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    Daniel Temkin: Glitchometry

One of a kind sound-glitch paintings from the triple threat creative Daniel Temkin

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Never brilliant at the technical side of life I’ve become resigned to the fact that Microsoft Paint will be the only programme where I’ll be able to produce a piece of art- –and by art I mean a jagged, sad, visually-offensive picture vaguely resembling the dog it’s supposed to be. Which is why I’m always impressed by those who are digitally savvy and can produce beautiful work.

Take Daniel Temkin for example, photographer, digital media artist and programmer, he’s one of those triple threat people. His website hosts an array of unusual and clever projects and it his ongoing Glitchometry, that caught my eye and not just because it’s pretty – it’s the way these technicolour dreams are composed, that’s interesting. Started in 2011 each image begins as several black squares or circles which are then imported into an audio editor. Sound effects are added to individual colour channels, changing the image into these dreamy swathes of colour. Every piece ends up being unique as there’s no control over the result. It’s techy, but regardless of whether you fully understand it, it’s hard not to be drawn into these surreal, glitchy landscapes.

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    Daniel Temkin: Glitchometry

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    Daniel Temkin: Glitchometry

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    Daniel Temkin: Glitchometry

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    Daniel Temkin: Glitchometry


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Norwich University College of the Arts. She wrote for the site between March and June 2012