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    A few Monday morning blues around? Need something playful, fun and great-looking, to lift your spirits? Well, look no further than the Hvass & Hannibal. We’ve been huge fans of Nan Na and Sofie’s work for a while and we love how the Copenhagen-based duo are able to produce top quality work across a range of mediums.

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    The King and Queen of pattern are undoubtedly Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto – in their studio behind Brixton Prison they are producing stonking patterns, season after season. 

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    While the London Design Festival may be a good chance to discover some new and exciting talents you’ve never heard of before, it’s also a chance to remind yourself of some of the best in thus business. At Design Junction Outline Editions are showcasing new prints form the creme de la creme of graphic and illustrative art including Anthony Burill, Noma Bar, Kristjana S Williams and Malika Favre

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    Ever spent an afternoon at one of those pottery cafes when you were young, with shelves of unglazed pots and mugs just begging for you to plonk your drawings on and be placed in the kiln.  It certainly made for a couple of fun hours with something special to take home at the end but for illustrator Charlotte Mei, this is no rare treat.  The brilliant recent Camberwell graduate takes it to the next level creating her own super ceramics – the personality-packed plates and bowls are so adorable so you just want to pinch their noses. She also has an interesting illustration portfolio which contains ample evidence of that same charm and wit.

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    Working across many different areas can be tricky but David Rudnick makes it look easy with his prolific portfolio of super cool work.

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    “It could be better” is a phrase thrown around in Post Projects studio. Better? We think this Vancouver based studio work is ace already. With a fantastic body of print work, Post Projects produce useful pieces and programmes which you don’t want to throw away. Just take a look at their sing-along lyric booklet of riot songs for Theo Sim’s art installation The Candahar – a booklet crafted so well you’d rather keep it in crisp in your pocket than rolling it up and batting someone over the head with it while singing “I hate the rich.”

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    Cruising the streets of your ‘hood is the best way to spend an afternoon (if you’ve got the weather on your side that is) –popping in to your favourite shops, eavesdropping in the park and jamming at the bus stop is pure bliss. Ricky Powell is definitely a man of the streets and this idiosyncratic character comes to life in Will Robson-Scott’s new film, shot roaming the streets of New York’s West Village.

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    Type maestro Jon Contino knows exactly where he wants to go and isn’t at all afraid of putting the hours in to get there. He’s the kind of boy your mum wished you would hang out with, in the hope that his admirable work ethic would rub off on to you. Claiming that “as many hours as I can stay awake, is as many that I’ll work” he is not scared of immersing himself in his craft and even with long days of drawing under his belt, he still manages to keep his standards A+.

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    LA-based Emily Maye photographs cyclists both on and off the road and she does it really, really well. Her cycling books capture the whole spectacle of racing, avoiding the obvious dramatic action shots of collisions and falls to show the race beyond the start and finish lines. The energy of the crowd, checking race tan lines, fixing chains, filling water bottles – Emily shows us something very different to the television cameras but loses none of the drama or determination. On the roadside you can miss the cyclists as they shoot past in the blink of an eye but these photos show the long endurance of the ride. 

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    The only enviable light bulb of last year is back. Light bulb envy sounds petty, but when Brit Insurance Design of the Year winners are involved, it isn’t. The inevitable phasing out of traditional lightbulbs with ugly eco replacements was all getting a bit dull yet Samuel Wilkinson and Hulger’s curvy, stylish Plumen 001 was an unexpected design solution to new EU regulations and obviously welcomed happily last year. “It’s a bulb that doesn’t need a shade and so goes a long way to make up for the loss of the Edison original,” said Design Museum stpremo Deyan Sudjic.

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    When it comes to cigarettes, the art of rolling may not be deemed a credible skill to add to your CV by most people (or any people in fact). But cigars are a whole different matter and The Cigar Shop shows the process of making these iconic luxury items from scratch and the worth customers place on the skill. Like all of Made by Hand’s pieces, this is a top-notch process film and as ever watching something being made in front of you can be a little bit magic. Shot fantastically, it demonstrates how community values can shape the place where an object is made just as much as the exquisite craftsmanship behind it.

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    Namaskard (n-ahh-mag-ska-rdo?) may not be the easiest place to pronounce and may not be the easiest area to place geographically off the top of your head. The Icelandic region is hidden away and pretty much too colossal to take in. Navis’ photographs of the landscape capture each aspect of this extraordinary landscape superbly with scale and depth hard to calculate – each image reveals something epic about Iceland and its brilliant variety of terrain. Tim says the landscape is everything – loud and silent, empty and full, hot and cold, volatile and empty. Cheers for making those of us less travelled realise Iceland isn’t just white!