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    Michelle Matson: Flower Girls

Art: Grotesque paper sculptures from the hilarious Michelle Matson

Posted by James Cartwright,

Not to be confused with Michelle Matson the high-flying investment specialist from Cincinatti who owns the .com version of her site, Michelle Matson is an artist specialising in bizarre paper-based sculpture. American readers may already know her from 2011 TV show Work of Art, but those of us on any other side of the pond probably aren’t familiar with her.

What’s most striking about Michelle’s work is that for a fine artist she has a tremendous sense of humour. Her life-sized paper creations depict fleshy, inebriated characters flaunting their nakedness and cavorting in the most bizarre scenarios. They pull beads from each others’ orifices, squirt milk from their breasts and leer aggressively at their viewer – some of them are just hideous decapitated heads. Sure they’re utterly grotesque, but they’re also a hell of a lot of fun. And who doesn’t love fun?

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    Michelle Matson: Flower Girl

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    Michelle Matson: Flower Girl

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    Michelle Matson: Flower Girl

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    Michelle Matson: Flower Girl


Posted by James Cartwright

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