• Enrico6

    Enrico Natali: Edgeview of Electronic Signboard, Las Vegas

Topsy-turvy urban American landscape captured by Enrico Natali

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Sometimes, amongst all the emptiness and minimalism in the world, it’s nice to be given so much in an image that you start to wonder whether what you’re seeing even exists. This is certainly the case for Enrico Natali’s work, the photographer whose passion for image-making was re-awakened when his 15-year-old son introduced him to the digital camera.

Currently showing his work at Joseph Bellows Gallery, California, Natali has a knack for capturing the American landscape in all it’s big, flat busy-ness. Garish billboards, ordinary people and brightly-coloured trucks contrast with dull concrete in such a way that it looks like a copy and paste job – except it’s really not, he’s just really good.

  • Enrico5

    Enrico Natali: Wells Fargo ATM, Irvine CA

  • Enrico9

    Enrico Natali: Penske Truck and Mural, Yreka CA

  • Enrico4

    Enrico Natali: Sealy Mattress Trucks, San Luis Obispo CA

  • Enrico15

    Enrico Natali: Shopping Mall Construction Lady, Santa Clarita CA

  • Enrico18

    Enrico Natali: Bread Truck, Valencia CA

  • Enrico14

    Enrico Natali: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

  • Enrico16

    Enrico Natali

  • Enrico2

    Enrico Natali: Levi’s Advertisement, Los Angeles

  • Enrico

    Enrico Natali: Intersection, Daley City CA

  • Enrico3

    Enrico Natali: Hot Chicken Roadside Sign, Southern Oregon

  • Enrico12

    Enrico Natali: Legs and Cranes, Las Vegas

  • Enrico13

    Enrico Natali: Home Depot, San Luis Obispo CA


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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