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    Masha Reva: Merging

Fashion designer Masha Reva wows us these flamboyant camouflaged designs

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

The camouflage look, outside of when it’s actually supposed be used (i.e. the army), rarely works. Memories of bad music videos in the early 2000s with gyrating army printed mini-skirts and bikinis camouflaging nothing at all have sullied the idea massively for me. But never have I seen camouflage as beautiful as this! These wonderful clothes made by Kiev-based designer Masha Reva are exquisite with flamboyant sleeves and slick cuts. They blend seamlessly against elaborate and impressive backgrounds of delicate florals, close-up insects and intricate polka dots, gracefully tip-toeing the line between fashion and art.

Photographed by Synchrodogs, it perfectly encapsulates the collision between the artificial and the natural by bombarding us with patterns and textures galore.This visual treat is Masha’s comment on how we’ve become so overloaded with information we’re constantly merging and overlaying this visual feed into our virtual selves so much so it’s trickling into reality.

Both the concept and execution are brilliant and it’s interesting to see so much consideration behind a fashion project, but it’s seems this is intrinsic to Masha’s process through experimentation and playing with materials. It’s exciting, bold and with this sort of imagery being produced, it’s an approach to be admired.

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    Masha Reva: Merging

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    Masha Reva: Merging

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    Masha Reva: Merging

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    Masha Reva: Merging

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    Masha Reva: Merging


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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