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    Louis-Thompson: Pickled DNA (The Gallery at London Glassblowing) (Photo Ester Segarra)

This year's Crafts Council extravaganza COLLECT is celebrating ten years in style

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I remember being ten. It was 1994, BritPop was in the air and I had a killer tracksuit that I basically never took off. Heady days indeed. But my own decennial is rather put in the shade by this year’s COLLECT, the Crafts Council’s annual fair which this year celebrates ten years in some style.

Returning to London’s Saatchi Gallery, COLLECT will exhibit some of the most interesting and exciting craft offerings from 32 international galleries, while 11 artists have been invited to take over the gallery’s second floor as part of the Project Space initiative. So galleries from the UK, Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands will sit side-by-side with those from the Far East, from China, Japan and South Korea.

Where COLLECT really appeals to us is not just in the breadth of disciplines it includes under the broad umbrella term “craft” – from jewellery and ceramics to weaving and glassblowing – but also in its commitment to giving up-and-coming creatives a platform alongside more established names.

COLLECT runs from May 10 to May 13 at The Saatchi Gallery and over the next couple of weeks we’ll be taking an in-depth look at some of the artists chosen for this year’s Project Space.

  • Woven-form-by-layne-rowe.-credit-london-glassblowing

    Layne Rowe: Woven Form (The Gallery at London Glassblowing)

  • Anise-by-halima-cassell-(2006)-h-20-x-w-50-cm_-joanna-bird_-photo----jonathan-keenan

    Halima Cassell: Anise (Joanna Bird Gallery) (Photo Jonathan Keenan)

  • Bicha-gallery_%e2%88%8fanna-barlow_thoughts-on-my-plate

    Anna Barlow: Thoughts On My Plate (Bicha Gallery)

  • Copy-of-tsubusa-kato_-2007.-represented-by-katie-jones.-photo-credit-sylvain-deleu

    Tsubusa: Kato (Katie Jones Gallery) (Photo Sylvain Deleu)

  • Jennifer-hickey_-untitled_-2011_-photo-by-rory-moore.-represented-at-collect-by-national-craft-gallery-of-ireland

    Jennifer Hickey: Untitled (National Craft Gallery of Ireland) (Photo Rory Moore)

  • Minsik-ahn_-kettel1_-courtesy-korean-craft-and-design-foundation

    Minsik Ahn: Kettel 1 (Korean Craft and Design Foundation)

This article was produced in collaboration with The Crafts Council.


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