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Friday Mixtape

Mixtape: Wow! Jeffrey Lewis made us a very special Friday mixtape!

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Wow, what a treat this is! Singer, songwriter, comic-book maker and generally nice guy Jeffrey Lewis has made us an extra special It’s Nice That Friday mixtape! He’s even kindly told us a little about each song that he’s chosen. Turns out Jeffrey’s taste in music reflects his own, something that I really love in a mixtape. From Gravediggaz, Lou Reed and spoken word to psychedelic Christian music from the 70s and more, this mix is Jeff through and through and is the perfect accompaniment to your Friday, nay your entire weekend. Let’s all take a minute to be thankful that we’re all on the planet at the same time as this guy.

If you’re in London, catch him at this year’s Camden Crawl on Saturday 21 June.

It’s Nice That Mixtape: Jeffrey Lewis by Itsnicethat on Mixcloud

Kool Keith: Intro

It’s nice to start a mix with an intro sort of song and this is a good one.

WITCH: Like a Chicken

Ever since I got that great Chrissy Zebby Tembo album My Ancestors I’ve been hoping to find other 70s African rock albums that are as awesome, and I had high hopes for this band WITCH (their name is an acronym for something cool, I forget what). Mostly their first two albums were a little bit of a let-down compared to the hype about them that I’d read, but this track is one of the ones I like best. It’s no Chrissy Zebby Tembo but if WITCH had ten songs as good as Like a Chicken they’d really be worth the hype.

Aaron Freeman: Marvelous Clouds

Aaron Freeman was once known as Gene Ween, wait no, Dean Ween, argh, whichever one he was he’s now quit Ween and released a great solo album of covers of obscure Rod McKuen songs. I love Rod McKuen’s Beatsville album (also known as Rod McKuen Takes a San Francisco Hippie Trip) and I love Ween (particularly the first four albums) so this recent Aaron Freeman project really appealed to me and this is one of my favorite tracks on it.

Box Elders: Cougars

My ex-bassist Isabel hooked me up with this great Box Elders album; I can only imagine they have a lot of fun playing this song live!  I’ve never seen them play but I think they tour a lot, hopefully I’ll get to catch them some time.

Silmaril: Revelation

Silmaril is one of those rare obscure 70s Christian psychedelic-folk albums that people like me are oddly attracted to, a friend of mine in Germany turned me on to this one, which does have a number of lovely atmospheric folk songs and then this one wonderfully twisted and creepy spoken-word Revelation track, complete with weird moog sounds at the outro.

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Carol-Leigh & Hank Mindlin: Inquire Within

The recent book Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 is a giant document of album covers of self-released records, and a few nice essays on the subject, and a download code for a whole pile of interesting tracks from some of the albums mentioned in the book. This track is the title track from a self-released album that I’d never heard of, and I love this song very much and you will too.  

Gravediggaz: 1-800 Suicide

Gravediggaz took the “horror rap” genre direction that had sort of been started by The Geto Boys and went a little further into playing up the horror aspects, I wish this “horror rap” genre had continued a bit more but it was a short-lived mid-90s thing mostly I guess. This first Gravediggaz album was supposed to be titled Niggamortis, a genius title!  But they were dissuaded and released it under the store-friendlier title 6 Feet Deep. I actually originally had this album on a cassette that was given to me by a student I was tutoring in the late 90s, and just recently bought a download of the album because it had been too long just owning it on a crummy old tape.  

Paul Ngozi: Suicide

Paul Ngozi is another one of those 70s African rock artists whose album I picked up hoping to find another “Zam-Rock” treasure as cool as the Chrissy Zebby Tembo album… and another semi-disappointment, though oddly Tembo is actually the drummer on this Ngozi album, and this song in particular is pretty great. Also a good back-to-back with the Gravediggaz track.

David Yaya Herman Dune: In The House

From the absolutely classic mid-2000s solo album from David Yaya, of the band Herman Dune, “Demented Abduction: Nova Scotia Runs For Gold.”  his whole album is pure magic to me, perfect combination of home-made indie-rock spirit and the kind of funny/sad/true songwriting personality that cuts right to the core and makes most other modern bands seem foolishly pretentious. Of the zillion albums released by Herman Dune, Black Yaya, Stanley Brinks, and all the other associated Herman Dune projects, this one is in my personal top three.

Circle Jerks: Deny Everything

I could probably pick anything from the Circle Jerks’ Group Sex album and be equally happy with my selection… in fact I think the whole Group Sex album is something like 17 minutes long from top to bottom, so you might as well get the whole record, definitely one of the highlights of all the late 70s/early 80s American hardcore punk LPs.  Always easy to put one of these sorts of old punk tracks on a mix because they take up very little time!

Lou Reed: What’s Good

Another killer track from Lou, the master. To me, a track like this represents the apex of what a songwriter can be, hitting hard without even seeming to try too hard, Piscasso-style almost.  Very few artists have ever released an album as powerful as Magic & Loss, just a brutal collection of thoughts about death and loss. Lou is such a perfect example of how to grow old as a rock and roller, always using the advantages of age and experience to make his rock and roll more edgy rather than less.  It’s a trick that most of his 60s classic rock contemporaries never managed; they either try too hard to hold on to the perspectives of their youth or they leave rock behind altogether in favor of making more “mature” sorts of music. Lou usually acted like having it both ways was a foregone assumption; why shouldn’t a rock and roller get better and smarter and more open and raw with age?    

  • Mountaingoats

    Jeffrey Lewis: The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride

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    Jeffrey Lewis: A Turn In the Dream Songs


Posted by Liv Siddall

Liv joined It’s Nice That as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our editors. She oversees itsnicethat.com and has a particular interest in illustration, photography and music videos. She is also a regular guest and sometime host on our Studio Audience podcast.

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    Fantastic mix this week from London mix-merchants Shock World Service. “I find it difficult to sum up what the podcast is,” says creator Jon Averill. “On one hand the Shock World Service is just another mixtape. On the other it is more music and sound collage, music and spoken word interwoven with sounds and dialogue recorded around the city – best suited for long train journeys or flights, ideally late at night and played loudly on headphones.”

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    When reading some articles about Lianne la Havas it soon became clear that this incredibly talented woman has got an agenda to promote and champion female artists everywhere. She notes Laura Marling, Little Dragon, Erykah Badu as some of her primary influences, which bodes pretty well for the female-heavy mix she’s made for us today. Lianne’s put together ten tracks that deal with heartache, blues, dancing and attitude, and she’s also thrown in some Dizzee Rascal for good measure. Thank you Lianne, this mix is adding an extra layer of velvet to our Friday.

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    I think you’ll agree with me when I say there there is something magical about mixed-sex bands. Band of Skulls is Russell Marsden, Emma Richardson, and Matt Hayward – a band from Southampton who are now mega big and famous and touring all over the place. I always breathe a sigh of relief when a band sends through a mixtape and it’s full of gold – how shit would it be if a really great band had really, really bad taste in music? Anyway, Band of Skulls are into James Brown, Sister Rosetta Sharpe, Beastie Boys and Buddy Holly – which is a selection totally fine by our standards.

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    Last night It’s Nice That and INT Works had a party to celebrate our new studio. We had a keg, pastel-coloured cups and a whole load of old friends round and it was wicked kewl. The playlist we put together was an absolute banger, and we’ve edited it down today to give you a small slice of the music that makes us want to get drunk, dance, say inappropriate things and touch each other. Enjoy!

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    They might seem like a load of gobbledygook, but the words Shapeshift, Trumpalump and GOB all have one thing in common; they’re singles by UK rapper and hip hop artist DELS, wordsmith and It’s Nice That Friday Mixtape-creator du jour. We have it on very good authority that he’s been known to dabble in graphic design and filmmaking too, which makes DELS alright in basically all of our books.

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    Happy Friday from us and the guys from very cool and very great record label, Bella Union. The label, formed in the 1990s by Cocteau Twins represent some of the bands and artists that we listen to in the It’s Nice That studio all day, such as John Grant, Van Dyke Parks, Father John Misty and The Walkmen (youuuu’ve got a neerrrveee to be assssking my favouuuur!) And so it is with deep pleasure that we welcome the team at Bella Union with their truly wonderful Friday mixtape created especially for us. Kevin Ayers, Elvis Presley, Heart AND Harry Nilsson spell sunny Friday afternoon in our books, so turn it up.

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    How cool is this? London-based man-band Bombay Bicycle Club have made us an absolutely smashing mixtape to accompany your Friday and weekend. Jack Steadman, Jamie MacColl, Suren de Saram and Ed Nash collectively write and play songs that are at once heartbreaking and uplifting, a bit like Homeward Bound. Their mix, however, is a tropical cocktail of cross-continental tracks including bangers from Donnie and Joe Emerson (classic), Frank Zappa (wahoo!) and everyone’s favourite old crooner, Charles Bradley. A big thanks to these busy boys for making our weekend substantially better.