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    Marion Deuchars: Fly

LDF 2012: New prints from Noma Bar and others from Outline Editions

Posted by Barbara Ryan,

While the London Design Festival may be a good chance to discover some new and exciting talents you’ve never heard of before, it’s also a chance to remind yourself of some of the best in thus business. At Design Junction Outline Editions are showcasing new prints form the creme de la creme of graphic and illustrative art including Anthony Burill, Noma Bar, Kristjana S Williams and Malika Favre

But it’s not just a list of top names, the work is cracking too. Noma Bar yet again has produced some effortlessly simple and fun prints, using minimal shapes, negative space and colours – he’s a master at making maximum impact with a little. They’re also showing Petra Boner’s work which is equally as friendly – her clean shapes and brilliant attention to detail make her work stand out for the right reasons.

Outline Editions at Designjunction runs from September 19 until 23.

  • Nb2

    Noma Bar: Therein Lies The Tail

  • Nb4

    Noma Bar: Ouch

  • Nb1

    Noma Bar: Birdland

  • Nb5

    Noma Bar: Pop Art

  • Nb6

    Noma Bar: Open Face

  • Petra-borner-play-01

    Petra Borner: Play

  • Malika-favre-egyptian

    Malika Favre: Egyptian

  • Anthony-burrill-what-does-it-mean

    Anthiny Burrill: What Do You Mean What Does It Mean?

Posted by Barbara Ryan