Games

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    Louis Vuitton & Ill Studio: Boarding Games

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    Louis Vuitton & Ill Studio: Boarding Games

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    Louis Vuitton & Ill Studio: Boarding Games


Posted by Liv Siddall

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