Lisa joined It’s Nice That in 2013 and oversees our events programme, running both our monthly Nicer Tuesdays event and our annual summer symposium Here. She has a particular interest in photography.


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    Next up in our Nicer Tuesdays fashion-themed talks is set designer Sarah Parker who gave us a great rule for life: “Once I got over the fear of making something that might look crap, I was ok.” She talked of her love for optical illusions and the creative buzz of creating uncertainty in a visual culture wherein we are exposed to images of objects almost incessantly. Sarah also touched on the challenges of working with clients whose parameters (either budgetary or creative) pose problems. The best kind of project, she admitted, are those where she has “total control.”

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    First up in our talks from last week’s fashion themed Nicer Tuesdays is Charlie Porter, who bills himself as “kind of a fashion journalist.” Describing it as a “super alpha, super murky, super strange and really fascinating world,” Charlie explored what it means to be a fashion critic in 2014. With platforms like Instagram becoming increasingly prominent as a means to show off and talk about clothes, Charlie explained that his own interests are much more in “the way people wear clothes rather than how they’re made.” This approach leads him down some innovative editorial avenues such as what the men who come up on Tinder choose to wear.

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    We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker for Here 2014 is the wonderful illustrator, graphic artist, and author Christoph Niemann.

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    I can’t stop looking at these photos by Daniel Naudé, who has spent the past two years travelling through India, Uganda and Madagascar taking beautiful portraits of cattle in communities where they are still considered sacred. I rarely think of these animals beyond their association with farming, leather and children’s books, yet here they are transformed before my eyes into majestic, heroic creatures adorning the natural landscape.

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    Next up from our prank-themed Nicer Tuesdays is London based designer John King talking about the power and possibility of seemingly silly ideas. Josh began his talk by showing both good and horrendous examples of brands trying to piggyback on current news events before moving onto a prank he and his creative partner Andy Dawes played last year.

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    British designers Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton are one of the biggest success stories of the London menswear scene in recent years. Believing fashion should never be taken too seriously, their beautifully vibrant collections combine bespoke print patterns and a quintessentially British sense of humour with tailored, accessible shapes.

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    Documentary photographer Brian Finke has travelled extensively across America capturing an incredible variety of people, professions and social rituals. From construction workers and flight attendants, to hip hop honeys and cheerleaders, his fascination with the dramas played out in small towns and urban cities finds its outlet in these wonderful images. Mixing natural light with flash photography, and staged scenes with candid shots, Brian masterfully highlight the undeniable uniformity of life, whilst celebrating individual moments with honesty and humour.

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    This month we’ve invited four speakers who are working in exciting ways within contemporary fashion. Joining us is London based fashion designer Kit Neale to tell us how how his colourful clothing and playfully animated graphic prints explore themes of British life and humour, and mens fashion critic for the Financial Times Charlie Porter will discuss his journalistic approach for leading fashion publications and his own personal blog.

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    As editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman, Penny Martin is a publishing world powerhouse. Having studied 1980s fashion magazines at the Royal College of Art and a stint as professor of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion, she was ideally placed to head up the editorial team at Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio before taking over Gert Jonkers’ and Jop van Bennekom’s female answer to Fantastic Man.

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    Award-winning Dutch duo Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug create high-concept art films, music videos, installations and adverts driven by a combination of terrific ideas, faultless execution and a subtly dry, cheeky sense of humour. They’ve made remarkable films for editorial heavyweights like Fantastic Man and Nowness, created eye-catching installations for the windows at Selfridges, directed commercials for Amnesty International and have a superb portfolio of personal work.

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    At just 19 years old, Los Angeles-based photographer Isadora Kosofsky has a remarkable ability to capture the emotionally complex experience of growing old. For her long-term documentary project The Three she joined in with the routines of Jeanie, 82, Will, 84 and Adina, 90 who meet every day near their senior-care facilities to spend their remaining days together in a three-way relationship.

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    Eric Yahnker is without a doubt one of the most exciting artists working today. His humorous, meticulously rendered graphite and colored pencil drawings and detailed process pieces examine contemporary American society, pop culture and politics, winning an army of admirers for his satirical way of representing the world.

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    When it comes to marking out influential figures in the contemporary architecture and design industries, we’d have a hard time thinking of a more accomplished innovator than Sam Jacob. As one of the founding directors of FAT Architecture he is responsible for a range of internationally acclaimed projects, cementing FAT’s place as one of the world’s leading post-modern architecture studios. His portfolio includes award winning work for BBC, Igloo, Urban Splash and Selfridges, with many of his projects exhibited at leading galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the MAK in Vienna and the Venice Architecture Biennale. After many years of incredible collaborative work, Sam and his partners Charles Holland and Sean Griffiths announced last year that FAT would close this summer.

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    We are thrilled that this year’s Here London creative symposium will feature legendary British illustrator and author Marion Deuchars, a lady who in addition to working internationally with major design and advertising agencies, also publishes beautiful illustrated children’s books and has created a globally recognised style of hand lettering!

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    As promised, we’ll be posting a profile each week telling you a bit more about each of our amazing Here 2014 speakers, and next up is one of the UK’s hippest documentarians Ewen Spencer.

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    At last month’s Nicer Tuesdays supported by Park Communications we were celebrating all things print and were delighted to be joined by Bruno Bayley of Vice who talked us through the title’s history and examined why the publication remains a core part of an expanding media empire. You can watch his talk above to get some real insights into the way this much talked-about but often misunderstood publication operates.

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    This year’s Here London line up is an absolute corker, so in anticipation of the big day we’ll be posting regular profiles about each of our amazing speakers!

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    Nigerian photographer J.D Okhai Ojeikere passed away last weekend, but at the age of 83 he left behind a truly incredible body of work celebrating Nigerian culture. These photos from his Hairstyles series are part of an archive of nearly 1000 pictures showing the intricate hair-dos of African women taken at work, social engagements and in the streets of Lagos. The beautifully composed black and white images draw attention to the sculptural quality of the hair, almost elevating it to an art form in itself. It goes without saying that his work is a unique treasure of historical and anthropological importance.

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    These vibrant portraits by Hassan Hajjaj are taken from his ongoing Kesh Angels project in which Moroccan ladies dressed in veils and djellabah pose confidently on motorcycles, dripping in gaudy designer labels. Fusing aspects of traditional African studio photography with the glossy glamour of a high-fashion shoot, the images masterfully subvert preconceived notions of Arabic women.

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    I must say, I’ve never thought of architectural photography as the most humorous of pastimes, but Cameron Wittig’s Duluth Typologies project has done a lot to change my mind! Documenting homes built on steep hills in Duluth, Minnesota, Cameron tilted his camera to square the pavement off with the bottom of the picture frame, creating the baffling illusion that these typical Midwestern houses are sinking sideways into the ground.

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    It’s not every day we come across work which is as equally baffling as it is brilliant, leaving us no option but to write to its creator and ask what on Earth is happening here! So when Erwan Fichou’s photographs of people stood in freshly cut topiary trees arrived in our lives, a magic combination of curiosity and admiration got us asking questions.

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    Photographer Jackie Nickerson has spent the past few years developing a powerful body of work which examines the physical and psychological effects of working within specific environments in sub-Saharan Africa. Although her focus remains on labour and agricultural environments, her latest project TERRAIN employs an entirely new visual language which marks a move away from the tropes of traditional photojournalism, towards a unique and innovative style of portraiture.

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    Let’s face facts – taxidermy is cool. For centuries we’ve been visiting natural history museums to peer through glass cabinets at stuffed animals. They’re a testament to our fascination and desire to preserve nature and study it. Italian Photographer Andrea Ferrari’s ongoing project Wild Window addresses this superbly, documenting taxidermic displays in some of the world’s leading natural history museums, and bringing the wonders of the animal kingdom directly to us.

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    Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s latest publication isn’t a cheerful undertaking, I would go as far as to say it looks the darkest side of humanity square in the eye. Guided by philosopher Adi Ophir’s central tenet that God reveals himself predominantly through catastrophe, and that power structures within the Bible correlate with those within modern systems of governance, the artists have created an exact replica of the King James Bible and inserted photographs from the Archive of Modern Conflict alongside a selection of underlined passages.

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    For the past few years Belgian photographer Kris Vervaeke has travelled to cemeteries in Hong Kong and photographed thousands of small portraits affixed to tombstones. Recently publishing a selection of these images in his book Ad Infinitum, the simplicity of its concept and execution is incredibly powerful. The faces, which remain anonymous in the book, have been worn away from exposure to the elements over time, yet their destruction from rain, sun, extreme temperatures and humidity has gained them a simple abstract beauty. This unlikely and moving body of work, though haunting in nature, offers viewers an opportunity to reflect on the mysterious and often overlooked relationship between photography, memory and death. Sad sentiments, but so very beautifully done.

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    Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi is unrivalled in her ability to reveal breathtaking beauty in the smallest details of everyday life. Her dedication to capturing the fragile and fleeting essence of objects, people and experiences has defined her career, however in her latest project we see the her gaze beginning to move beyond the mundane and reflect upon grander concepts of existence.

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    After years spent working in notorious Berlin nightclubs, photographer Sarah Schoenfeld is the first person to admit an astute awareness of the unique effects of recreational drugs. After observing first-hand the hedonistic behaviour of hardened ravers, she decided to bypass her voyeuristic gaze by taking a range of mind-altering substances and placing them directly onto developed photo negatives.

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    Did you know that after gaining independence in 1964, Zambia started a space programme to send the first African astronaut to the moon?! Nope, neither did we, which to be fair is not that surprising as a lack of financial resources meant the project was pretty much doomed to failure, becoming no more than a little-known occurrence in the history of the global Space Race.

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    It’s not everyday you come across a photographer who shows an equally outstanding flair for portraiture, still-life and collage making, which probably explains why Lorenzo Vitturi’s Dalston Anatomy has us all so excited!

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    I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a major crush on photographers who challenge the traditional notion of a photo book as the place to show off your best pics, and instead push it to be a key factor in framing the context and meaning of images. So when I found out that Aperture Foundation would be holding a photo book award at this year’s Paris Photo to celebrate this exact approach to publishing, I obviously had to book a ticket and go!