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    Eugenie Marais: Untitled, Inside

Beautifully atmospheric paintings of the everyday by Eugenie Marais

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Appreciating the beauty of an egg box, powder blue crockery and a bathroom sink is Eugenie Marais in her series of paintings titled, Inside. They’re intriguing because of the importance she’s given these everyday objects, making them surreal and ambiguous with a tense stillness filling each image. Simply created with oils on canvas, there’s a familiarity to her work but it’s the shadows hiding under the porcelain plates that I enjoy most – expectantly waiting for something to happen but it never does.

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    Eugenie Marais: A beautiful lie, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: For reasons unknown, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: Spin the world around, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: What about love, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: Gone for good, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: I love it when you call me, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: No surprises, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: Wish you were here, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: You know what I mean, Inside

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    Eugenie Marais: Be my enemy, Inside


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Norwich University College of the Arts. She wrote for the site between March and June 2012