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    Laura Maurer: Human Interference Project

Luna Maurer gets everyone involved with her thoughtful interactive projects

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

When I think of public interaction instantly images of embarrassed people or worse, over-enthusiastic people are conjured up, standing in a circle passing a “thought ball” around. It doesn’t have to be this way though and Luna Maurer with her design practice, Poly-luna are demonstrating why with their many exciting projects.

Take their Human Interference Project where they asked a range of artists, designers and friends to draw a closed shape on a piece of A4 and repeat the shape both inside and outside of the original shape until the piece of paper is filled with approximately 50 iterations on the page. Oddly mathematical figures are created by hand-drawing them which have a lovely quality.

Another project, Green Grass Fungus part of the Fungus Series is playful, fun and there’s nothing embarrassing about it all. Visitors to the exhibition space are given four stickers when entering and asked to affix them on the exhibition floor with the rule being that the sticker must be attached to a full side of an already place sticker. What’s created is a flurorescent green vine of stickers climbing around the space and up the walls, a temporary record of everyone that visited the space and got involved. Good stuff!

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    Laura Maurer: Human Interference Project

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    Laura Maurer: Green Grass Fungus

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    Laura Maurer: Green Grass Fungus

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    Laura Maurer: Green Grass Fungus


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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