The HiHo rocking horses


The HiHo rocking horses


Clinker by Rich Brilliant Willing


The 70cm Buckle by Tina Leung


The Koi Chair


Beads by Winnie Lui

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Designjunction unveiled this year’s London Design Festival show today and it’s an impressive, eclectic bunch gathered in the basement of Victoria House in central London. But however good a multi-designer show is, there is always a moment when product fatigue can set in and it takes something a bit different to snap you out of it. Luckily Innermost’s HiHo rocking horses were just the thing – well-made, whimsical and apparently a bona fide piece of furniture rather than an extravagant toy for adults. Rock on amigos!

The rest of the autumn/winter collection is interesting too with a nice mix of lights and furniture that reveal a playful, cosmopolitan and design-savvy sensibility.