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Friday Mixtape

Mixtape: This Friday we are handing over our weekly Mixtape to NTS Radio!

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From time to time we’re going to be handing over our Friday Mixtape to friends of ours so they can share their musical inspiration with you, our dear readers/listeners. First up we are delighted to welcome the fine folk of NTS Radio, and in particular Heather Weil, one of those behind the fortnightly show Black Impulse. She is on a mission to broaden your audio horizons, so over to her…

“I’m a graphic designer, occasional writer and although there’s a wide array, my record collection primarily focuses on prog, heavy psych and 1970s-80s punk and hardcore, which are most of the focus in this mix.

“These are three really difficult genres to make accessible and sell the idea to others, especially since the reputation associated with prog is often by word of mouth and not exploring it. There’s nothing to fear, it’s not gruesome as it’s made out to be and I hope that there’s at least one song here that resonates with you. 

“This mix culminates what I listen to day-to-day (while the office I work in drones to repetitive commercial FM radio). So, here’s 30 songs, encompassing just under two hours of music to get you through your Friday.”

NTS – Black Impulse – It's Nice That podcast by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


Posted by It's Nice That

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  1. Mix

    Last night It’s Nice That and INT Works had a party to celebrate our new studio. We had a keg, pastel-coloured cups and a whole load of old friends round and it was wicked kewl. The playlist we put together was an absolute banger, and we’ve edited it down today to give you a small slice of the music that makes us want to get drunk, dance, say inappropriate things and touch each other. Enjoy!

  2. Main

    They might seem like a load of gobbledygook, but the words Shapeshift, Trumpalump and GOB all have one thing in common; they’re singles by UK rapper and hip hop artist DELS, wordsmith and It’s Nice That Friday Mixtape-creator du jour. We have it on very good authority that he’s been known to dabble in graphic design and filmmaking too, which makes DELS alright in basically all of our books.

  3. Main

    Happy Friday from us and the guys from very cool and very great record label, Bella Union. The label, formed in the 1990s by Cocteau Twins represent some of the bands and artists that we listen to in the It’s Nice That studio all day, such as John Grant, Van Dyke Parks, Father John Misty and The Walkmen (youuuu’ve got a neerrrveee to be assssking my favouuuur!) And so it is with deep pleasure that we welcome the team at Bella Union with their truly wonderful Friday mixtape created especially for us. Kevin Ayers, Elvis Presley, Heart AND Harry Nilsson spell sunny Friday afternoon in our books, so turn it up.

  4. Main

    How cool is this? London-based man-band Bombay Bicycle Club have made us an absolutely smashing mixtape to accompany your Friday and weekend. Jack Steadman, Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram and Ed Nash collectively write and play songs that are at once heartbreaking and uplifting, a bit like Homeward Bound. Their mix, however, is a tropical cocktail of cross-continental tracks including bangers from Donnie and Joe Emerson (classic), Frank Zappa (wahoo!) and everyone’s favourite old crooner, Charles Bradley. A big thanks to these busy boys for making our weekend substantially better.

  5. Main

    Who better to give us a mix than the man in charge of A&R at the legendary Warp Records? Embarrassingly I had to look up what A&R meant when Stephen told me that’s what he did. Turns out it stands for “artists and repertoire” which basically means that Stephen spends his time scouting new talent and overseeing their climb to fame like some sort of lovely, knowledgable father-figure with a good taste in music. Despite his busy schedule of sorting out what music we’re all going to listen to in the future, Stephen’s kindly put together a mix of Friday-themed music. Unsurprisingly it’s really good and very, very cool. Enjoy!

  6. Mixtapelist

    Great news! The first album by Icelandic cool-masters Kiasmos is out super soon, and to celebrate, the magnificent pair have made us a fantastic Friday mixtape! Kiasmos is a project that brings together our favourite composer Ólafur Arnalds and Bloodgroup mastermind Janus Rasmussen in a seriously magical match. Their mix has something for everyone, from the melodic and magnetic Jon Hopkins, to the majestic Bat for Lashes and some glorious pop-trash to boot. Fill your ears with the enthralling assortment of soundscapes here!

  7. Main

    If you’re anything like us when it comes to music, you happily eschew all things super cool and underground (gabber, anybody?) in favour of letting Christina Aguilera and Usher blare out obnoxiously over the studio sound system. And in a glorious celebration of our unashamed love of pop music, this week Japanese-American singer-songwriter Kina Grannis has put together a Friday mixtape for us! Woooo! Crank it up and croon along, and enjoy every single glorious “ooooh.” Happy Friday!

  8. Main

    Wow, what a treat this is! Singer, songwriter, comic-book maker and generally nice guy Jeffrey Lewis has made us an extra special It’s Nice That Friday mixtape! He’s even kindly told us a little about each song that he’s chosen. Turns out Jeffrey’s taste in music reflects his own, something that I really love in a mixtape. From Gravediggaz, Lou Reed and spoken word to psychedelic Christian music from the 70s and more, this mix is Jeff through and through and is the perfect accompaniment to your Friday, nay your entire weekend. Let’s all take a minute to be thankful that we’re all on the planet at the same time as this guy.

  9. Mainmix

    What could be better than a design studio that not only provides the public with cutting-edge designs and album artwork than a studio that also provides their fans with the music they’re listening to while they make them? New York studio Mogollon, founded by Francisco Lopez and Monica Brand in 2004, have got a tasty portfolio of young, colourful work that is accompanied by a number of popular mixes they’ve made. They’ve kindly gifted us our very own, extra special, It’s Nice That mix tape – so crank it up and hear what kind of stuff those design cats across the pond are into.

  10. Main

    Here’s Asian Dan, the man without whom I would have no laughter in my life, for Dan is the creator of LE MEMÉ, the best online sick-bucket archive of images that make you lose all hope in the human race. Brown Cardigan’s weird cousin, if you will. As well as this, Dan’s also a DJ and makes his cash by appreciating and gathering music and turning it into mixes for the baying public. We appreciate his choices for us today, Janet Jackson and James Taylor in the same playlist can only be a good thing. Take it away, Asian Dan!

  11. Main1

    Spare a thought whilst you sit in a dreary city for those youngsters at Austin Psych Fest, hanging out in the dappled sunlight with pockets full of hallucinogens and painfully ringing ears. Yep, it’s that time of year where if you’re not at the festival, the best you can do is watch it on telly or listen to the music and dream. We’re not jealous or anything, at all, no way, we’re quite content to sit here at work and listen to a mixtape of the best bands playing at the hippy-fest right this minute. Close your eyes, get your headphones and your Out Of Office on and try to imagine you’re wearing tie-dye by a river with a bunch of really, really cool people listening to some incredible music. Or at least try.

  12. Main

    Cornish Ninja Tune singer songwriter Fink has kindly made us a Friday mix! If you know Fink’s music then you’re going to absolutely bloody love this, 12 tracks of his personal favourites to get you through this afternoon. It’s got everything: BB King, Paul Simon, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell and more. He’s got a new single out called Hard Believer which you can listen to over here if you prefer his own music to his recommendations. Until next week!

  13. Main

    Here ya go! Another installment from the music men at the ever-brilliant NTS Radio, this time from Shane Connolly (or Shamos), creative director of the station. “I run a night called LIFE which has been running for almost three years where I invite record collectors and music lover to play the music they love,” Shane tells us. “This mix is quite different to what I play out, but is definitely music I love and listen to on my own so this is a good chance to play it.” It’s Bank Holiday, so it’s the perfect time to make a fresh batch of coffee, get the daffodils in the vase, put your feet (no shoes) on the sofa and turn this up.