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    Cat People: Lucy James

Publication: FINALLY! A magazine made specifically for and by cat lovers

Posted by Maisie Skidmore,

At last! For those looking for more from fluffy felines, a publication to cater to you! We’ve had cat cafés, brides throwing cats instead of bouquets and cats doing funny/cute/weird things in every corner of the internet; assistant editor James even wrote an opinion piece debating whether cat blogs will one day represent the legacy of internet culture. So it’s probably high time we had a magazine about the people who love them, right?

Jessica Lowe, the Melbourne-based editor of new publication Cat People agrees. She has set about creating a design-literate magazine that looks at the people behind the pets, and the final result is surprisingly lovely. Including work commissioned from some of our favourites, from illustrators Olimpia Zagnoli and Mat Maitland to fashion designer Vivetta Ponti and Inacio Ribeiro of Clements Ribeiro. The magazine even included non-kitty themed fashion editorials and interesting and insightful interviews with cat people worldwide. Miaow.

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    Cat People: Cover

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    Cat People: Vivetta

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    Cat People: Clements Ribeiro

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    Cat People: Vivetta

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    Cat People: Mat Maitland

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    Cat People: Mat Maitland

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    Cat People: Takashi Homma

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    Cat People: Olimpia Zagnoli

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    Cat People: Lucy James


Posted by Maisie Skidmore

Editorial Assistant Maisie joined It’s Nice That fresh out of university in the summer of 2013 and has stayed with us ever since. She has a particular interest in art, fashion and photography and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.