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    Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels

Photography: Hassan Hajjaj's photographs of the biker girl gangs of Marrakech

Posted by Lisa Farrell,

These vibrant portraits by Hassan Hajjaj are taken from his ongoing Kesh Angels project in which Moroccan ladies dressed in veils and djellabah pose confidently on motorcycles, dripping in gaudy designer labels. Fusing aspects of traditional African studio photography with the glossy glamour of a high-fashion shoot, the images masterfully subvert preconceived notions of Arabic women.

The frame of each image is custom-built from recognisable everyday objects, from LEGO to Arabic lettering or repeat-patterns of cans of Fanta, so that his subjects are literally surrounded by the influence of branding. Fun and independent, Hassan’s biker girls offer us an entirely unique view of how youth, commerce and tradition meet in the streets of Marrakech.

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    Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels

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    Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels

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    Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels

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    Hassan Hajjaj: Kesh Angels


Posted by Lisa Farrell

Lisa joined It’s Nice That in 2013 and oversees our events programme, running both our monthly Nicer Tuesdays event and our annual summer symposium Here. She has a particular interest in photography.