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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby (detail)

Photography: Dave Imms turns his lens on a female London roller derby team

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Dave Imms has previously proved his impressive ability to document with his lens groups we might usually be quick to stereotype, and he’s done it again with his latest work. While before he brought us face-to-face with a set of Sunday league football referees, this time his subject is a female roller derby team.

The London Roller Girls partake in a sport which has a reputation for uncompromising aggression, but as usual Dave is eager to delve beneath the received wisdom. Not only does he capture something of the team’s personalities, he also evokes the world of seen-better-days leisure centres, the incongruous setting for this brash American sport.

“Failing that we can just look at them and admire the jazzy clothes,” Dave admits cheerfully.

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby

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    Dave Imms: Roller Derby


Posted by Rob Alderson

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