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    Anna Dunn: Street

Illustration: Anna Dunn's super colourful, communicative portfolio does not disappoint

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

I first came across Anna Dunn’s brilliant work in last week’s Not for Rental exhibition, and the designer and illustrator’s portfolio is not one to disappoint on further investigation. Coupling vibrant colours with soft textures, her narrative illustration is as charming as it is questioning, subtly pushing at ideas of creativity, or the interchangeability of nationhood, all through the deft creation of a storyline with just a few simple images. I’m looking forward to spotting more of her recognisable style out and about, and I don’t doubt that I will. Really lovely stuff.

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    Anna Dunn: Google Think Insights

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    Anna Dunn: HUCK – Quintessential Girl

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    Anna Dunn: Be Excellent to Each Other

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    Anna Dunn: Castle

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    Anna Dunn: HUCK – Nation State Myth

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    Anna Dunn: Google Think Insights


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

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