• Lindell11

    Patrik Lindell: Skärholmen, Stockholm 2009

Photographer Patrik Lindell makes the ordinary extraordinary

Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove,

Uniformity, sharp lines and slightly bleak scenes are all characteristics of Patrik Lindell’s photography. It sounds terrible but actually it’s these components that become the strengths of his work. he works for a number of high-profile clients, but in his personal work Lindell uses the ordinary to inspire him, meaning we’re treated to patterns made from exteriors of buildings and harsh industrial landscapes in a graphic and measured approach. Ultimately Lindell makes the ugly, beautiful, and let’s face it, who wants conventional beauty now anyway? It’s so overrated…

  • Lindell8

    Patrik Lindell: Mikrofonvägen, Hägersten Stockholm 2009

  • Lindell

    Patrik Lindell: Östermalms IP, Stockholm 2011

  • Lindell12

    Patrik Lindell: IJhaven, Amsterdam 2009

  • Lindell9

    Patrik Lindell: Kvarnholmen, Nacka Stockholm 2009

  • Lindell6

    Patrik Lindell: Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm 2009

  • Lindell5

    Patrik Lindell: Markers 2010

  • Lindell2

    Patrik Lindell: Bernauer Straße, Berlin 2010

  • Lindell7

    Patrik Lindell: Mainhavenweg, Amsterdam 2009

  • Lindell13

    Patrik Lindell: Rosersberg, Stockholm 2009


Posted by Rebecca Fulleylove

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