Whaaaaaaaat? Robot walks a tightrope (to intense trance soundtrack)

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I think we can all agree that robots are pretty ruddy cool but this video takes the proverbial biscuit. Think about the extraordinary feat of skill and balance it takes for a person to walk across a tightrope and then imagine having to recreate that in a robot. Exactly. You’ll need to get beyond the slightly panic-inducing trance soundtrack, and as ever the YouTube comments remind us that some people are NEVER impressed (i.e. “I thought you said walk not slide”) but this is sure to be one of the most extraordinary tinges you’ll see today.

  • Robot1

    Dr Geuro: Robot walks tightrope (still)

  • Robot2

    Dr Geuro: Robot walks tightrope (still)

  • Robot3

    Dr Geuro: Robot walks tightrope (still)

  • Robot4

    Dr Geuro: Robot walks tightrope (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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