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    Mercedes-Benz: Untamed Installation

Mercedes' Untamed campaign brings Instagram entries to a digital installation

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One of the problems with the constant Instagram culture is that it all feels a bit disposable – images ceaselessly captured, rated, forgotten. But for their Untamed campaign, to celebrate the new CLA, Mercedes-Benz put a call for Instagram snapshots that would “tickle our senses and expand our collective horizon.” They weren’t after the stereotypical Instagram staples, they wanted images that were unique, unexpected and unusual and the best were given a second life in a digital photo installation in Paris last month.

An impressive range of imagery made the cut from optical illusions to extraordinary photographs – our only regret is that we didn’t get to experience it first hand!

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    Mercedes-Benz: Untamed Installation

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    Mercedes-Benz: Untamed Installation

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    Mercedes-Benz: Untamed Installation

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    Mercedes-Benz: Untamed Installation

This post was produced in collaboration with Mercedes.


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