Google and Science Museum launch an interactive extravaganza with Chrome Web Lab

Posted by James Cartwright,

This afternoon sees the Beta launch of Google and the Science Museum’s new collaborative project Chrome Web Lab, a giant interactive body of works that allow visitors and anyone with an internet connection to manipulate five unique experiments within the museum itself. These include a web-powered robotic orchestra, custom-built sketchbooks that draw digital images in sand and an interactive map of the world’s online data. Every project is brought to life using the web’s most recent upgrades (like HTML5) with the intention of enticing a new generation of potential developers into the digital realm.

As with all thorough digital development the exhibition launches in two stages, with the Beta launch opening today and the Alpha product running from 19th July with constant development from online and in-museum participants. For anyone with even the slightest interest in the digital realm this looks like an absolute must-see show, finally bringing the interactive power of the web to a young mainstream audience.

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    Google & Science Museum: Chrome Web Lab

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    Google & Science Museum: Chrome Web Lab

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    Google & Science Museum: Chrome Web Lab


Posted by James Cartwright

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