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    Niv Bavarsky: Malevolent Pile (detail)

Illustration: One year on Niv Bavarsky is still my favourite illustrator. Let's celebrate him!

Posted by James Cartwright,

A year ago yesterday I introduced you all to San Franciscan illustrator Niv Bavarsky and prattled on about how talented I thought he was. That’s still very much the case, although I’ve now had a year to stalk him on Instagram and really reflect on his status as my new favourite illustrator. Normally I’m fickle about this kind of thing, but Niv still holds the top slot in my eyes. You probably don’t really care why, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

You see Niv has all the skills – great imagination, great technical skill, great eye for colour – and he uses them to work with terrific people. But he also still finds the time to better himself; to head off to a life-drawing class and practice his anatomical drawing skills (guess what, he’s pretty great at that too) which means he’s equally happy drawing the revenge fantasies of an amorphous blob as he is constructing the nude female form in ink. And for that he has my complete respect.

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    Niv Bavarsky: Malevolent Pile (detail)

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    Niv Bavarsky: Altar

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    Niv Bavarsky: Monolith

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    Niv Bavarsky: Brussels

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing


Posted by James Cartwright

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