• Bunna-hero

    Mathilda Holmqvist: Bunnahabhain

Illustration: Mathilda Holmqvist on fishermen, boats and whisky!

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You might remember a competition we ran back in April (perhaps not, but we’re here to remind you!) challenging a creative to create a label for Scottish distillery Bunnahabhain’s collaboration with The Fishermens’ Mission. The task was to think up a contemporary slant on the brand’s longstanding identity, which focuses on the image of a travelling helmsman returning to his distillery.

We’re super excited to announce that the winner is Mathilda Holmqvist! Mathilda is a London-based, Swedish-born illustrator with a flair for creating imagery inspired by the landscapes and traditions which surround her, which might explain why her design for the Bunnahabhain label is so effective. Combining a strong narrative of the weary sailor returning home with her own distinct and welcoming style, Mathilda captured the brief perfectly while still managing to give her image plenty of her own character. Well done Mathilda!

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    Mathilda Holmqvist: Bunnahabhain

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    Mathilda Holmqvist: Bunnahabhain

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    Mathilda Holmqvist: Bunnahabhain


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