• 04_nonose

    Gemma Tickle: No Nose

Is that a Saveloy? The glossy set design of Gemma Tickle

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Gemma Tickle (let’s get this over with, it’s the best name ever) is a set designer, but it was only when I saw an eyeball floating on a pyramid of flour that I realised Gemma is a little different to the set designers we’ve seen before. Working from London, Gemma’s eye for strategically arranging glossy and bizarre items has been picked up and used by clients such as British Airways and VIEWPOINT magazine. This is hardly the most exciting bit though, Gemma’s rare expertise at being able to beautifully prop a Flump marshmallow against a surface has attracted some of the world’s most prolific still-life photographers to work with her, including Carl Kleiner, Kate Jackling and Jenny Van Sommers.

  • 05_sheen

    Gemma Tickle: Viewpoint

  • 05_nonose

    Gemma Tickle: No Nose

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    Gemma Tickle: No Nose

  • 09_winehouse

    Gemma Tickle: Viewpoint

  • 02_nonose

    Gemma Tickle: No Nose

  • 4_polynating

    Gemma Tickle: Polynating


Posted by Liv Siddall

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