A dance-off with a difference as puppets take on Pantsula troupe in new Diesel+Edun film

Posted by Rob Alderson,

You love a dance-off, we love a dance-off, heck everyone in the world loves a dance-off truth be told. But this is a dance-off with a difference and is a fitting launch for the Diesel + Edun Studio Africa project we got all excited about last week.

Pantsula vs Puppets was shot by award-winning director Sean Metelerkamp and features Panstula dance troupe Real Actions going to head-to-head with some madcap marionettes. Shot on location in Soweto, it’s a film that bristles and bursts with exuberance and reflects the vibrant creative scene which Diesel and Edun are so keen to shine a light on with their new collaboration.

Sean said: “I know I can create content that I can twist to satisfy my imagination and put out to the rest of the world” and he said that dressing the dancers in the new collection was key to defining the look and feel of the final piece. “These clothes actually determined the look of the film, because of the dancers, your eyes are focused on the dancers and they’re wearing that clothing, it’s very sharp on the eye. It was actually something new to me that I ended up really enjoying.”

  • Ed6

    Diesel + Edun: Pantsula vs Puppets (still)

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    Diesel + Edun: Pantsula vs Puppets (still)

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    Diesel + Edun: Pantsula vs Puppets (still)

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    Diesel + Edun: Pantsula vs Puppets (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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