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    Judith Braun: Fingerings

Insane finger-paintings including massive murals from Judith Braun

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

The art of finger painting is a craft we pick up almost instinctively as children. No motor skills yet? Use what God gave you and cap your fingertips in garish poster paint that should worry any parent with a cream carpet. While most of us leave this pastime behind along with sole-lit trainers, American artist Judith Braun has embraced the medium on a monumental level.

Titled Fingerings these large murals are often drawn onto the wall directly using charocal-dipped fingers. Braun’s landscapes, that mix smooth sweeps and bold smudges to add shade and depth show us it is possible to create incredible detail using this simple technique. Perhaps intriguing, she also creates symmetrical formations, often using both hands to form arching, obscure patterns. Here Braun translates the gestures of her body onto the wall and it looks marvellous.

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    Judith Braun: Fingerings

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    Judith Braun: Fingerings

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    Judith Braun: Fingerings

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    Judith Braun: Fingerings


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

Rebecca joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Norwich University College of the Arts. She wrote for the site between March and June 2012