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    Niv Bavarsky: Malevolent Pile (detail)


Illustration: One year on Niv Bavarsky is still my favourite illustrator. Let's celebrate him!

Posted by James Cartwright,

A year ago yesterday I introduced you all to San Franciscan illustrator Niv Bavarsky and prattled on about how talented I thought he was. That’s still very much the case, although I’ve now had a year to stalk him on Instagram and really reflect on his status as my new favourite illustrator. Normally I’m fickle about this kind of thing, but Niv still holds the top slot in my eyes. You probably don’t really care why, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

You see Niv has all the skills – great imagination, great technical skill, great eye for colour – and he uses them to work with terrific people. But he also still finds the time to better himself; to head off to a life-drawing class and practice his anatomical drawing skills (guess what, he’s pretty great at that too) which means he’s equally happy drawing the revenge fantasies of an amorphous blob as he is constructing the nude female form in ink. And for that he has my complete respect.

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    Niv Bavarsky: Malevolent Pile (detail)

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    Niv Bavarsky: Altar

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    Niv Bavarsky: Monolith

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    Niv Bavarsky: Brussels

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

  • Tumblr_n0hjmqsszd1qzcax6o2_r1_1280

    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

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    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing

  • Tumblr_mw29yqmx0y1qzcax6o1_1280

    Niv Bavarsky: Life Drawing


Posted by James Cartwright

James started out as an intern in 2011 and came back in summer of 2012 to work online and latterly as Print Editor, before leaving in May 2015.

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    It was in summer 2014 that we last featured the wonderful illustrations of Barbara Dziadosz. Hailing from “a little town in northern Poland” the illustrator is currently finishing her studies in Hamburg, and with one scroll through her Tumblr it’s clear she’s been hard at work.

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    As the creative world digests last night’s big D&AD winners (those that scooped Black and White Pencils), there was a host of interesting work recognised in the 44 Yellow Pencils given out at the London awards bash. In total, the D&AD juries considered 847 projects this year and so less than one in 20 made the prestigious Yellow Pencil cut. Here’s our rundown of those winners that caught our eye for one reason or another – you can see the full list of winners over on the D&AD site here.

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    Kate Prior’s bright, tongue-in-cheek and colourful illustrations have secured her commissions for The New Yorker , ASOS, Adidas and Pitchfork among others. Kate is currently working as an in-house illustrator for Urban Outfitters in Europe and the USA, but she still remembers drawing in more humble surroundings at her parents’ house, “as a way to keep me quiet.”

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    It’s no real surprise to learn that image-maker Andy Gilmore is also a musician because his geometric compositions feel orchestrated. The New York-based creative brings colour, shape and pattern together in tightly formatted visual symphonies which swell to become more than the sum of their parts, dazzling the eye and tricking the brain simultaneously. It’s been three years since we last featured Andy’s work on the site but he’s as in demand as ever, with clients like Ogilvy NY, Wired and The New York Times queuing up for a bit of his brilliance.

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    If Jan Buchczik were to start a fan club – one which you could enter only by correctly spelling his surname 15 times or more – we’d be first in line, happily clutching our Jan badges. And not least because we’ve got his name down. Finally.

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    It was way back in 2012 that we first featured Thoka Maer’s it’s no biggie, a blog of joyous GIFS that capture little moments in life, by turns sweet and surreal. A lot has happened since then – not only the fact that we can now actually embed GIFs on our site and show you Thoka’s creations in all their glory. She meanwhile has graduated from the Visual Communication course at the University of the Arts, Berlin, and inb (as all the cool kids are calling it) won the self-initiated category at last year’s Association of Illustrators awards.

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    There’s a beautiful vividness to Gigi Rose Gray’s illustrations – reds are crimsons, blues are ceruleans and yellows have seeped into deep ochres. Gigi crops into the small moments and hones in on a handful of people or the facade of a building.

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    Did you ever see that copy of Die Zeit with the front cover illustrated by Adam Higton? A cheerful, smiley sunflower resting on a retina-searing yellow to declare to all the grumpy, cold commuters that SPRING was finally here! Adam doesn’t often do high profile mag covers like that, he tends to spend his time cutting out shapes, arranging them into creatures and characters, creating collages and photographing them in woodland environments.