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Film: Win yourself the chance to have your short screened at Tribeca 2014

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It’s not often that Hollywood offers newcomers the chance to join the prestigious ranks of their glamorous world. It’s a pretty closed community out there in the California hills, but for the second time in two years a selection of young, talented film-makers (that’s you guys, by the way) are being offered the opportunity to have their films made by some Hollywood greats and screened at the Tribeca Film Festival 2014.

The Bombay Sappphire Imagination Series Film competition is in its second year – a selection of last year’s winners can be seen below – and this time the judges and script-writers are Oscar winning; with a script from Geoffrey Fletcher and judging from the excellent Adrien Brody. All you have to do to enter is read Geoffrey’s script and reimagine it in whatever way you see fit. The judging panel will then select the five most promising scripts to be produced and screened at Tribeca 2014. The deadline is August 4 2013, so you best get on it!


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