• Erich-brechbuhl

    Erich Brechbühl: Under Milk Wood, 2011 (left), Theatresport, 2002 (right)

Theatre poster design with real flair from Swiss-based Erich Brechbühl

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Gone are the days of double line bordered A5 posters made on Microsoft Word for the village hall’s annual production of Macbeth. Now we’re all about the the work of graphic designer Erich Brechbühl who’s been producing striking theatre posters for a number of years. Based in Switzerland, he uses text and colour to capture the essence of the play graphically – without any images it means Erich has the freedom to really play around. His portfolio is diverse but there’s a consistency in his bold approach and slick execution. Erich effectively proves that theatre posters can be just as exciting (if not more) than the show they’re advertising.

  • Poster1

    Erich Brechbühl: Between Me and Tomorrow, 2012

  • Poster7

    Erich Brechbühl: God of Carnage, 2009

  • Poster4

    Erich Brechbühl: Deathvariations, 2010

  • Poster6

    Erich Brechbühl: Don Quijote, 2009

  • Poster12

    Erich Brechbühl: The Wave, 2004

  • Poster11

    Erich Brechbühl: Sennentuntschi, 2005

  • Poster10

    Erich Brechbühl: The Arabian Night, 2007

  • Poster3

    Erich Brechbühl: Under Milk Wood, 2011

  • Poster2

    Erich Brechbühl: Laura is missing, 2011


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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